Greatest Ozzy Osbourne Songs

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The Top Ten

Crazy Train
The greatest riff and solo of any of his songs by far, but most of the credit for that goes to Randy Rhoads. RR for ever! RR and OO were one of the best music duos ever.
OZZY is amazing and this one of my favorite solos so far I've heard so way to go ozzy he is kick ass man!
But its only the best because I don't think you should count black sabbath songs... They werent just his!


[Newest]I like this song a lot, but my sister is crazy about this song! I play it for her everyday. Me and my sister love ozzy!

2Mr. Crowley
Best solo ever! Randy Rhoads bring a live to this song, RIP Randy Rhoads!


Come on, the solos man, the solos. This is a real masterpiece
Solo is one of the greatest, also love the ending solo
RIP Randy Rhoads
[Newest]One of the best solos ever

3Bark at the Moon
It's just such a great song! Ozzy isn't a satanist by the way, you need to get your facts right.


The 2nd best solo behind mr. crowley :)
Great riff from jake e lee.. loves the pre-solo riff
Excellent song and video!
[Newest]This should be at #1.

4Mama, I'm Coming Home
Some of the greatest lyrics ever conceived, Mama, I'm Coming Home is one of the most under-rated songs ever written. It's rare that you fine meaning this profound in a song. It's quite the feat writing a song as deep as this one, and Ozzy pulls it off as if it's nothing. This in my opinion, is his bests song. Songs like Crazy Train, while still featuring profound lyrics and meaning are simply nothing compared to songs such as Mama, I'm Coming Home and Changes.
this song gives me goosebumps.
Really Nice song..! One thing I would like to say is I don't understand songs like iron man and paranoid being on 3-4.. Either don't put them on ozzy's list or if they're there it should be on top of the list.. There is no comparison even between iron man and crazy train
[Newest]Good lyrics, very good orchestration, heart touching.

5No More Tears
Should be in the top 5 - really good guitar solo by Zakk Wylde


It's a masterpiece from the wicked bass groove by Mike Inez to Zakk Wylde blowing my mind with his playing to Ozzy singing menacingly incredible, just incredible.
No More Tears is Ozzy's masterpiece of the 90's. This song was made during the height of Ozzy's Career when he had Zakk Wylde. The 80's started off great of Ozzy until the passing of the legend Randy Rhoads. Jake E Lee did a good job as it seemed he tried to follow in Randy's steps but everyone has their own style. When Zakk came along in No Rest For The Wicked or NRFTW; this rejuvenated Ozzy like how Dio rejuvenated 'Sabbath.
[Newest]This song makes me falling in love with Ozzy

6Diary of a Madman
Clearly the best song lyrically and musically and sabbath songs don't count! Even if they did id still pick this
I remember playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the original Xbox with my dad's User Track Player when I was little, and this was the song I heard the most, along with Waiting for Darkness, I by Black Sabbath, and Invisible by Dio. These became my childhood songs, but this was the one I liked most. And Ozzy said himself that this was his most favorite personal work of his solo band, and who is there to disagree?
Just a strong song begining to end. Powerful and VERY OZZY! A glimpse into his inner mind and

7Iron Man
First The riff is the coolest one,
Second the song is used for Iron Man Movie
Third the song is the best
this song's great man ozzy's best song ever
Its awesome just amazing! Ozzy is rock god and thts for sure. this song is one the best songs of black sabbath!
[Newest]One word to this song: EPIC!

8I Don't Wanna Stop
He did this for WWE Judgement day 2007 Theme Song
This really gets through to me and really gets me pumped because this is one of the best songs iv'e ever heard in my entire life and the best song for both lyrics and the instruments
a great song, from a great artist
[Newest]Epic Song and one of my favorites. Ozzy Osbourne is definitely one of the best musicians that ever lived! He was born to rock!

