Greatest Musicians of All Time


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The Top Ten

Michael Jackson
Couldn't agree more, RIP MJ you will never be forgotten.
His music is a gift from heaven


[Newest]I agree gift from god. A lot of people think that he faked his death. King of pop!

2Paul McCartney
Paul mccartney is the greatest musician of all time then john lennon then elvis presley nobody else compares to them.
Keep calm and save rock 'n roll
No question about the ex-beatle member Paul Mccartney along with John Lennon, George Harisson and Ringo Starr! The BEST!

3Freddie Mercury
Greatest LEGEND THERE IS. It's right that he's number one here. He made songs out of great fun and out of pure genius. No one can compare to how genius Freddie was. His music will be forever cherished till the end of time... RIP Freddie Mercury, you were truly the greatest.
Well this is legend not musician what is he doing on this list he should be at 1 st place at top 10 legends list.
MJ is legend, but Freddie Mercury is #1 of legends

4Ludwig van Beethoven
Beethoven the greatest, purest, deepest, most original musical mind ever. His music is quality in a very beautiful and elegant form. He composed many pieces that is humanly impossible. But he did it! He wrote great music notwithstanding his health problems. What more if he had lived longer and healthy?
I can't believe this guy's only fourth! He should at least be ahead of ELVIS. So deep and pure and beautiful! Greatest music ever written
Come on, people! What Beethoven created being deaf no other musician came close to achieving, even with perfect hearing.


[Newest]Wait a thousand years and Beethoven will still be here. I'll give slash 5 years, maybe 10.

5Elvis Presley
A legendary singer one of the best selling over all musicians and the best selling solo musician
can't stand his music but he is the king of rock and I just got to except that

6John Lennon
Should be the best for he is the masterpiece of singing - songwriting. John Lennon also the most inspiring and most influential, not only in musical talents but in peaceful activities too. John Lennon should be a gift from heaven, should be a son of God for he is a peace - minded person. Go John Lennon for the win!
Greatest of all time MR John Lennon

7Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Presley, Dylan. and Jackson above Mozart and Beethoven! Good God. Well... at least some of us know who these two are. >_>


Beethoven above Mozart is fine and Elvis, Beatles and Queen being above him is not exactly right, but they're pretty awesome... Screw Michael Jackson being at number 1 though
It you water it all down, you will find that all the music we have today is based on the work of Mozart.


8M. Shadows
Hail to the king vocals sums that up

9George Harrison

10Bob Dylan

The Contenders

11K.S. Chithra
What a grace she has... CHITHRA IS LIVING LEGEND


13Synyster Gates

14Jimi Hendrix
Best guitar player of all time a genius he could play guitar left handed right handed wonky handed and with his very easily he has great stage presence and emotion.

15Kurt Cobain
You always notice that stage where celebrities often do drugs and die from them. Especially what happened to kurt cobain. My theory is that some of them are just scarred. Like, they're scarred of being famous and they just want to be left alone. Now I don't know if this was true with kurt but he did say that the fame was too much for him. Think about it people, when you're on top of the world it gets really overwhelming. There are some people out there who are planning for a future but are scarred to be famous because they are just normal people who want to be left alone. And whether if they're artists some of them didn't plan for their work to stand out from all the others, they've probably done their work just for themselves and for others to enjoy. If you are so famous that you'll be remembered throughout all of history wouldn't that be way too much pressure? Do you really want to waste your life for the hell of stardom? In my opinion, we should only chose art that really stands out from all forms of other art which would be good enough to remember throughout all of history (whether it be something about the secrets of life and there universe, or a huge past event from history like the holocaust and the titanic) I want all of you people to remember this. Think about what your chose is going to be for the future. You get to make that choice. Whether it be fame or no fame at all.
I honestly want to be famous because I want to make a difference. I want to do people a favor by doing something totally new and extraordinary whether it be science, art, sports, politics, or any kind of subject. I don't care if I get famous because I don't care about myself (I'm an atheist, but I'm a really nice guy). So I'm willing to sacrifice my life for the new things I want to bring to humanity. So don't worry about me. I'm doing just fine. As long as I make a difference then humanity will be having new ideas, whether we can use them to help us uncover the secrets of life and the universe as we know it.
It must also not be easy dealing with people when you're famous. Whether someone talks about your work in a bad way, someone hates you, or someone makes fun of you in a depressing or offensive way. you have to be strong about that. It really takes a lot of guts if you have enough.

