Greatest NFL Players of All Time

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The Top Ten

Jerry Rice
He owned every major receiving record when he retired, and don't forget that wasn't to long ago. He may be the reason for Joe Montana, Bill Walsh, Steve Young and the 49ers success. You could put Rice up against any cornerback in the history of the NFL and he'd still catch 2 touchdowns in that game.
This man is beyond compare to cris carter, randy moss, Michael irvin and any other receiver great. It doesn't matter even if deion sanders or ronnie lott covered him, unstoppable
This guy trained runing up mountains. Jerry Rice is the best WR and best football player of all time. He is a great guy and the best football player of all time. Go Jerry Rice!
[Newest]Yea he owned every one! With Montana on his side

2Joe Montana
He is that guy you always saw in movies or in books who would make a comeback in the final seconds of the championship, well they were all fake, except Joe Cool. He was so calm, when anyone else was about to run away. Did you ever think he could do what he did against the Bengals in the Super Bowl?
Joe Montana was always the guy who was known for keeping cool and not get all frustrated. That's why he is the number 1 quarterback of all time and called "cool Joe"
At the games hardest position, Montana is easily the best.


[Newest]Joe Montana is overrated, selfish, and just plain shouldn't be in the top 100

3Tom Brady
If you think about a guy who got barely got any practice all year then this guy drafted 199th overall comes out and backs up a pretty good franchise quarterback and takes his team to the Superbowl. Another point though that has to be considered is that his team can play well without him unlike the colts who were horrible without Peyton Manning the patriots went 11-5 without Brady an important aspect to consider when your ranking Brady. But Brady is obviously the key player on the pats
With all the odds being against him and always having to face adversity even at Michigan he always came back strong. Brady does better with less, whenever he did get a hall of fame receiver (Randy Moss) he put up incredible numbers. He could easily be 7 - 0 in this era and he never did anything to lose a Super Bowl, he was always in the game.
He was drafted 199th overall in 2000 and didn't even get two snaps off in his rookie year, and rising up winning two super bowl and league MVP awards. This guy has overcome so much to become great and I believe heis the greatest player to touch a football. And don't even think about guys like young or manning or even Marino being better than he is. Let's talk super bowls. 3 titles. Manning and Young only have one. Brady has more than Marino Young and Manning combined. Sure, so does Montana, but statistics say Brady is the best.
[Newest]He his the best he is cool and won 4 Super Bowl MVP awards and he is a good athlete

4Barry Sanders
Watching him run almost brought a tear to your eye it was so beautiful


He has to make the list. He's been on two Madden Covers, and ran like a maniac. Why Sanders retired is beyond me, he hit 2,000 yards in a single season he's done more than respectable things and I just can't let the guy miss this list.
Don't think he ever got tackled in his career


[Newest]Barry Sanders is better than Chuck Norris. He is watching.

5Walter Payton
This boy is absolutely positively the best. Better than jim brown and brett farve and joe montana and barry sanders and tom brady way, way, way, way better than jerry rice and all these other people. They are good but sweetness is the best.
He was everything you could want in a runningback, he was fast, he could break a tackle, he could catch, he could block. One game when they were facing the Packers the Bear were behind 9-10 with only little time left, they gave the ball to Payton, and Payton did what he did, he hit Brian Noble(which Noble later said was the hardest hit he'd ever felt)got knocked back a few yards and ran it in for the TD.
Really? Tom brady is in front of Payton.
Rice number one, but Payton #3.
Montana is better than Brady. Payton is the best all around player of all-time


[Newest]Best running back ever

6Lawrence Taylor
He just dominated, he gave huge, fierce hits. He was a defender, and was named NFL MVP in 1986. Nobody has done it since, tell me that isn't something! He was a sack machine. The NFL has never seen a defender like him, and probably never will again.
He broke a leg going in hard


Best defensive player no doubt. Shaped how we run defensive plays now.

