Top Ten Greatest NHL Players of 2011


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1Sidney Crosby

he is
beast and will be the best player for a long time

sid the kid is like a king to me. - 2234

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2Alexander Ovechkin

Someone must be a too big Penguins fan to put Ovi at 2 because he is the best hockey player ever

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3Evgeni Malkin
4Henrik Sedin

How the he'll is Crosby number 1 he played like 40 games that's like half the season and Daniel sedan should be number 1 and where the he'll is Tim Thomas he lead the bruins to the cup without him they would not Of one think
Tim Thomas should be number 2 and Daniel should be number 1. Kesler should be like number 6 or 7.

5Steven Stamkos
6Jonathan Toews
7Claude Giroux
8Jason Spezza
9Ryan Miller
10Duncan Keith

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11Lyla Kovulchuk
12Pavel Dastyuk

Have you seen the things that Datsyuk can do? He can pretty much take out a whole team by himself. Not only that, he is arguably the best defensive forward of our generation.

13Ilya Kovalchuk
14Ryan Kesler
15Zdeno Chara

Led the Bruins to win the Stanley cup in 2011

16James Neal
17Daniel Sedin

How could crosby be best when he didn't play half the season? Ovechkin had one good year and hasn't been as good since, and Daniel way outperformmed his brother.

18Alexander Semin
19Kris Letang

Kris Letang is a beast and he is showing that now more than ever with the lack of Crosby.

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1. Evgeni Malkin
2. Sidney Crosby
3. Steven Stamkos



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