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Well he was ranked as number 1 in Michael H. Hart's book "The 100", he did many great things in his life, he always thought of others, he loved and died poor, he didn't seek revenge.

The sad thing is that people always try to ruin his greatness by saying lies about him and they try to destroy his view, but they always fail because people who read about his life will know why did he deserve to be the number 1 upon all humans.

Read about his battles and the aftermath so you can know and understand that he didn't fight for glory or money and that he didn't force anyone to convert to Islam, and know how he treated his enemies and the people around him.

No matter what Muslims do we will never be able to thank him or be even 10% like him, trust me he is almost perfect so never believe what ignorants say about him because there r hundreds of books that wrote about his true life so try reading them because his life was hard yet happy.

May god guide you to the right path
Peace be upon him

May he takes us to the heaven with him.

I love and respect him more than any human being in the whole wide world.
He is the greatest human being ever to live..
Because he is the prophet for not only muslims but for all man kind and he is the man mostly followed by the most number of peoples in the world. I do not like to make any statements which makes hurt to any religion but one thing being the truth that is; for the mankind there is any speech/direction like the Hadith and Speech of Last Pilgrimage made by any other prophet or religious leader ever, so other than the Quran the said Speech and Hadith is sufficient to prove that undoubtedly Muhammad is the number 1 greatest man of the world.
Yes he is the best man in the world like him no one can become and no one come like hi.
[Newest]You are really open minded
More comments about Muhammad

2Jesus Christ
He is the greatest whoever came to the earth and gave his life for the salvation of mankind, reconciling them to God and giving them purpose for life and promised heaven to everyone who believes in him as the way, the truth and the life.
I love Jesus very much. However, Jesus is out of this poll, because according to your belief Jesus is god, right? And you cannot compare a man kind with god, it will be unfair, of course you know that.
He is without comparison. Regardless of your personal beliefs, Jesus Christ has objectively influenced humanity in thought, devotion, and deed in terms of quality and quantity more than any mortal being history has and will ever know. One aspect of His greatness may be seen in the greatness of His influence His influence. Moreover, His extensive influence was not owing to things He wrote, built, invented, conquered, discovered, developed, or dreamed--His influence was most particularly the result of who He is and what He did on behalf of guilty and morally corrupt people. He is the only Substitute the world will ever know!
Because Jesus is only the way the truth and the life, when you visit the grave of any person that they considered as a God they will found a dead body. But when we visit the grave of Jesus, we found nothing, because Jesus raise again
[Newest]Lord Jesus was born of virgin not man. He is the Son Of God. no one is greater than all men
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He was truly a greatest person ever. He have rejected all the concepts which cannot be proven scientifically, practically in real life. He never accepts anything simply because it has been delivered/preached by a elders or popular figure. He rejected the existence of god or any supernatural power which will change the human life. He suggested that only we can bring changes in our life by following 'middle path' and attain nirvana. The entire world will live peacefully by following him.
Before Buddha, did man ever know that he could live as great a life as proposed by Him. His self-control is one of the things that admire in the whole of Humanity. Buddha's principles, if strictly followed, will definitely change where the world's headed to! And, by the way, I'm a Hindu!
Buddha was the greatest man of the world who knew the reality of universe and nature of live that was he could teacher people understand about their live and the way to release their life from sorrow. Peace is possible to everyone and places of the world.
[Newest]The Lord, the greatest philosopher, greatest scientist, best teacher. Founder of the greatest and best religion - Buddhism which is not a religion but more of a philosophy. Buddhism is what the world needs today to be free of wars, terror and to fill people's hearts with peace, compassion and happiness.
More comments about Buddha

4Mahatma Gandhi
A lady goes to Gandhi and requests him to tell her child not eat jaggery (candy). Gandhi tells to see him after a month. Surprised, she goe goes away. After a month she meets him. Then tells the child not to eat candy. The lady asks Gandhi why did he need a month's time to tell this simple thing to her child. Gandhi said, " I have to stop eating jaggery and then only I can tell your child not to eat. " This Gandhi, he practised what he preached. Therefore, with all his limitations, he is one of the greatest men in the world
Gandhi taught the world what peace was and has even inspired other leaders. He lead a country to freedom without killing anyone. It's a shame he was killed.
The one man who you can do with him what you please, but you can't hurt him without his permission. He was unbeatable in accomplishing his goals, and singlehandedly led a nation to independence, and without even touching a gun led the greatest revolution the world had ever seen.
[Newest]Because of him we Indians got early independence...

5Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
This great power not only did the things for which he is known. Apart from all those things, he changed the entire worst and sinful life in India by giving rights to the dalits to live, which was impossible for any other to do.
He has done a job that is unmatched in the world till now. He sacrificed his entire life studying best than any other scholar at the cost of his entire family life. His literature about India is greatest for not only Indians but for any human being. His written works are treasure. He Got his M.A., M. Sc, Ph. D, L.L. D, D. Sc., D. Litt, BAR AT LAW.
He was a boddhisatva. He gave at true definition of great thought lord BUDDHA which has become hidden. He is unbeatable by any other. He is number
Dr.B.R. Ambedkar transformed the most heterogeneous and unequal society of the world into an equal and progressive society. He liberalized not only the lower strata of society but also the Upper strata and that to specially the womans. The revolution done by Dr. Ambedkar is the only revolution in the world which took without a single bloodshed. He single handedly fought the social evils against all odds and hurdles specially created by the then populist Congress Party. India is very grateful to have a leader like DR. Ambedkar who made the country what it is now. He is rightly called "The Father of Modern India".
The man who brought out 75% peoples from the darkness of unequality, untouchability. These peoples were not allowed to get education, wealth, worship, water, well dressed, willing food, wishfull lifepartner, even not allowed to seen in publicaly, they are treated as less human more than animal, they are forced to live in misery, and forced labour from last 10, 000 years. Ambedkar became god for them they write constitution of india and gave special rights in the constitution for these peoples so that they get every right which is necessary for every human being. AAmbedkar ji gave them the right of Equality.

6Albert Einstein
was a theoretical physicist. His many contributions to physics include the special and general theories of relativity, the founding of relativistic cosmology, the first post-Newtonian expansion


He is just wonderful. He effected in science so much that our civilization has grew so much
Great man by all standards
[Newest]He is the best man the in WORLD without him we will be in a dark shadow

7Lord Krishna
Great create Krishna in Serial Xena: warrior princess. In 4 Season, episode: The way, is create India god name Krishna. Krishna have wash complete blue body and face, long hair and golden jewels. Xena lost fight to Rama, and Krishna is reincarnation of Xena and create in black body half Xena and half Krishna and started attack of Rama.
He is everything. Our good, bad, luck, misfortune, fortune. He gives us failures to make us stronger and stronger so that we learn lessons from our failures
He is supporter of good people and give punishment to the bad people, he born time to time for save good things and distroy to evil.
[Newest]Man of the wold

8Abraham Lincoln
He was a man who was willing to die for his country even though he had it all as president and he was willing to fix his enemy (the cofederacy) after he destroyed them
Was A Great President Of United State


One of the Greatest Leader of all time..

9Nelson Mandela
The leader who lead by example in his nation. The worrier who fought the good fight against white dominion and black dominion and brought peace in Africa and world. The father of the rainbow nation
"because he is pure Life and your dream is Afrika free and Integration in the world because all we are human... doesn't matter what is your fauvorite color... We All are right!
[Newest]He was a great man for the slave people of Africa

He is the prophet and my teacher
He is very respective prophet. he served all his life against the pharoas and was sucessful in defeating him
According to the Muslims, Moses (Musa) was the only human being who spoke directly to God. He talked to God as if both were best for frieds of each other. Moses always stove for what was right and helped each person who needed him. He trusted God every time and never asked why he has to fulfil any order commanded by God. Below is a very brief part of Moses mentioned in the Holy Qur'an. Wow! Also in the chapter named after Mary:

Also mention in the Book (the story of) Moses: for he was specially chosen, and he was a messenger (and) a prophet.

And we called him from the right side of Mount (Sinai), and made him draw near to Us, for mystic (converse).

