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Blizzard Of Ozz
ozzy, s best album to date not saying the other albums are bad the other are great but this album was pure genius with soem of his biggest huts, mr crowley, crazy train and I don't know but the album is one of my fave albums around with the guitar wizard randy rhaods this album proves that ozzy osbourne and randy rhoads were the music group of the 80's RIP randy rhoads
Even though this is Ozzy's first album of his solo career, It is easily my favorite, and Randy was one hell of a guitarist. If he was still alive today, the world would be way better place. Songs like Goodbye to Romance and Mr Crowley really take me back and just into another world. I don't even think there is a song on here that I don't like (I haven't listened to No Bone Movies yet). Every single song is an inspiration to me, and also a piece of magic and hope for me, to hopefully bring back to the world in the future.


So many Great songs in this album. Paranoid comes in as a close second, but this is Ozzy at his best! Although, I did think Revelation was a really weird song. laugh out loud
[Newest]Definitely one of the best in Heavy metal music, why there's sabbath albums here? I mean

2No More Tears
Easily my second favorite Ozzy album, there are a few tracks I haven't heard, but those I have I am utterly in love with. Road to Nowhere was kind of ruined because I was listening to it while I heard of my first death of a loved one, but it is still a fantastic song. Other songs like No More Tears, Mama I'm Comin' Home, and Desire are really fantastic works of art, and like with most BOO tracks, they take me into another world where I can enjoy the nostalgia and hope.


My favorite album by Ozzy Osbourne! I really dig the song Mr. Tinkertrain. The fact that it's about a pedophile sounds a bit sick but it's a kick ass song. Definitely one of my favorites! Besides, it has a good point-be careful in the real world. Even many of the other songs on the album are super great! I love you, Ozzy Osbourne!
My Personal favourite, Ozzy and Zakk Wylde really kick ass! Love the guitar riffs and texts. The best songs are Mr Tinkertrain and No More Tears (IMO).

3Diary Of A Madman
There is no Ozzy release, including anything by Black Sabbath, that can hold a candle to Diary of a Madman. This is my favorite rock and roll album period. Randy Rhoads was such a special talent. Although he only did two albums with Ozzy, we are still talking about him 30 years later. I love Blizzard of Ozz as wel; it is a close second for me. If you like this album, Blizzard of Ozz is a must as well as Sabotage.
This Album is the best its so powerfull randys tone was the best on this... Blizzards right behind it but over the mountain, flying high again, you can't kill rock and roll, believer, little dolls, tonight, S.A.T.O. , Diary of a madman Come on!
That's enough to say: 'Over The Mountain', 'You Can't Kill Rock And Roll', 'S.A.T.O. ' and of course the title song. Randy Rhoads' fantastic riffs and terrific solos makes this album Ozzy Osbourne's best work.


[Newest]Great lyrics, randy was absolutely phenomenal! Love the drums as well

4No Rest for the Wicked
No Rest for the Wicked is the fifth studio album. It was released on September 28, 1988 and was re-issued / remastered on August 22, 1995 and again on June 25, 2002. The album was certified gold in December 1988 and has since gone double platinum.
There is nary a single song on this album that doesn't rock. That is the same definition that Aerosmith Rocks gets. Unreal. Go Ozzy.

5Bark at the Moon
First of all why is there Sabbath albums on this list this isn't the greatest albums by Black Sabbath, second, as great as Blizzard is it is not Ozzy's best album maybe when I was like 15. I can't really determine the best but Bark At The Moon should definitely be in the top 3 just listen to songs like Your No Different, Waiting For Darkness and of course on of my favorite Ozzy songs of all time Rock n' Roll Rebel. Don't vote for popularity vote for quality.
Bark at the Moon is great, with Jake E Lee on guitar, love Rock n Roll Rebel
Should be at #2 and first diary of a madman!

This album is pretty much Black Sabbath's greatest hits and it's one of the most influential albums for heavy metal if not the most influential.

Songs like War Pigs, Iron Man and Paranoid are some of the best songs in all of heavy metal. Ozzy and Sabbath at their best.
Ozzy albums no black sabbath, you fools
Eeeh, what is this doing here? This is a list of the best SOLO albums by Ozzy, not albums he recorded with bands. So this should be removed.

I think everything that the man has done was masterpiece starting with Fabolous all the way up to his solo career I really don't think he's had a bad albumno bark at the moon and the ultimate sin wasn't his strongest but there was still some awesome songs on therenot like some bands you get one maybe two songs and rest album sucks ass I think I'll see the masterpiece I hope he keeps rocking it till they dies I seen him in Black Sabbath out here in California about 2 months ago and it was awesome
One of the finest metal albums in the world. Should be higher up
In my opinion his greatest album.

