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1Michael Jackson
He was a great singer, dancer, and songwriter, but not musician. To have him ahead of anyone in the top ten is laughable. He's not on the best guitarist, bass, drum, or any brass instrument list. I do think to even be eligible for this list you have to play SOMETHING. What did he play?
Couldn't agree more, RIP MJ you will never be forgotten.
His music is a gift from heaven
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2Paul McCartney
Only one, along with Beethoven, Mozart, and possibly Hendrix, in this top 20 who is legitimate. Jackson at number one is utterly ridiculous. Prince is several galaxies above him as a musician.
Paul mccartney is the greatest musician of all time then john lennon then elvis presley nobody else compares to them.
Paul McCartney and john lennon and elvis are the three best ever
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3Freddie Mercury
Greatest LEGEND THERE IS. It's right that he's number one here. He made songs out of great fun and out of pure genius. No one can compare to how genius Freddie was. His music will be forever cherished till the end of time... RIP Freddie Mercury, you were truly the greatest.
Well this is legend not musician what is he doing on this list he should be at 1 st place at top 10 legends list.
MJ is legend, but Freddie Mercury is #1 of legends
4Ludwig van Beethoven
Beethoven the greatest, purest, deepest, most original musical mind ever. His music is quality in a very beautiful and elegant form. He composed many pieces that is humanly impossible. But he did it! He wrote great music notwithstanding his health problems. What more if he had lived longer and healthy?
I can't believe this guy's only fourth! He should at least be ahead of ELVIS. So deep and pure and beautiful! Greatest music ever written
Come on, people! What Beethoven created being deaf no other musician came close to achieving, even with perfect hearing.


[Newest]This is the pioneer of classical and complex music, he deserves 10 times more respect than that Michael Jackson
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5John Lennon
Should be the best for he is the masterpiece of singing - songwriting. John Lennon also the most inspiring and most influential, not only in musical talents but in peaceful activities too. John Lennon should be a gift from heaven, should be a son of God for he is a peace - minded person. Go John Lennon for the win!
I'm so sad that he was murdered. Rest in peace john lennon. Chapman is a horrible awful person.


Greatest of all time MR John Lennon
[Newest]At least in the top 3! Come on
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6Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart wasn't only a prodigy but a revolutionary. His work was more ground breaking and original than Beethoven's in his particular time period. Imagine if had lived to old age.
Presley, Dylan. and Jackson above Mozart and Beethoven! Good God. Well... at least some of us know who these two are. >_>


Beethoven above Mozart is fine and Elvis, Beatles and Queen being above him is not exactly right, but they're pretty awesome... Screw Michael Jackson being at number 1 though
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7M. Shadows
Hail to the king vocals sums that up
8George Harrison
George was a great musician, but among the ten best of all time? That's a bit of a stretch, but I did love the guy.
10Elvis Presley
A legendary singer one of the best selling over all musicians and the best selling solo musician
can't stand his music but he is the king of rock and I just got to except that
Like many in this top twenty, a great and legendary performer but not a great musician.

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In an earlier entry, John Myung is cited as being voted best bassist in the world. That's something that happens to Flea every day.
?Chris Thile
Best mandolin player in the world, bar none. Listen to anything by Nickel Creek, and you'll agree,
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11Synyster Gates
12K.S. Chithra
What a grace she has... CHITHRA IS LIVING LEGEND
I'm not familiar with her, but seeing the rest of the top twenty as it is I have to ask: Does she even play a musical instrument?
13Bob Dylan
Should be ranked 2nd. Changed popular singing. Greatest lyricist of all time. His influence in music is unmatched. Going electric at the Newport folk festival and his doings in the civil rights movements changed pop culture and the world. There would be no Hendrix Springsteen nirvana and the genre of rap in general if it weren't for Dylan give credit where credit is due!
So many of the top people on this list are lead singers who don't play an instrument. I think a lot of folks voting on this list don't realize they're not voting for a singer or writer, but someone who plays an instrument, or preferably, several instruments.
Definitely the best rapper ever. He has definitely changed the rap genre of music, and makes some of the best music out there
Excuse me, I was looking for the best musicians list? Can anyone tell me where I can find it?
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15Jimi Hendrix
Best guitar player of all time a genius he could play guitar left handed right handed wonky handed and with his very easily he has great stage presence and emotion.
16Kurt Cobain
You always notice that stage where celebrities often do drugs and die from them. Especially what happened to kurt cobain. My theory is that some of them are just scarred. Like, they're scarred of being famous and they just want to be left alone. Now I don't know if this was true with kurt but he did say that the fame was too much for him. Think about it people, when you're on top of the world it gets really overwhelming. There are some people out there who are planning for a future but are scarred to be famous because they are just normal people who want to be left alone. And whether if they're artists some of them didn't plan for their work to stand out from all the others, they've probably done their work just for themselves and for others to enjoy. If you are so famous that you'll be remembered throughout all of history wouldn't that be way too much pressure? Do you really want to waste your life for the hell of stardom? In my opinion, we should only chose art that really stands out from all forms of other art which would be good enough to remember throughout all of history (whether it be something about the secrets of life and there universe, or a huge past event from history like the holocaust and the titanic) I want all of you people to remember this. Think about what your chose is going to be for the future. You get to make that choice. Whether it be fame or no fame at all.
I honestly want to be famous because I want to make a difference. I want to do people a favor by doing something totally new and extraordinary whether it be science, art, sports, politics, or any kind of subject. I don't care if I get famous because I don't care about myself (I'm an atheist, but I'm a really nice guy). So I'm willing to sacrifice my life for the new things I want to bring to humanity. So don't worry about me. I'm doing just fine. As long as I make a difference then humanity will be having new ideas, whether we can use them to help us uncover the secrets of life and the universe as we know it.
It must also not be easy dealing with people when you're famous. Whether someone talks about your work in a bad way, someone hates you, or someone makes fun of you in a depressing or offensive way. you have to be strong about that. It really takes a lot of guts if you have enough.
[Newest]He has change the world with his music he was one of the last real musicians the day he died was the day music died WE MISS you KURT
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17David Bowie
This is just wrong
A Man like this should at least be in the top 10
18Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy should be at least in the top ten. He ROCKS! He isn't called the "Prince of Darkness" or the "Godfather of Heavy Metal" for nothing. I LOVE Ozzy! He deserves so much more credit than this. Ozzy forever!
19Dave Mustaine
He started with Metallica, got thrown out (for a reason), this made him depressed for his whole life, he wrote some classic Metallica songs (metal militia, phantom lord and even parts of leper messiah) made up megadeth wich is (as Thrash Metal band) even more popular. He is awesome and will always be it
He does have an amazing voice and Megadeth rocks!
20Pete Quaife
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