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Ride the Lightning
Greatest metal guitar sound ever made! Truly a masterpiece.
Totaly something new and trendsetter back in 1984 for the metal and the whole music like a parthenogenesis!
Of course master, kill, black and justice are equal but I had to choose only one album...
MoP's best songs are better than RtL's best songs, but all the songs in RtL are great...

1-Ride the Lightning, all the songs are great
2-Master of Puppets, best songs
3-Kill'em all, Anesthesia is just kickass
4-METALLICA/The Black Album, good bass
5-...and Justice for All, I'm bassist, maybe that's why I don't like AJFA so much, because of the lack of audible bass
6-Death Magnetic, good songs, it's like a mix of a new Metallica with the old Metallica
7-Load and ReLoad, some good songs
8-St Anger, I like St.Anger, Frantic and Invisible kid, but the rest of the album is ****, in a bad way

2.5(someplace between 2 and 3)-S&M, I love classical music, and the mix of the classical feeling with metal is great in this album
7.5(someplace between 7 and 8)-Garage stuff, think I don't like what Metallica likes, besides Turn the Page, Whiskey in the Jar and Tuesday's gone, I hate all the other covers...


Perfectly summed up, although I'd have Puppets ahead of Lightning- but only just... I'm sure you wrestled with that one too.
Ride the Lightning and Fade to Black are what made Metallica in my opinion.

I really hate how they got rid of the amazing drum sound after this album and Master of Puppets in favor of lighter drum sound, especially the snare drum.
[Newest]Yes this is the best

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2Master of Puppets
The best album of the humanity. Just excellent, true masterpiece! Amazing sound and truly an inspiration for all music fans (not only metal)!
Metallica at their very best and where they finally worked together as a rare and unique whole. The pinnacle of songwriting and technique for them. Just look at 'Orion', 'Welcome Home Sanitarium' and the titular track for songwriting. For heaviness, 'The Thing That Should Not Be' and for riffs, the bridge in 'Damage Inc. ' (at 3:14) is arguably their most accomplished riff. Not to mention the groove that follows when the drums come in. And for solos 'Disposable Heroes' is where Hammett took his playing to the next level. The intensity just keeps building and building.

Their greatest album. Period.
An album that influenced thrash metal all around. Not to mention it also contains the song Master of Puppets which is one of the greatest songs of all time. This is definitely Metallica at its best.
[Newest]A thematically consistent album with sophisticated song structure and burning passion.
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3...And Justice for All
My favourite Metallica album, because it features Metallica in a time of despair; Cliff has died, their brutality and anger in the form of music presented as this album. James' riffage and songwriting is absolutely brutal and the complexity of their songs is unlike never before. Kirk's solos are even more wild, disregarding most of his previous pentatonic roots and following a more classical approach, and Lars' drumming... Just listen to Dyers Eve.

Blackened is an outright crazy song and absolutely sets the tone for the album; wild, fast and the main riff is an absolute bitch to play. The interlude makes the comeback seem so much more awesome, and Kirk's solo is wild and crazy.

And Justice For All follows Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning; the title track having an awesome solo and an interlude in the middle where everything breaks down. In this song, it's so long that everything is on such a large scale.

One is by far one of the greatest songs ever written. The diversity of acoustics, clean riffage, beautiful solos, erie lyrics turns into anger and power as machine gun riffs bury into the ending and Kirk pulls of one of the greatest solos ever.

The Shortest Straw is one of my favourite, it's all about the epic riff and the lyrics are absolutely brutal. The solo is just amazing as well; the combination between Kirk's tremolo picking and James' abrupt stops making the solo so awesome. It is almost impossible to listen to this song and not feel like a badass.

Harvester Of Sorrow is a seriously brutal song, the drums and the clean riff all create a mystical tone, as well as the riff. In this song it's all about the E Power Chord.

Frayed Ends Of Sanity is an underrated song; the intro with the chant from Wizard of Oz is dark and unsettling, and then the main riff comes on and all hell breaks loose once the verse comes in. After the second chorus, Kirk and James break into some melody playing, and then bring on an awesome riff that registers no remorse.

To Live is to Die is one of those songs that can make you feel sad and feel in absolute rage all at the same time. It's acoustic intro is broken by the deafening distortion which brings on the main riff, and brings about feelings of anger and rage. By the time of the interlude it breaks down, and we get a break from our power and feel sad, touched on by Kirk's harmonies. But soon, this builds up and we get back to the main riff and it's power, and this then dies out with the acoustic intro playing again. When suddenly Dyers Eve comes on...

