Top Ten Greatest Movie Characters

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201Hit-Girl - Chloe Grace Moretz
202Lord Shen - Gary Oldman
203Gimli - John Rhys-Davies
204Sam Witwicky - Shia LaBeouf

His hilariously spastic comedy, along with his heroism, basically gave me a reason to watch the Transformers movies.

205Charlie Kelmeckis - Logan Lerman
206Velma Kelly - Catherine Zeta Jones

Velma is a horrible person like the rest. But she's fun to watch.

207The Artful Dodger - Jack Wild

Jack Dawkins, better known to his more intimate friends as The Artful Dodger

208Billy Flynn - Richard Gere
209Borat Sagdiev - Sacha Baron Cohen
210Roxie Hart - Renee Zellweger

She's callous, she's petty, she's spoiled, she's selfish and has no qualms for her actions. A perfectly flawed and interesting character.

211Fagin - Ron MoodyRon Moody was a British actor, singer, composer and writer best known for his Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated performance as Fagin in Oliver!

This morally ambiguous rascal is a classic one. And his actor was amazing, too!

212Davy Henshaw - George MacKay
213Gary King - Simon Pegg
214Andy Knightley - Nick Frost
215Adolfo Pirelli - Sacha Baron Cohen
216Mrs Lovett - Helena Bonham Carter

Eh, sorry. I don't think anyone can beat Imelda Staunton's powerhouse West End performance.

217Bruno - Sacha Baron Cohen
218Bill Anderson - Stellan Skarsgard

The only one of the 3 men of Mamma Mia who could belt a tune.

219John Rambo - Sylvester Stallone

He's the ultimate war hero. Kills everyone in his way.

So does Park Do-won, but where's his thunder?

220Kevin McCallister - Macaulay Culkin

Amazing funny and awesome so badass

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