7Jim Brown
Jim Brown not only did it in lesser games & put up with the days of the 50s & 60s. Defenses designed to stop only him, he was a speaker for people who had no voice! He also quit in his prime.
Jim Brown is arguably the best running back of all time and I say he is, definitely is the best Browns player of all time and always will but on an unrelated note Tom Brady is good but not that good.
Tom Brady. The guy who won 4 SBs. The guy who was drafted with the 199th pick in the sixth round. The guy who has more playoff wins than most NFL franchises. The guy that had receivers nobody can name. Who is Aaron Dobson? The guy that had over 50,000 passing yards in his career. The guy that Peyton Manning struggled to beat. And he's not a good quarterback? #Really?


If the Browns named their team after someone named Brown, it shouldn't've been Paul Brown, it should've been Jim Brown. Tackling him would be more like tackling a freight train, not like tackling a human being. The guy played back when their were just about no rules, and he still did better than just about any runningback could today.

8Peyton Manning
Why is Peyton Manning only number 9 on this list. A better leader then Randy Moss, Brett Farve, Jim Brown, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders.Peyton is a better leader then Brady, but if that's not enough to pass up him on this list then here are some more Manning has a better passer rating then Brady Manning has 65.2% Brady has 63.7%; Manning 1 Brady 0.has 2nd most completions with 450 and the most Brady had in a season was 401;Manning 2 Brady 0.Has 2nd most completions in a single-season playoff with 97 behind his brother 106.Brady Does have more completions in a playoff career with 553, but Manning is the 3rd highest with 481.Manning 3 Brady 1.Manning has more completions in a single game with 33 Brady 32;Manning 4 Brady 1.Brady has just one more touchdowns with 50;Manning 4 Brady 2.Manning has more passing touchdown in a career with 436 Brady has 334;Manning 5 Brady 3.Manning more single-season playoff season with 9 Brady has 8.Manning 6 Brady 2. Brady has more career playoffs touchdowns with 42 Manning has 32.Brady has more passing yards in a season with 5, 235 Manning's high is exactly 4,700; Manning 6 Brady 3.Manning has more yards in a career then Brady with 59,487 yard Brady has 44,807; Manning 7 Brady 3.Manning has more single season playoff yards then Brady with 1, 034 Brady's high is 878;Manning 8 Brady 3.Brdy has more yards then manning in a playoff career with 5, 949 Manning's is 5,679. Manning 8 Brady 4.Brady has more Super Bowls then Manning with 3, and Manning with 1.Manning is better then brady, but not Montana, and Rice.
So, Peyton does only have 1 "ring". But that is a team accomplishment, if we are talking about individual, then I have another R word... RECORDS. Peyton has more records than any other player, more MVP's, took two different teams to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is good, no doubt, but he is also the recipient of great play from teammates and unbelievable coaching. New England has a system that's second to none. Indianapolis went 2-14 without Manning, New England went 11-5 without Brady. Nothing against Brady, but Manning has done way more from an individual stand point. Also, with the ring talk, that is a dumb argument. Peyton only has one, so does Bernie Kosar. He was Troy Aikman's backup in Dallas when they won it. If rings are all that determine a player's greatness, then Peyton is no better than Bernie Kosar, right? Sorry Bernie, and I'm a Browns fan (WOOF WOOF), but I would take Peyton any day over Kosar. Rings are great, but it determines the greatness of a team, not players.


He is better than Tom Brady and here is why. Tom Brady may have 3 super bowl rings but that's only because he has played for a great team. Peyton Manning has played for a decent team his whole carrier. It's actually amazing that Peyton even has 1 super bowl ring.


[Newest]Over 300 touchdown passes in a season

9Brett Favre
he's the greatest... look at all the records and super bowl ring


Favre is the number 1 gun in a "town" full of gunslingers. Nobody can deny his greatness or talent. 4 forever!
Brett should be number one. Too bad he might retire.
[Newest]I thank he is the best quarterback in all time

10Randy Moss
Only shadowing Jerry Rice in the receiver category, Rice himself said that Moss had the most talent out of any receiver to ever play the game.
Otto Graham number two!
Give me a brake. ?

