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121Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Eh so low the challenge is great and the satanic level design makes it even harder but it is still a great game. Play the game as luigi if you want a huge challenge

This is the most frustrating game of all time. that's why it never came to Europe and USA till Mario All-Stars

This has the same graphics and gameplay as Super Mario bros. It is punishing and hard. Nobody had a fun expiexperience with it. - Arilio

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122Mario Is Missing!

Boring game for small children. Although weegee is quite funny

When I die, this stays away from my funeral.( especially the P.C version

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123Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Wii is not the Mario kart game in my opinion but all of them are very good.

This is the best game I have ever played

Mario Kart: Super Circuit is Mario Kart 3, which is three times better than Mario Kart Wii. Why? The graphics, the voice acting, the nostalgia, etc...

Double dash is nothing compared

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124Mario's Early Years: Fun with Numbers

What? I hate this game! Take this off right now!

This game is awesome! You never got to hear Mario have the voice of a woman which everyone must be grateful for.

I am strongly grateful. that would be cool if Mario sounded like a woman again with Luigi still sounding like a man which he is.

This game is underrated but Princess Daisy could've replaced Princess Peach.

Good for kids 4 and under but bad for kids 7 and up

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125Hotel Mario

"Hotel Mario is AWESOME! " You got the first syllyable right, this game is awful! It's a dumb game about shutting doors!

Happily, this game is also Canadian (due to the fact that the voice actors are from Quebec).

I love closing doors and poorly animation and bad voice acting. I play this like everyday to try to kill myself

This game is underrated

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