And, out of Our Mercy, We gave him his brother Aaron, (also) a prophet.
[Newest]God spoke with him...

Enough Said

The Contenders

The great Shivaji maharaja
. No
The Greatest Shivaji Maharaja

Jay Jijau Jay Shivray
He is a king of I forgot
A true king and soldier alike. Great management guru and leader.

12Martin Luther
Its true he is a good man but the rest are all false I can bare full witness of it and he started no church even he started he is true person of christ
I think people have made a mistake. Martin Luther was the man who separated from the Catholic Church and started the Protestant Church. Martin Luther King Jr. was the man who was a civil rights activist; he was named after Martin Luther. I can see why you're all confused, but Martin Luther was the man who started the Protestant Chruch
Although not on the top, he deserves to be among the list.
It is always easy to admire good things, but to put into action is something that requires courage and determination, not forgeting preservence. All of which are the qualities only great man have.
Verdict is that, he is as great as any great leader lived.

13Karl Marx
was a German philosopher, political economist, historian, political theorist, sociologist, communist


Even The Capitalist Countries Are Using His Theories In Economy, He Sacrificed His Life In A Undirect Way To Analyze Social Disparity

The father of Muslims and Christians All good teachings originated from him.
The father of all nations, the past, present and those yet to come, more so, me inclusive. His faith was and is still un challenged, it is only wise to emulate the same.

15Ahmed Dedaat
He was great man who had done research on comparison religion
A great man who was a great debater a
He was a lion of Islam
[Newest]He is one of the greatest Muslim debater these days

16William Shakespeare
was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English...


Shakespeare and The Bible are the most quoted sources in the western hemisphere. There is a reason for that.



17Isaac Newton
The man who toiled up till late nights with selflessly being devotable to science
Should at least be in top ten?

18Syed Ahmad Khan
Only I can say for the great man brilliant.

19Lord Rama
Rama is intellect Lord, great power in India, good part Rama of Serial Xena: Princess warrior. In Xena his Rama be opponent Krishna, Xena and Gabrielle.
Rama is India God, great power. Super art Rama to serial Xena: warrior princess season 4 episode - the way. Fire wall Rama and opponent Krishna, werry great fight.
He is the true god
In india every village having temple of him
Mahatma Gandhi is also one of fan lord sri rama
[Newest]If rama lives he want that every one is number 1. he's thought: IF THERE IS NO POOR THEN THERE IS NO STRONGEST

20Muhammad Ali Jinnah
That's right, Ali stands for human right... he saw that Muslims are been degrading in every secs of life so he fought for a separate piece of land... but everyone only talk abt Gandhi he was a good man no doubt but you simply cannot forget about Muhammad Ali Jinnah's struggle...
First leader of Pakistan, most of his credit goes to ghandi
I think he was the most honest leader of Pakistan's political history
[Newest]He is a great personality

21Muhammad Ali
How silly is this-a boxer great? Laugh out loud
Ali is boxing. He is invincible.
He is the greatest boxer and a good Muslim

22Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
The Revivalist of the True nature of the Islam.

23Velupillai Prabhakaran
He is one of the greatest military leader and same time a patriot of Tamil people and cause

24Alexander the Great
True man, true God

25Galileo Galilei

26Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
He is great man. His books are so great that it can, t be defined. A man who always say right. If we study his books we feel so fun and more fun then drinking wine and sex, more fun then any beauty of world. He is greatest thinker and philosopher proof existence of God.

27Adolf Hitler
You idiots he is the worst person ever.
He was visionary who can do anything for his country. Even do sins to make his country the best.
Hitler was in all actuality, one of the greatest leaders to ever live. He killed a lot of Jews, yes, but he inspired a nation in poor economic times to take action... This action was horrific but it was still an action.

28Michael Jackson
He should be the third in the list, right after christ. I wonder what is your ideals!
I consider MJ the greatest entertainer that ever lived. He made talent the greatest instrument available to man to make the world a better place for all.
He was the greatest singer, dancer, entertainer ever! But that's not everything! He loved earth, children, trees, flowers etc. So much that he became also the greatest humantarian!
[Newest]He was great because his way was love and giving.