Dyers Eve is like Damage Inc. , in which it's has riffs lyrics that are absolutely brutal and full of power. As we are touched by TLITD's ending, we are then suddenly hit with the guitars breaking in and out of the riff, and then we soon break into an riff that brings so much badass-ness. Then we get to the verse, and Lars' Drums speak for me. Absolute Chaos is what we hear, and then we get to Kirk's solo. Absolute chaos is an understatement when this solo comes on. Kirk cracks on wah and absolutely breaks through our ears and the shredder rips his guitar apart in the solo.
My old comment I put on the black album was before I heard every metallica song, now after listening to each metallica song my studio album listing is:

1.... And Justice for All
2. Load
3. Death Magnetic
4. Master of Puppets
5. Ride the Lighting
6. Metallica (The Black Album)
7. Kill 'Em All
8. St. Anger
9. Re-Load


... And Justice for all has allot my my favs on there how is is 6th, Load is a very good album in my opinion, they are slow and have great meaning, death magnetic is pure awesome bringing back some of thier old sound, master of puppets was an epic, but I never really got into leper massiah and Dissposible hero's, ride the lightning is also an epic and all songs are good, but I never really got into some of the songs on the album, the black album's singles are very good but the rest of the album is boring to me, kill 'em all is brilliant, the opening metallica album, but the sound quality is not that great but otherwise awesome, a couple of st. anger songs are alright, but the rest are just bad and they shouldn't have made an album at that time because of james going to rehab and the departure of jason, Re-Load was alright but some of the songs are just plain and boring, they have some good song on it such as fuel, where the wild things are and the unforgiven II.


The last of the classic trilogy and the end of an era for Metallica. Their heaviest album, the first progressive metal album ever made and with the most complex rhythm parts this album is a diamond!
[Newest]Good album, and even though Cliff was dead at the time, They still made four of the best Metallica songs. One, Dyers Eve,...And Justice for All, and Blackened.

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4Metallica (Black Album)
Black Album had 5 hit-singles by itself
Enter Sandman
Nothing Else Matters
Sad But True
Wherever I May Roam


The Black Album.
The reason that 90% of metalheads from 1991 and beyond starts to listen to metal. This album maybe is not as thrash as their 80s stuff holy mother of god is heavy as hell! What can I say for the production and the songwriting. Black album is one the last great rock n roll in history! A truly classic!
Simply the best Metallica album I've ever heard, the lyrics are great, drums and guitar rhythms so nice. Try to listen the intro of wherever I may roam and listen to the beating of the drums haha so cool.. Master of puppets,... And justice for all and ride the lightning are great albums but the black or I may say the snake album is the greatest Metallica ever...
[Newest]Gray sound, great lyrics! This album made Metallica a lot of new fans that were never Metal fans before.
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5Kill 'Em All
The most metal album metallica ever made and of course the greatest metal album of all metal, period! What a raw and amazing sound!
This list is the worst joke on the internet! Kill 'em All is the greatest thing to be produced by Metallica through their entire career! (2. Ride The Lightning 3. Master of Puppets 4... And Justice for All)
you will get to listen to greatest thrash metal solos on this album, you will find Hetfield doing his best vocal job here and obviously Cliff's greatest bass tracks!

So, why its not no. 1?
I guess you people are voting albums on the basis of their popularity! That's just unfair! Come on, vote KeA up!


This Defines Metal! Hit The Lights is a wonderful song with total thrash qualities. The Four Horseman... My God is crazy awesome. MOTORBREATH IS THE BEST! Jump In The Fire is a
Masterpiece! Bass solo: Take one... Pulling teeth is true Cliff, and thrash. WHIPLASH IS AWESOME! Phantom Lord is beast. No remorse is thrash! SEEK AND DESTROY IS THE BEST Metallica SONG EVER! SO IS METAL MILITIA! This is No. 1 and always will be. Those who say Ride The Lightning aren't trash enough! And There is no way in Hell the black album is better!


[Newest]The good times when Dave Mustaine of Megadeth was still in Metallica.

6Death Magnetic
This definitely doesn't deserve sixth. This is better than that by far. We call ourselves true metallica fans and then we just keep listening to their old music. This album should be fourth at least. Yes, master of puppets and black are better, but this album deserves better. In fact, this is one album where the songs are consistently amazing. In ride the lightning, there are some divine ones, but some that are not great. Here, almost every song is divine. I can bet my life, if cyanide, the day that never comes, judas kiss, all nightmare long, suicide and redemption, broken, beat and scarred, unforgiven 3, my apocalypse were in and justice for all, these songs would be worshipped. But no, we have this narrow view that metallica is no longer the band that used to be. And this is where we fail them as fans.
MOP is better, but dude, Black Album is NOT better than this. This is better.
I never say Death Magnetic should be placed first, but this album can be considered as the return of metallica after their tedious St. Anger...
The solos in judas kiss and the day that never comes are just great... This album cemented metallica's rating as no 1 metal band...


New Metallica is not always bad. If you compare between Enter Sandman and All Nightmare Long. It has same greatness and between The Day That Never Comes and Nothing Else Matters. It just same as great. In this album, they bring Black Album sound, St. Anger power and some of Master Of Puppets sounds. Yeah, just like the Re-Born of Metallica. And why Load is so high? Never listened The House Jack Built and Ronnie? Fuel and Dirty Window are better than that and these album (including DM) deserve higher than Load.