9Let Me Hear You Scream
My personal favorite. I think it should be much higher on the list but its less popular than most of his music and there for less people vote for it even though it has awesome guitar and awesome vocals that make you want to rock out hard core!
Telling you that ozzy will not fade
and he's a legend
and then he said "Who The F is Justin Bieber? "
now that's what I called True legend!
This song kicks ass plain and simple. It one of the best metal songs ever it epitomizes ozzy's craziness and raw talent
[Newest]The best of him

One of the best rhythm and chorus. Its a unforgetable song for listeners. One of the best rock songs ever made. It makes you remember the. Old days.
This song and crazy train is the best, they are both great. I favor this song though. I just wish perry mason would be higher
Another one of my favorites. It's also been done by motorhead. But Ozzy does it better!

The Contenders

11Shot In the Dark
The Sabbath songs should not be on here, and this should be way higher.
Awesome song! Its one of my absolute favorite ozzy songs ever, I love the sound of this song in general!
Just have loved this song since the first moment I downloaded it - a super track! Very catchy indeed, memorable, excellent musically, very 80s, clever, great guitar with good bass and backing drums - it's a song that has it all and features Ozzy at his absolute best!
Shot in the dark is an absolute classic and had ozzy's best lineup with castillo, lee, and soussan!
[Newest]This song has such a dark and cool rhythm to it. Also the chorus is killer. It personally my favorite Ozzy song and has a great really cool music video to go along with it.

One of the most important songs in metal history.
Paranoid is the best heavy metal song and guitar riff, is just amazing and will be at number 1 very fast because it deserve it
I've been a huge fan of Ozzy's for a few months now. He's a brilliant musician. I love him. Paranoid is definitely, absolutely, by far, without a doubt, the BEST song of Ozzy's. I am truly in love with Paranoid. I also love "Crazy Train" and "I don't wanna stop". Paranoid rocks!

Don't understand why this one isn't in the top ten. Just listen to it and realize this song is awesome
One of ozzys best song... Should be on top 10...
Beatiful heavy metal song
[Newest]Beautiful song... My favourite song of ozzy after Mama I am coming home

14Road to Nowhere
Best song! Hands down. Zakk on guitar and off of one of Ozzy's best albums No More Tears.
An epic masterpiece and it's based on Ozzy's own life.

15Over the Mountain
Should definitely be in the top ten. One of my favorite songs by Ozzy. Should be in the top ten if not the top five. Has an epic drum intro and chugging riff. The solo starts at 2:29 and is probably one most memorable solos by Randy Rhoads and is a epic opener for his final album with Ozzy. This song raps up with a final solo similar to the first but with a more concluding finish.
30 years later this one still rips. Long live Randy Rhoads!
Totally agree should be way higher. Such a great song
[Newest]Man, this songs mean so much to me..

16Goodbye to Romance
Definitely on my top ten list... Beautiful song, there ain't anything like this out there... Love the kind of person Ozzy is.
Why the hell is this song this low?! This song belongs to the top ten list!
The words are beautiful. The third best song by Ozzy Osbourne in my opinion!
No need for long explanation: melodic tunes, good lyrics and of course Randy Rhoads' great guitar solo.


17Flying High Again
Flying high again was awesome because it was 3 songs in one with all the riff change and randy is good on this
One of Ozzy's true classic songs, with some excellent shredding from the late Randy Rhoads!


18See You On the Other Side
This song should be number one in my opinion this is the song of my life best son ever launched it really enters your head

19Perry Mason
Ridiculous subject for a metal song, but this really is one of Ozzy's greatest tunes. Overblown keyboard intro and riff, catchy verse and possibly the biggest chorus in the world... Ever. Fat production and some swift noodling from old Zakk. WE NEED PERRY MASON!
Sheesh, this song wasn't even on the list. Oh well, it's the best song he's done.
This just cooked. Ozzie just Wales.

20I Just Want You
Just one of the greatest sounding songs that Ozzy did. It is both uplifting and depressing. A love song, a song about life. A true inspiration. It has never gotten the credit it truly deserves. Very powerful.
A "after thoughtful" and powerful song, with full of feelings.
This song is full of feelings.