29Saint Paul

30Yousif Alasiri
The best man in 2013

31Mohammed Omar

32Swami Vivekananda
Vivekananda was man who saw God in the World, and he became God, without revealing self to the world. He explained that Humanism is the greatest practices, and religion means realization of self and God. While people of the world is superstitious till he showed all the God was human. Like us.
If we can follow our own intentions with pure heart and love for welfare of humanity. Only then we are human. God is not just concept written in books. God is real and one need to really see him (God). Not just blindly follow the books. While following books only people will get brain worms of hate, jealous, ego.. Like I am better, he is better etc. All the best Greatest man on the earth is child. Which always remain pure. Till death. Find that one guy in the world is real god.
Its most greatest humans leader
Only one real man

33Abu Bakr
The first Caliphate of Islam.

34Martin Luther King, Jr.
Damn shame he isn't on this list. Might not be as good as Gandhi, but like him, he nearly drove racism from his country without even using firearms. To some of us, that is life-changing.
First of all how come you didn't put him before Muhammad. Jesus should have been first. maybe he didn't do nothing for you but he did something for me. when I was on the street selling drugs for a living. shooting people Muhammad didn't save me

35Sachin Tendulkar
He is a humble and honest man
He is real great man
He one of great cricketer

36LeBron James
LeBron James is an nba basketball star.. He found out when he was just itty bitty. He was so cute then! Sometimes I get jealous of how amazing my cousin really is. BALLER 4 LIFE

37Uthman ibn Affan

Socrates (469-399 B.C. ) was a classical Greek philosopher who is credited with laying the fundamentals of modern Western philosophy. He is known for creating Socratic irony and the Socratic method (elenchus). He is best recognized for inventing the teaching practice of pedagogy, wherein a teacher questions a student in a manner that draws out the correct response. He has had a profound influence on Western philosophy, along with his students Plato and Aristole. Though much of Socrates' contribution is to the field of ethics, his input to the field of epistemology and logic is also noteworthy.
He was almost a prophet. a man father of philosophy and all that is good in mankind. he died willingly submitting to law. and took hemlock. no one can match socrates. love him. cheers socrates. long live you

39Ali ibn Abi Talib

40Mehmed the Conqueror
He was a great leader who had conquered the city that thousands had tried before him. he created the perfect empire and is a great role model
Prophet Mohammed says : Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful leader will he be, and what a wonderful army will that army be!


42Leonardo da Vinci
There is no doubt that the Vinci is the greatest man ever. Talking about facts, not bull and fairy tales.
How did the greatest inventor of human history come 39th



45Nur ad-Din Zangi

46Abdul-Qadir Gilani


48Bhagat Singh
Got into freedom struggle during teenage. Got hanged during twenties. He's the symbol of youth idealists.

49Moinuddin Chishti

50B. R. Ambedkar
Why he is not no. 1
He dedicated his entire life to poor n downtrodden

51Freddie Mercury
Freddie, You rocked us all and you still do. There is no music, so expressed with passion and complete commitment as that which you gave to us and there never will be. You will be missed but we know that you are still with us so nothing has changed. And finally Freddie, we don't want to live forever either.
Amazing! So inspiring and a brilliant showman

52Rabindranath Tagore
A universal poet who wrote about various subjects, surrounding human thinkings.
His place in our heart

53John Lennon
I like that woman track
Stupid he must be number three


54Julius Caeser
A true leader. One that kept a great dream of an great empire alive. Even though his empire fell, he still lives on. A man who deserves respect and honor.
The greatest Roman to ever live, and one of the greatest men to live in the world! How is this not up in the top 10?
Pissening that footballers and musicians are ranked higher than one of the true greatest people to ever live

He the legend of football. We football fans repect him.

Spartacus is de bomb

57The Rock
I don't understand this, can you explain?

58Lionel Messi
Best football player of all

59Wedi Ustaz Yusuf Suleiman

60Ibrahim ibn Muhammad

61Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi

62Ronald Reagan
Reagan was a truly good man, a good president... If we had stuck with trickle down economics... Instead of moving our best companies to foreign lands we would not be crashing economically. Obama is the worst president! Not because of race because of lack of integrity and moral values. And he's a liar!

