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1Ricky Carmichael

He can ride outside his limits without crashing, he was the most physically fit rider of his day, hardest working, does not give up, has style and talent for miles, and seems to be genuinely kind and humble. Oh yea... He has also won too many races to list, with multiple championships and a X-games Gold medal.

He makes motocrossers look like they have never been on a bike before - shelzza

Modest, fair, fast and style. Can sum him up

This lad can ride

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2James Stewart

His style belies his age. He's aggressively intelligent. Every newcomer to the sport would do well to watch the kinds of lines he takes!

I love him! I'm hopefully going to start racing soon and HE for SURE is my idol!

LEGEND that's all I can say much respects all the way from a little place called north devon

He is the best of them all

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3Ryan Villopoto

This needs to be updated. Villopoto easy 3rd best and will over take stewart for 2nd. Should already be2nd but injury stop him from 09 outdoor and 10 supercross and outdoor.

The outdoor season 09, season 10 and outdoors 2012 is the worst of villopoto because injurys, maybe win this years or not never now but is style, titles and dedication put on the top with guys like carmichael, mcgrath and others

I think he will win this year and is awesome.

He has won every race he has entered now that he is retired he is still a legend

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4Jeremy McGrath

Know the history of your sport before you vote Emig and Henry above this guy (anyone else remember how elated Emig was to beat Mac in the last supercross of 1996; to which Mac had won every previous race? ). For that matter, 8 of the 10 racer above him are in doubt. In number of wins, consecutive wins, etc., he was the man until he retired.

he has been my role model ever since I was little I honestly wanted 2 get every peice of merchandise he had! I love him! he's freakin awesome!

He is the greatest of all time I remember watching him when I was a kid and other kids like Ricky Carmichael budda Stewart this in my opinion is why he is the GOAT

He has the record for most supercross wins

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5Travis Pastrana

His racing and freestyle is what got me interested in motocross in the first place. Maybe not the best racer of all time, but by far one of the best and should be included in any list of best riders of all time.

Pastrana should be number 1 on this list. All others are inferior compared to him. Not only does he do motocross he helped create Nitro Circus which an adreline rush JUST TO WATCH IT! AND he drives in NASCAR! The dudes awesome hands down absolute best.

He is the best of all time for one reason he landed the first double back flip of any one in the world no one can diagree whith that so that's why he is is the best rider of all time your welcome

Mint he is best

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6Stefen Everts

He won more then 100 GP became world champion in 125 cc, 250 cc and 500 cc. The only one who managed to win 3 GP in one day (125, 250 and 500 cc).10 times world champion. Did win a World championship on Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha.

Best motocross rider of all time, no doubt about that, broke all records, beat everybody!

10 time World Champ. He beat Stewart at least twice that I know of.

Just check statistics, he is the best

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7Ryan Dungey

He is an amazing fast rider, he won a 450 championship back in 2010 in his rookie season. He is one of the more fit riders out there he is one of my favorite he beats all the competition, there ever was. I hope he will move up on the charts as his career goes on.

He is a fast rider, and can still ride good under a lot of pressure from the riders that are challenging him for the big win and the mx/sx championship. Or the mega million for example he came second on his new bike.

This guy is amazing, he won 2 back to back supercross and motocross championships in 2015. And a Championship in 2010 in his rookie season. He has over come many things and a lot of people underrate him and talk crap about him but he doesn't let that pull him back he still tries his hardest every time and does an amazing job! He has always been a top 5 rider his whole career and still is. (unless he has a very bad crash and DNF's)

He is my personal favorite. If I could I would love to be him.

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8Chad Reed

The only rider to come to America, win and win often. But better yet is The GOATS most respected competitor. Ricky Carmichael always watched for 22 because if anyone was going to challenge for the win it's Chad Reed. Legend!

I think Chad reed is the best look when had that nasty crash when he hit that kicker and hit the floor quit nastily and got up and got on is bike and his bike broken

Awesome dude he is awesome dude

He is a dirt bike legend and a good influence on young drivers

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9Jeff Ward

The flying freckle was one of my all time favorite's. He was always near the front of the pack in every race.

Jeff Ward ruled the 80's like McGrath ruled the 90's and Charmichael does now.

Ward was one of the best riders I have ever seen 20+ yrs racing in new england. On the Southwick Mass track it felt like thunder when he passed me in practice. True class act!

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10Roger DeCoster

Definitely the best of all time. Known simply as The Man, he was instrumental in making motocross a great sport. Five World Championships.

Roger, Robert, Everts, and Carmichael. If you are around 50 or more, you'd probably rate him #1. Far and away the best team manager of all time too.

Can't imagine a top 10 list omitting Roger. I surmise most of the voters don't remember him. The sports first true worldwide superstar.

He reinvented motocross to what it is today.

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11Antonio Cairoli

Needs to have more confidence in his own ability to beat the yanks in the ama Championship.

He is the best! Only reason he is not up there is he doesn't ride ama

If he rides in AMA He will win as he does in MX! Do you remember the last Motocross of all Nations! On the sand, as americans like, he won fantasticly!

AC 222 - fastest rider!

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12Bob Hannah

Hannah was magic when he was at his best, a great sportsman too, I saw him after he broke his leg it was a comeback race not a national, he let everyone complete the first lap before he left the gate and still passed everyone in a couple of laps

Hannah was from the golden age. Those of us lucky enough to share the track with the Hurricane know that the riders that dominated during the late 70's and early 80's were in a class by themselves.

50 years of racing, I've never seen anyone dominate motocross near like Hurricane Hannah!

Come on. The Hurricane deserves a higher rating than this!

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13Rick Johnson

Hard to tell how many titles he would have won if he hadn't got taken out with the wrist injury. If he got a bad start he still blew through the pack to the front. Always tells it like it is wether you like it or not.

The best motocrossers are the guys who used to hang on to a 500cc two strokes. Johnson's hard riding and come from behind feats were outstanding. Ward is up there with Johnson - so perhaps it is a toss up. But 500cc open class two stroke racers had to be the best to hang on to one of these beasts of a bike.

All thing equal. I believe Rick Johnson would be number one today

John all the way!

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14Ken Roczen

Very decorated competitor he will possibly be the greatest motocross rider of all time. He is very quick and picks his lines around the tracks perfectly.

Best rider of today he's going to become a legend

He's developing his techniques to be the best! He is the youngest rider in 450 class AMA supercross.

A very talented guy that should be in the top 5

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15Jeffrey Herlings

He is the best and will the best for the coming years.

He is the best and comes out the Netherlands!

He is the best

He is the best!

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16Dave Thorpe

The most professional in preparation and hugely talented. I saw him at the age of 17 on a Honda 250 floating over bumps that every other good rider hit hard. People said he was boring to watch because he wasn't throwing the bike sideways all the time. He knew that way wasn't going fastforwards, which he was the best at

This list is void if Dave Thorpe is not at the top. The most complete racer ever born

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17Jeff Stanton

3 outdoor national 250 Titles and 3 250 supercross titles! Beat Sephan Everts 4 times in US GP - ejrush

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18Ashley Fiolek
19Justin Barcia

Even if there was no 41 on his number plate you would still know its barcia because of his style

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20Joel Robert

The spark that inspired all subsequent generations. A true talent, he willed his machine through the worst conditions to wins. Roger DeCoster has Joel to thank for paving the way.

If he had raced in the open (500cc) he be ranked higher than 14th, he's my fave! I have seen all these greats live!

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