Greatest Male Sex Symbols of All Time


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The Top Ten

Elvis Presley
Why do you think he called "The King"? (He's the best musician of all time, I didn't forget that! )

2Sylvester Stallone
Looks charm manly action rappel no one is better

3Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando is the best actor of all time and at the same time sexy as a hell. BRANDO is a true SEX SYMBOL! Actually he's beautiful face and body reflected a beautiful soul.

4Richard Hammond

5James May

6Mel Gibson

7Ricky Martin

8Matt Baker
Countryfile's resident male sweetheart.

9Brad Pitt
So cute!
How the hell can someone not love that face of his?
Green Day is super sexy

10Benedict Cumberbatch

The Contenders

11Antonio Banderas

12Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is the sexiest man alive. I think he was the sexiest in Jerry Maguire, The Outsider's, Eyes Wide Shut, The Firm, and Interview With The Vampire

13Arnold Schwarzenegger

14Robert Plant
The guy looked like a Viking god with golden locks and blue eyes, shacked that tall, slim, smooth-skinned, half-naked body of his all over the stage and sang like no man on earth had ever done before. He could have made you think of half the deadly sins in the Book with just a whisper or a moan of his voice... (Ok, I need a cold shower)
And he still bewilders the poor(-minded) fans with his intricate lyrics.
I'm watching him right now "Live from Madison Square Garden" in 1973 and he is singing "Since I've Been Loving You", and I cannot take my eyes off of him. Oh yeah, those jeans. But also his hair, and he's sexy as hell. I'm in my 50's and I have a picture of him on my refrigerator door!
He was like a god. A perfect, lean body. And oh god his hair. Long hair is a turn on already, but curly golden locks? Divine. And the way he pranced and danced. I can't get over it. There's no way to describe him other than as perfection.
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15Robert Downey, Jr.

16John Barrowman

17Alain Delon

18Mickey Rourke

He is just the sex-symbol of ALL TIMES! Was, is, and will be!

19Stephen Fry

20Michael Jackson
Come on, in the 80s he was the #1 sex symbol, and he was the best pop musician the world will ever see

21Zac Efron

22Robbie Williams
Still is the best
In the 90s and 00s he was the best ever

23Billie Joe Armstrong

24Orlando Bloom

25Johnny Depp

26Clark Gable

27Joe Dallesandro

so so so fine in the 60s and 70s, if you arent famoliar with him. look him up, i think you will agree. Most beautiful man ive ever seen!! PERFECT!


28Charlie Sheen
Looked so sexy on 2 1/2 Men & now on Anger Management.

29Robert Pattinson

Word that describes him the best... Sexy!...

30Liam Payne

31Harry Styles

32Matthew McConaughey

33Patrick Swayze
I don't understand why he's number 38 behind several of the women in one direction, this is the greatest 'male' sex symbols right?!

34Richard Osman

35Zayn Malik

36Niall Horan

37James Dean

38Marcello Mastroianni

39Raf Vallone

40Kirk Cameron

41Keanu Reeves

42Louis Tomlinson

43Carlos Pena

44James Maslow

45Kendall Schmidt

46Logan Henderson

47Justin Bieber

48Michael Sarrazin
Remember those expressive big blue eyes and fleshy leaps!


50Gabriel Garko
The ultimate in male perfection.

51Roberto Bolle
Talent that Matches his physical perfection.

52Nicholas Gonzalez
A real guy, nothing but a regular dream man.

53Cristiano Ronaldo

54Josh Hutcherson

55David Bowie
Sexiest man ever! Closely followed by Marc Bolan.

56Thom Yorke

57Tom Daley

58Gerard Butler

59Jeremy Clarkson
Yes he's opinionated, yes he's friends with the Tory bastard David Cameron but his enthusiasm about cars and hammers makes him sexier than the likes of Josh Hutcherson.
Some say he's grumpy, old fashioned and right wing. And that he once punched Piers Morgan in the face. All we know is he's called Jeremy Clarkson.
His booming voice, his humour, his straight to the point views are only parts of what makes Jeremy Clarkson a suprise sex symbol.
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60Richard Gere

The American Gigolo, of course!

61Jared Leto
He is probably the greatest male sex symbol in a million years! Someone that looks 26 when they're 42 deserves a place in sex symbol-history. He has an amazing voice, he plays beautifully in all of his movies, and his performance is worthy to be seen alone, 'cause it is that great every time. His lyrics are amazing, and they really get to you! That's who he really is. He is infinite.
he is hot and sexy I wish one day I will married him and have beautiful babies with him that will be so amazing... always remember that his the sexiest man alive, one day I asked my friend what she thinks about jared leto, she was like jared, jared who. I smak her face when she said the... he's hhhhoot and georgouoo
He is the sexiest man I've ever seen and he can do evrything from sing to act, and he is really good at both
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