63Nikola Tesla
This guy is responsible for everything electrical in the world today! A true genius whose ingenuity engineered the modern world we see today. Such a powerful and deep thinking mind; to say he is a legend is an understatement!
Without him T.V. , radio, mobile phones, electric engine, alternating current, lossless power transmission, modern light bulbs and a host of other inventions we today take for granted would not exist.
The master of light.

Founder of logic and champion to the human mind. Aristotle liberated the minds of man; he broke down the door of close-mindedness. This accomplishment was not immediate, but the seed was planted by just one statement.. "A is A". A is A because I am man. Because I am the judge of what I perceive. If you cannot believe what you perceive, then you can believe nothing, and your life is such. This may sound like a simple concept, and that is special because the notion didn't exist before Aristotle. All men were slaves in their minds. Shackled by pain and fear and guilt. Aristotle, with absolute wisdom and courage, annihilated the shackles.
This is just one small example of the greatness that Aristotle accomplished. There are so many more, and so many that have been lost through the years, that have come to be the very foundation of our lives.

A quote comes to mind that, to me, epitomizes Aristotle's legacy:

"Never have so many owed so much to so few. "
This guy is epic. What else is there to say?

65Bob Marley
The greatest artist ever lived.

66Christopher Columbus
He was a man who discover america the greatest presonality of the world

67Johann Gutenberg

68Jimi Hendrix
He spread the power of love and peace through his music and not only was able to write lyrics that made me people dance in happiness, but wrote lyrics and and composed music that moved men's hearts in the direction of a better, more peaceful where a man or woman of any background or creed can live in harmony, he died too young with too much left to give to the world. He is truly one of the greatest to walk this Earth.
Spread peace through his music no wonder the late sixties were the beat time in history! but wear is John Lennon!

69Captain James Cook

70Roger Federer

71Norman Borlaug
Are you kidding? This man saved over a BILLION lives! Why isn't he number one?
This man saved many lives people are mad

72Adi Shankara
Single man army to bring back hinduism in India

73Jeremy Clarkson
Such a beautiful human

74Che Guevara

75Shahrukh Khan
Greatest actor of all time

76Cai Lun

77John Locke

78Cyrus the Great
Cyrus II, known as Cyrus the great, mighty king, persian king, greeks known him as christ, and he is the founder of the greatest empire in the history & persian father &...

79Charles Chaplin

80Xsmatt Zeal

81Muthulakshmi Reddi

82Stephen Hawking
How the hell did a football player come 30 places on top of professor Stephen Hawkins, I say death to all football players and scientists should get a better pay, than those lousy football players!
He's accomplished more than you. (probably)

83Mark Twain

84John F. Kennedy

85Lane Kruse
The sexiest man alive

86Elvis Presley

A great philosopher who clarified most difficult ideas in the easiest words.

88Xavier McKillop
How did I get on here?


89Bruce Campbell
He should be king of the universe, greatest actor ever! SCREW JESUS!

90Terry Fox


92Bachir Gemayel

93Subhas Chandra Bose
Shubhash Chandra Bose believed in fighting for freedom. He was one of the greatest freedom fighters India was blessed with. India needs a leader like Subhash Chandra Bose. He is the one person who inspired thousands by saying, "Give me blood, and I will give you Freedom! ".
True freedom fighter of India, if history wasn't rigged, then he's even the first prime minister of India. Founder of INA. What more do you want to put him on the list at least!

94Joseph Stalin
If a fascist, good for nothing fellow can make it to this list then so can stalin, he was the sole reason for death of fascism and peace to world. But today the bourgouise propagandas make hin look like a dictator. Red salute.

95Mir Taqi Mir

96Robert Hannah

97Robert F. Kennedy

98King Bhumipol
Long live the king
King of the king

99Cameron Z. Connor
We know you have been working in silence to bring forth the most important works of the 21st century. We hail your work and know that the time is almost here. In that we revel, and await you with the greatest of anticipation.

100Chuck Norris
The greatest man to walk the planet... enough said

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