21Revelation (Mother Earth)
I just have to say, this is my favorite Ozzy song. It is highly underrated and relatively unknown. Perry Mason is my second and then Killer of Giants.


What I thought this was supposed to be a fan favorite!
Love this song. Why? Its a guitar driven piece thru and thru. Listen to Randys guitar work here its just amazing.
Its the perfect blend of rock and classical.

22Bloodbath In Paradise

Awesome song by the Prince of Darkness. And it's off of one of his best albums. I love this song. Should be in the top 5!
Amazing Zakk riff, vocals, melody, and solo. Amazing song.
For the love of Rock, no way this isn't top 10.

24I Don't Know
One of the best opening tracks on any albums, as well as one of the best metal songs ever in my opinion
I think this song fell this far because it comes before crazy train. Far too good to be down here.
What a way to kick off the Blizzard Of Ozz album!

25Mr. Tinkertrain
Mr. Tinkertrain is definitely one of Ozzy Osbourne's best hits! It's got kick ass guitar riffs and although it's technically about a pedophile, it's just a great song! Plus, it warns you to be careful in the real world because you never know what people are really like. This song definitely deserves to be in the top 10!
This is my second comment, but it's just because I love this song. It's got killer guitar riffs and it warns us to be careful in the real world. This should be in the top ten. It totally deserves more credit than this.

26Gets Me Through
Great song with a fabulous intro and lyrics. This masterpiece has a very decent rhythm and a message to humanity. It talks about every artist having an image for stage.
Good intro and great song so under rated. Should see it live on budokan.

27Mississippi Queen
Did an excellent job on this classic. The only Ozzy song I like.


28Suicide Solution
What are you people crazy? One of the most memorable and controversial songs in all of Metal history and it is not even close to top ten? Perhaps there are too many Sabbath songs here. I thought this was a Ozzy solo top 10 list not a Ozzy/Sabbath list. These sabbath songs don't belong here because they spoil the songs he did as a solo artist that deserve to be in the top ten. Also did any one listen to "Facing Hell", don't see that one listed?
Whoa, this should be higher or maybe it's just cause anything by Ozzy will rock! "Now you live inside the bottle, The reapers traveling at full throttle.." This hits heavy, man, and strangely there's a sense of poetic beauty to the entire song.
This was a hard choice, 'because Ozzy has loads of good songs on this list.
I chose this one because it was low on the list- and it was the first Ozzy song I heard.

29Back on Earth
This is my favorite Ozzy song. I know it might not be the most popular but I thought it would be much higher. It had a music video and was fairly popular in the late 90's.

30Breakin' All the Rules
Awesome song should be top 10.
This list needs: Thunder underground, hellraiser, suicide solution ("ENJOY life"), See you on the other side(great song), I don't wanna change the world(And I don't want the world to change me) also war pigs!

31You Can't Kill Rock and Roll
Gee what a surprise, Crazy Train #1. Listen just because a song is over-played doesn't necessarily make it good. Yeah I thought Crazy Train was awesome too when I was like 15, but now that I've grown as a true music listener not to motion an Ozzy fan for the past 25 years I can tell you there is a lot of amazing Ozzy songs but the best of them all is You Can't Kill Rock n' Roll, try listening to it I mean really listening.
I agree that Ozzy has many great songs, but Crazy Train ISN'T bad. In fact, it's one of his best. And I love that song. And apparently, I'm not the only one. He's got MANY great hits!
There's a lot of great Ozzy songs but none greater than this one, just listen to it and you will see.
There are too many great Ozzy songs to mention but I'm disappointed to see this song at #29 when it should be #1
[Newest]Greatest Ozzy song period.

32Rocky Mountain Way

33Secret Loser
This song is the best post-Randy Rhoads song and is a great driving songs.

34Killer of Giants
Rockin' rock song of rockin' proportions!