Definitely the best rapper ever. He has definitely changed the rap genre of music, and makes some of the best music out there

17Pete Quaife

18Kirk Hammett

19Malcolm Young

20Dave Mustaine

21Johann Sebastian Bach

22Bob Marley
We only had him for a short time but he pourd out words that led to the freedom of many nations and individuals... I think he should be next to MJ
I strongly believe that Bob Marley should be in the top 10. His music was most inspiring and timeless.

23Rick James
Rick James was way ahead of his time. And America still has not fully caught up with his music yet. He was The king of punk funk and duke of Fun Wave. He set the tone that many followed and some ripped him off. He blended rock, funk, new wave and rock.
To create some of the greatest music ever made. He had many hits. And one of his big ones Mary Jane, the greatest song ever with a flute as a major instrument in it.
Outstanding! Mixed Funk, pop and punk and created PUNK-FUNK. Great live shows and a real innovator in the industry. Still copied and sampled by many today. The King of Punk-Funk Rick James.

24Frank Sinatra

25Phil Rudd

26James Hetfield

27Dave Grohl

28Rick Savage

29Buddy Holly

30Phil Collen

31Whitney Houston

32Steven Tyler

33Ozzy Osbourne

34Rick Allen

35Tony Iommi

36Axl Rose
This list has no credibility, Axl's the best!

37A.R. Rehman
How come he's not in the list.. Best musician ever.. Jai ho!

38Hans Zimmer
I can't believe that he isn't in the top tens. He is the one who composed one of the greatest music ever

39Steve Clark

40Keith Richards

41Brian May

42Jimmy The Rev Sullivan

43Eric Clapton
He's one six grammys he deserves to be one the top ten great guitar player.

44Elton John


46Joe Hisaishi
His music is amazingly beautiful and nostalgic. He should be recognized as one of the most talented and greatest composers of all time especially when looking at his work with famous movie director Hayao Miyazaki and his work with Ghibli Studios. Songs like "Summer" and movie OSTs like "The Girl Who Fell From the Sky" from the Miyazaki movie "Castle in the Sky" are incredible works of art that should be appreciated by the world.
His compositions are so emotionally charged, it makes me shed a tear... Or cry a river. The pieces in Studio Ghibli are breathtakingly beautiful. Each song he composes conveys a message.

Tupac is still the best

48Chester Bennington
The best singer out there!
Best vocal I've ever heard

49Mark Evans

50Bruce Springsteen

51Stevie Wonder

52Ennio Morricone
He's a great musician, please listen to his soundtracks and feel the emotions of great music (all western songs nowadays are good only because of him). He should be at least in the top ten.

53Ryuichi Sakamoto

54Graham Nash

Prince is the GOAT

56David Bowie
This is just wrong
A Man like this should at least be in the top 10

57Miles Davis

58Louis Armstrong

59Frederic Chopin

60Richard Strauss

61Johnny Cash
He sings from the heart and soul. not the best singer but the best songwriter

62Sarah Geronimo

63Scatman John
Where do I begin? He may not be as famous as someone like Freddie or MJ, but his music was amazing. He took his problem of stuttering and made that into his music! And many of his songs were about trying to change the world. And bonus points for (making it look like he was) singing with Louis Armstrong, the king of jazz!

64Yoshiki Hayashi

65Amy Lee

66Tommy Ramone
The iconic punk rock drummer for The Ramones.

67Syd Barrett
This guy is a legend.

68Jack Johnson
He is such a nice person. He writes great songs and doesn't copy. His songs all sound different and he is constantly changing his style. He should be AT LEAST in the top 10!

69Bun E. Carlos

70Quincy Jones

71Ray Charles

72Chick Corea

73Frank Zappa
Great guitarist great singer one of a kind coll names.


75David Foster

76Claude Debussy

77Sergei Rachmaninoff

78Herbie Hancock

79Chuck Berry

80Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

81Maurice Ravel

82Erik Satie

83Yann Tiersen

84John Williams

85Scott Joplin

86Jeff Beck

87Camille Saint-Saens


89Eddie Van Halen
Fast crazy awesome fantastic guitar player listen to eruption

90Mick Jagger

91Billy Idol

92Ritchie Valens

93Tom Chaplin


95Mariah Carey

96James Taylor

97James Brown



100George Linch
Great great guitarist, Dokken wouldn't have been the same without him, I think. Great riffs and great melodic lines, with chords of 5 and 5bemolle, vote him!


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