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21 Presidio Album

Listened to Temptation, worst song ever. Didn't even make it to St. Anger.

22 Some Kind of Monster Some Kind of Monster

Lets do everything it takes to make Lulu last! Some Kind of Monster is actually a really good song, and probably my favorite on St. Anger

A good Live album. Has an edited version of Some Kind of Monster, which was better than the original, and six good songs from the original three albums. The worst track out of the live ones was Leper Messiah, and I still enjoyed it.

I just want to correct that guy below is not only a song it is a live album and the leper messiah version is amazing.actually is the first CD I ever owned

Is this really an album? I thought it was a documentary. - NikBrusk

23 Lulu Lulu

Terrible album I was so disappointed when I heard it, it's should never have even happened.

Not just the worst Metallica album, it's the worst rock album EVER!

I guess you forget about that one album by Limp Bizkit and some emo albums. - Powerfultekin

When I listened to Death Magnetic and Beyond Magnetic, I thought Metallica would be untouchable again. The Lulu came along and crapped in pure mouths

Should not be considered a Metallica or Lou Reed album

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