The Contenders

11Calvin Johnson
Speed, size, strength, catching, and jumping. Not only is this receiver good, he is amazing! Not only is he the best player at wide receiver today, but he is also one of the best players today and ever.
If he keeps doing what he's doing he will be the best we who has ever played
He's got the works. Quickness agility everything. Let's go MEGATRON

12Adrian Peterson
After tearing his ACL he has one of the most historic seasons of all time and wins MVP that is something that will never happen
Guys, he used child abuse. It's just stupid.


He should be #6 at least

13Reggie White
He was a machine, he was just unstoppable, he could probably get around anybody, Anthony Munoz, John Hannah anybody. It would be mortifying to see Reggie White looking at you across the line of scrimmage. There would be no use in trying to block the destructive, Reggie White.

14Ladanian Tominson
He's a boss enough said

15Larry Fitzgerald
Best Wide Receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, and was very good in their Super Bowl match against PittsBurgh. He is definitely one of the greatest players of today, deserves a spot in the top 10.
Definitely should be in the top 10, he always catches the ball and he is an amazing Wide Receiver, he got Arizona through to the Super Bowl!
Larry is such a good wide receiver and will catch anything one of the star players of Arizona
[Newest]He will lead the cardinals to the super bowl this year!

16Steve Young

17Ray Lewis
1of the best line backers
Ray Lewis is super good because he might be the best MLB of all time and he might be in the HOF hall of fame he is a big hitter

18Johnny Unitas
Johnny U. Was amazing. If you look at his stats you'd never guess he was though. Pass-interference wasn't invented(my proof, it's called the Mel Blount rule)and very few penalties against the defense was. There were no doubters that Unitas would make the Hall of Fame.

19Dick Butkus
Roses are red, violets are blue, you better keep Butkus away from you. If you've seen him, you've seen players laying on the ground dead. He was the hardest hitter in the history of the game, period. More players would be in the Medical facility after facing the Bears with Butkus on their team than anywhere else.
He is awesome, he should be higher in the ranks and he schooled everybody on defense.

20Deion Sanders
He's a very good corner back no doubt but I think Richard Sherman should be above him not only did he play the NFC championship with excruciating pain in his hand he actually played well. He made an unbelievable clutch interception against san fran he has that really cool swag and athleticism that just can't be taught. Richard Sherman is better look at the numbers even he said that
Greatest corner ever best athlete

21Terrell Owens
He should be in the top five. Don't be mad at a person for speaking his mind. When he found out he's wrong he have came oout and said it, stop HATE people. Terrell Owens
He is an a hole. Should not be on a list of top NFL players
Saying a player isn't great because he *Huurs your feelwings* (the typos are meant to imply your whinyness) isn't a logical argument. Its like saying Hitler or Atilla The Hun were bad at leading because they were evil. I wouldn't put Id say he is good in top 20, he couldn't be top ten because he sabotaged every relationship he ever had with team mates which kinda killed his career (he lasted a long time but he was always changing teams)

22Dan Marino
He should be in the top 10 for sure. come on man!

23John Elway
Has anyone seen him play?
Big time underrated...
Big time overrated.. Montana blew him away twice.. Super Bowl and on Monday night Football...
He won a Super Bowl as the Underdogs

24Don Hutson
He was an unbelievable receiver. Said and done.
has more records than any nfl player

25Randall Cunningham

26Aaron Rodgers
I love Aaron Rodgers so so so so so so so so so so so much he is my favorite player of all time! I am his number 1 fan
This is the #1 quarter back of this decade.

27Emmitt Smith
Emmitt is the all-time leading rusher. Yet, he is underrated. He carried the ball more than any other runningback in history. That is a big accomplishment. Most players careers would end early if they carried the ball as mush as he did! The most durable player ever!
He should be 3 he is the best go cowboys you stick tom brady

28Otto Graham
Graham played in 10 Championship games in his 10 years and won seven of them!
Maybe the Best Ever!

29Michael Vick

30Michael Irvin

31Dick Lane

32Drew Brees
Seriously, he isn't on here? He should be AT LEAST in the top 15. He broke to records set by some of the best hofers ever!