My Top Ten:
1. Ride The Lightning
2. Death Magnetic
3... And Justice For All
4. Master Of Puppets
5. Black
6. St. Anger
7. Reload
8. Load
[Newest]If this came out in 1985, everyone would of came in their pants.

The roots of this music. Simple as that. A truly masterpiece, a diamond record. Metallica knows how to be great songwriters there is variety, simplicity, incredible melodies and rhythms. Lyrics full of meaning. A record that you are able to find sabbath - skynyrd - grudge - hendrix and other more. People were unfair to this album. This is not a mop or justice or even a black album. This is sth else and you should estimate it with its own terms. A wonderful example why metallica are huge musicians and not just metallheads, sth that we are able to see also to other musical creation such as lulu snm garage inc and of course reload itself. A BAND WITH BALLS
If any other band had written this album, it would be hailed as one of the greats, but thanks to 'tallicas fantastic catalogue, it seems bleech compared to the rest. Still an awesome album.
I don't think load is anywhere close to the worst metallica album. But I have to say I can't believe st. Anger has gotten any votes whatsoever.


[Newest]Not surprised this is so far down the list because everyone fears "different stuff" I love this album though yes its not like the 80's Metallica, but its still Metallica

ReLoad is my personal favourite. The album has everything except thrash, but that is perfectly fine. There is no song in this album I don't like which is why I think this album is excellent as a whole. I also like Metallica's earlier albums, mainly because they contain my favourite songs by them, but they contain also some songs I dislike. This is the best album as an entity.
What? Load An d st. Anger are aheead of this? With songs like fuel, unforgiven 2, the memory remains and fixer its till on no. 10. Its one of Metallica's best ever albums.
Its first modern rock album. Vote for this people
Listen to "Fixer" and you'ill see that this album diserves a better place than position 10.

9Garage, Inc.
This is simply the easiest Metallica Album to listen to from start to finish. Every song on the record is awesome!
All songs on this album are cover (in case you didn't know) it is still a great album Tuesdays gone whiskey in the jar merciful fate and turn the page are great covers and Metallica made them better so seriously listen to those song this isn't that bad of an album better than st anger load and reload
Metallica can make any song sound great.

10St. Anger
St. Anger is really underrated... Yeah it's different, but everyone needs to quit the bitching and listen to this album in full. Maybe I like it because I listen to most kinds of music... I don't now. But yeah stop the bitching
This album is full of anger, rage and has a frenetic rhythms, competes with many of the best albums of nu metal.
Unleashes all the rage you have inside.
Musically this album is very different. Not their best, but it deserves recognition; however, it's horrendously underrated. Songs like Frantic and St. Anger are great. Besides, this record emotionally is really good - the result of years of decay, alcohol, and the bassist leaving the band. It results in lyrics like "if I could have my wasted days back, would I use them to get back on track? " that are good.
[Newest]They say this is Metallica's worst album. I listened to it and it wasn't bad, the music sounded brutal and awesome.
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The Contenders

The orchestra sound so awesome in the back.
metal and classical together who would've thunk it eh?


AMAZING idea to mix metal with orchestra─"
Just think of the awesome sound of Metallica and the epicness of an orchestra...MOTHER OF GOD

12Beyond Magnetic
Just got this EP... And it's safe to say it's a beast! I can't believe these weren't on death magnetic! My favorites in descending order are as follows:
Hate train
Rebel of babylon
Hell and back
Just a bullet away
This is an awesome album... All songs are brilliant...
Surprised how they were not included in death magnetic.
Just love the solo in "just a bullet away"
This is a good album I like it better than death magnetic they should have recorded two new songs and they could have made it a studio album.

13Live S***: Binge & Purge
Seattle 89' was absolutely amazing. Amazing set, crowd was into it, Tallica at their best.

14Garage Days Re-Revisited

15Through the Never (Music from the Motion Picture)
I think it's great! Many of my favorite songs. And good quality!

16Cunning Stunts
One of my favorite conserts ever.

17Quebec Magnetic

18Presidio Album
Listened to Temptation, worst song ever. Didn't even make it to St. Anger.

19Some Kind of Monster
Lets do everything it takes to make Lulu last! Some Kind of Monster is actually a really good song, and probably my favorite on St. Anger
A good Live album. Has an edited version of Some Kind of Monster, which was better than the original, and six good songs from the original three albums. The worst track out of the live ones was Leper Messiah, and I still enjoyed it.
I just want to correct that guy below is not only a song it is a live album and the leper messiah version is amazing.actually is the first CD I ever owned

Worst album in Metallica discography in my poinion
Terrible album I was so disappointed when I heard it, it's should never have even happened.
Not just the worst Metallica album, it's the worst rock album EVER!
[Newest]I love this album! It is my favorite, better than Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, and those other ones.

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