8The Ultimate Sin
This is definitely an underrated album and Jake E. Lee is one hell of a guitarist but I'm still conflicted on what album is Ozzy's greatest it's either The Ultimate Sin, Diary of a Madman, or No Rest For the Wicked I'm still not quite sure, but what I am sure of is that Blizzard of Ozz is not his greatest, in fact in my opinion the only truly great song off it that I'm not tired of is I Don't Know. I remember when I first started listening to Ozzy I thought that Blizzard of Ozz was the greatest especially because of Crazy Train, so I asked a well known Ozzy fan what he thought about Blizzard and he said, "Nah there's better". I was in utter shock at the time but now I understand.
The best Ozzy album to date. At least has the best guitar work.
So underated, it's a great album!
Jake Lee is the best too.
Alright, Ozzy doesn't like this album, but his mind is totaly messed up too :P
Don't dare to call yourself an Ozzy fan if you don't have this.
All of Ozzy's albums are fantastic but I gotta give the vote to The Ultimate Sin, just listen to songs like Killer of Giants, Fool Like You, Lightning Strikes and the title track and I'll have to say no more.
[Newest]This album usually forgotten because of the horrible job by the producer, but if it weren't for that incident it would definitely be considered one of the best.

Highly under rated! Love Ghost behind my eyes and thunder underground
I just want you... Perry Mason. Pretty amazing songs.
How can this album not be in a higher hank?
[Newest]Ozzy + Geezer + Zakk = great songs

10Black Rain
Very very good songs, well planned, hats off ozzy! I am waiting for your new album. I hope this album will have a very good position. "Not going away", "Lay your world on me", The almighty dollar" and "Here for you" are absolutely good and pleasant songs. Keep it up Ozzy
Very underrated album the almighty dollar and countdowns begun should both be in memoirs of a madman

The Contenders

11Master Of Reality
Even though it's Black Sabbath, it's the best.
From a time when metal was still taking shape, "Master of Reality" would probably be the most unforgettable, genre defining album to come out in the 70s.
My favourite album, great ambient

12Down to Earth
Down to Earth is the eighth studio album by British heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. Released on 16 October 2001, the album reached number 19 on the UK Albums Chart and number four on the US Billboard 200 albums chart. Down to Earth spawned just two singles, although both reached the top-ten of the US Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and reached number 18 on the UK Singles Chart. The album was certified Platinum and has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide.

Tribute is a live album by heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. The album was released on March 19, 1987, It was reissued on August 22, 1995 and again remastered and reissued in 2002

14Black Sabbath, Vol.4

15Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
This is a killer album, and to me stands next to Sabotage and Paranoid as the best of Black Sabbath. After a shaky Vol. 4, (though not lacking moments of incredible talent) Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is a staple. The title track is full and throaty hinging on the older days of Paranoid. "Killing yourself to live" kicks off the "B" side of the album and goes into "who are you" a standout performance of head nodding into a strange slower song. A unique moment for Sabbath.

Oh and some amazing cover art done by the renown Drew Struzan, known for his Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie posters.

An overall great production.
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album is the fifth studio album by the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath and Ozzy osbourne, released in December 1973.

16The Ozzman Cometh
Besides the fact that the earliest known recordings of Black Sabbath is on this album it also contains Back On Earth which is not only an unbelievable song but this is the only album that you can find that particular song.

Album release in year 1975 and is a mix of heavy, powerful songs such as "Hole in the Sky" and "Symptom of the Universe", and softer experimental songs such as "Supertzar" and "Am I Going Insane (Radio)". The title of the latter caused some confusion due to the "(Radio)" part, which led people to believe the song was a radio cut or radio version. However, this is the only version of the song: the term "radio-rental" is rhyming slang for "mental".[3]

"The Writ" was one of only a handful of Black Sabbath songs to feature lyrics composed by vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, [4] who typically relied on bassist Geezer Butler for lyrics. The song was a response to the frustrations Osbourne felt at the time, as Black Sabbath's former management were suing the band after having been fired.[4] At one point during recording, a representative of their former management entered the studio and served the band a writ to appear in court.[4] During this period, the band began to question if there was any point to recording albums and touring endlessly "just to pay the lawyers".

I love this album. Black Sabbath did an excellent job on this one. I let my uncle borrow it one time and he liked it too. They still got it!

19Just Say Ozzy
Ozzy himself says that the version of Shot in the Dark on this album is his favorite version, not to mention it's Zakk Wylde's first official live album.

20Speak of the Devil
This is a Jewel with sarzo, gillis and aldridge includes the darkest and baddest version of the black sabbath song sounds infernal and that solos of gyllis are the best!

21Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
This album started metal


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