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21 The Hobbit

Who cares about CGI and going off the book topics. The Hobbit Trilogy is just amazing. It may not beat Lord Of the Rings, but it started it. Epic battles and you get really attached to the characters.

Deserves to be higher cause for all the hate it gets it is probably in the top 15 greatest movie trilogies ever and is the prequel to the Lord of the rings.

Agreed, one of my favorite trilogies and has an amazing storyline

The Book and Movies are unreal

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22 Iron Man Iron Man

The Best Super Hero Trilogy. Awesome technology concept

23 Mission Impossible Mission Impossible
24 Mad Max

Mad Max. The Road Warrior. Bayond Thunderdome. - corebare32

25 Evil Dead

Give me some Sugar Baby!

Hail to the king baby - TheRiceKing

26 Harold & Kumar Harold & Kumar
27 Scream Scream
28 The Hunger Games V 2 Comments
29 Harry Potter

"Ladies and gentlemen, the very first 8 film trilogy," he says sarcastically

A trilogy that allows you to transcend into a magical/mystical world, the most interesting and original trilogy by far.

Harry potter is great! Such surprising events!

This should be way higher on the list!

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30 Die Hard Trilogy Die Hard Trilogy

First two are just masterclass, third I haven't seen fully, last two I haven't seen at all, but it's all about the first two films! Maybe it's Alan Rickman being an utter badass for Hans or Bruce Willis creating his iconic character of John McClane. Yippee keey yay!

31 American Pie American Pie
32 Austin Powers Trilogy Austin Powers Trilogy

The greatest comedy, parody, action, and film trilogy ever. I would watch all 3 movies because thesy give me a lot of laughs every time. It's also the only trilogy where anyone's opinion of the quality order is never incorrect. It's a shame that it's not in the top 5 or even top 10.

The only great comedy trilogy ever.

33 The Hangover The Hangover
34 The Transporter The Transporter
35 Alien Alien

To deny that the original alien is not a masterpiece would be to sell it short. Prometheus is decent and Aliens, the action flick of the bunch, for its time did the job.

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36 Rocky Rocky V 3 Comments
37 Jackass Jackass
38 James Bond 007

The James Bond franchise are fantastic movies, but why is this here?
It was a trilogy in 1964, but now 50 years later there are 23 movies released and the 24th will have been made next year.

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39 George A. Romero's Trilogy of the Dead
40 Madagascar Trilogy Madagascar Trilogy
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