That's it he should be in the top 15
5000+ yards 50+ TD's can't be beaten

33Deacon Jones

34Marvin Harrison

35Odell Beckham Jr.
He's the best rookie wideout ever
I love his catching!

36Richard Sherman

37Brian Urlacher

38Alan Page

39Eli Manning
Wow, Eli is one of the worst QBs to win not one but 2 SBs..

40William Perry

41Bo Jackson
Everybody this guy should be number 1 because he is way better than Jerry Rice

42Terry Bradshaw

43O.J. Simpson
He killed his wife...
Best running back
Size speed cutting ability unmatched

44Robert Griffin III
The fastest the strongest turned a 4-12 teal to a 10-6 team. Qbs don't get much better than this

45DeMarcus Ware

46Reggie Bush

47Sammy Baugh
The inventer of the quarterback position and the first man to actually use the forward pass well, he was also a hall of fame worthy punter and defensive back He is a top 5 qb and a top 5 punter and a top 40 at least probably higher defensive back, show this guy some love!

48Rob Gronkowski
Three words BEST TIGHT END that is all

49Patrick Willis
The best MLB in the NFL today!

50Ray Rice

51Marshawn Lynch

52Kurt Warner

53Troy Polamalu
1 of the best safeties

54Chad Ocho Cinco

55Michael Strahan

56Joe Greene
Joe was a great defensive lineman and is in the HOF he should be top 30
Bruh, this guy is the best defensive tackle in the history of the nfl. He has 4 rings for a reason.

57Joe Namath

58Kyle Orton

59Landon Johnson

60A.J. Green
Best wideout in the nfl

61Shannon Sharpe

62Marion Mötley
Mike Brown commented in a book several years ago that if he were playing today he would be a starter on any team which I believe still stands today!
Greatest full back in NF L history!

63Tony Gonzalez
How is Tebow higher than Tony Gonzalez Gonzalez is the best right end all time

64Art Monk
The guy retired with the the record for most career receptions

65Blaine Gabbert
Solid QB their aren't many with as good of stats as his

66Leon Lett
Solid lineman for the Dallas cowboys helped lead them to superbowls

67Phil Simms
The best Giants QB ever.

68Boomer Esiason
Replacement for Ken Anderson

69Anthony Munoz

70Aaron Curry

71Chris Maragos

72Jerry Rice, Jr

73Bart Starr
Bart Starr won the first 2 Super Bowls by LANDSLIDES
How come he isn't in the top 10
He won the first 2 Super Bowls and CREAMED IN BOTH OF THEM.

74Colin Kaepernick

75Jamaal Charles
He's boss in the clutch

76Ickey Woods
You never put Ickey Woods? The Ickey Shuffle is fabulous!


77MIke Ditka

78Randall Cobb
2nd best receiver on the Packers

79Jordy Nelson
1 of the best receiver

80J. J. Watt

81Gale Sayers

82Jared Allen

83Ed Reed

84Clinton Portis

85Eric Dickerson

86Jim Parker

87Carl Eller

88Arian Foster
He is only 23 and he has a rushing title top running back award he has a lot of potential

89Merlin Olsen

90Charles Haley
Has the most sacks in Super Bowl history. Won the Super Bowl five times.

91Tim Brown
Holds all of the Raiders receiving records.

92Ken Stabler
One of the best QB of the 80s.

93John Lynch

94Ken Anderson
Possibly the best QB of the 70s.

95Randy Gradishar
If you had the most touchdowns in history you would want to be inducted right. That is how Randy Gradishar feels.
Has the most tackles in history.

96Will Shields
Played 15 seasons as a Guard for the Cheifs. He never missed a game
Playing 15 seasons and not missing a game. That is awesome.

97Morten Anderson
The best player at his position definitely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.
The best kicker of all time.

98Jerome Bettis
To me the greatest and biggest RB of all time.

99Curtis Martin

100Christian Ponder
How is he on this list he should be in the garbage

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