Greatest Keyboard Player Of All-Time

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101Richard Tee
102Yuhki Kuramoto
103Joe Sample

People if there's anyone that has featured with the world's best Guitar player, George Benson is it this man, very experienced from classical to JAZZ, which is his favourite actually.

104Mark Stein
105Liam Howlett

The Prodigy! The brain of The Prodigy deserves to be Number 1. He has made some of the best electronic songs of all time. The heritage The Prodigy have left is enormous. So listen to some real songs first and then you could vote for the real man - Liam Howlett

106Jason Freese
107Kevin Moore

Dream Theater, Chromakey, OSI

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108Mike Pinder

Defined the unique sound of a band (Moody Blues) through arrangement, performance, and technical know-how to an extent no one has with any other band.

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109Kiki Djan

Best of the best

110Josh Silver

The keyboardist for Type O Negative really understood how this instrument should be played. The atmospheric qualities he brings to his music and his technique are amazing.

Josh integrated keyboards into metal like nobody else could. He said he couldn't play, but listen to the blistering organ solo on "September Sun". He surely can!

111Martin Hedin
112Glen Gould

He should be number 1 beside chopin

113Don Airey

95? Come on. Don has played with some of the best bands in the world!

This guy also should be top 15 at least!


Brilliant piano sensibility. Her compositions Green Tea Farm and Place To Be are stunningly beautiful & magnificently performed. One of the most gifted pianist-composers of all time.

Best Keyboard player and musician on Earth today.

115Jimmy Smith

Anyone who ever played the B3 learned at the feet of the Smiths, Jimmy and Ethel (no relation). She should be on this list, too, and both of them much higher.

Probably the most influential Hammond organist ever. his nickname wasn't "The Incredible" for nothing.

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116Bobby Laquidara

This guy is sublime. He is a phenomenal multi keyboard player. I think he is from the Boston/New Hampshire area.

117Robert Lamm

Have any of you listened] to the complex, technical keyboards of Chicago?

118George Duke

Eat that question, uncle Remus, worked with everyone!

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119Dennis DeYoung

Should be in the top 10, along with Geddy Lee.

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120Todd Rundgren

THE greatest musician of all time. Still going strong at 65? His albums are exceptional right from the Nazz in 1968 up to today. His a wizard a true star must be one of the best ever.

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