It might be pushing it a bit bit I think this song
Deserves a top 10 spot

35War Pigs
The opening tunes in this song are kind of chilling, but that's half the reason it's such a great song. And it gives us a taste of how evil war and murder really is. Deserves more credit!
I think tony iommi should get more credit to this song not ozzy, tony formed it and wrote this song. But I still like ozzy's and dio's versions of this awesome song of the 70's to the 80's.
How can you tell me this song isn't in the top ten

36Born to Be Wild

37Close My Eyes Forever

38Latimer's Mercy

39Crazy Babies

40Trap Door

41The Almighty Dollar
Greatest Ozzy Osbourne song hands down. Reflecting on how screwed up the world is all because of money. Great lyrics and riffs.

42Thunder Underground
Should be in the top 5. one of the best hard rock songs from ozzy

43Walk On Water
Why is this list full with Black Sabbath's song? And where is S.A.T.O. ?

44Ghost Behind My Eyes
I LOVE THIS SONG. Enough said

45Purple Haze
This was originally a Jimi Hendrix song.

46Lightning Strikes

47Miracle Man

48Facing Hell
Come on I can't believe this song is so under rated its one of the best and meaning full songs of ozzy

An amazing song that when you first hear it, without a doubt it'll stick with you, Ozzy's vocals are awesome and Wylde's guitar's electric, before you know it you'll be headbanging. Long live the Prince of Darkness!
Fantastic! Is undoubtedly Ozzy's best song.
The most underrated song by far. This song rips your ears apart and gets your heart pounding!

50Symathy for the Devil

51So Tired

52Black Rain
This is my all time favorite ozzy osbourne song ever I don't know why its not up higher on the list


53Steal Away (The Night)

54You Lookin' at Me Lookin at You

55Tattooed Dancer

56The Ultimate Sin

5711 Silver

Second longest song ever!

A betaiful metalsong from ozzy newest album, clear singing voice, good sound and rhythm
Beatiful metal song from the newest album that ozzy osbourne has created

60Here for You

What an underrated song! Give it a listen, and you will probably agree.
Shouldn't be this far back not well known but still a great song
An under rated Ozzy masterpiece!

62Love You All
Masterpiece from Ozzy osbourne, could be suitable to publish in a 12 inch maxi version, but with the mind not to "destroy the song"
Beatiful metal song from newest album that ozzy has created

63Old L.A.Tonight
Best Romantic song of Ozzy. "I'm falling to pieces, pieces..." keep on Rock N' Roll! M/

64I Don't Want to Change the World
How has no one added this yet? It's so fantastic... I'd just want to sing it to people who I hate.
Great song from No More Tears!

65Let It Die
Badass song! Needs to be higher on the list!
It should be in the top 10 awesome lyrics!

66Life Won't Wait
Masterpiece from the artist, could be suitable to publish in a 12 inch maxi version, but with the mind not to "destroy the song"
Amazing song that makes a perfect couple along with "Time" (equally underrated) from the same album.
An exceptional track - massively underrated!

67Fire In the Sky
This is my favorite solo Ozzy song ever.

Best song off "No rest for the wicked."
Should be in first 10


69I Want It More

70You're No Different

71The Liar
An excellent album closer for the ozzman! I could listen to this song all day non stop! The sound and lyrics fit really well, and make the album good.

You totally feel the soul of te legendary randy rhoads


74Crucify the Dead

75Little Dolls

76Zombie Stomp
One of my favorite Ozzy Osbourne songs and one of the best songs from No More Tears. Anyone who doesn't agree is insane. I love the rhythm that this song has and it's a song you can really move to. I love it!

77Waiting for Darkness
Underrated song from the "Bark At The Moon" album
Should be in first 10!

78Centre of Eternity

79Devil's Daughter
How was this not on the list? It should be in the top 30 at least.


81Rock N Roll Rebel


83No Bone Movies



86Running Out of Time

87God Is Dead


89Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N.)

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