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21Saint-Saens - Piano Concerto No.5 'Egyptian'

The most beautiful first movement, gives me goosebumps every time!
2nd movement with nice exotic element.
3rd movement how exciting is this? Love it love it! Especially the recap!

A supremely magnificent, yet underrated concerto.

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22Bach's Concerto I in D minor, BWV 1052V3 Comments
23Saint-Seans - Piano Concerto No. 2

Underrated as usual with saint saens
I am never tired of listening to it

My favourite and one of the best (in my humble opinion) piano concertos of all time.
The opening cadenza in G minor is astonishing.
Perfect structure

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24Shostakovich Piano Concerto No. 2
25Mozart Piano Concerto no.25 in C

This concerto by Mozart is in my humble opinion "a symphony with piano". Why? Because the Mozart's Piano Concerto no.25 in C major has a symphonic temperament similar to 41 th symphony called "Jupiter". In fact, the Mozart's Piano Concerto no.25 in C major has a pompous and joy taste like said symphony 41 th. One of the best piano concertos by Mozart along to 20, 21, 22, 24, 26 and 27.

My favorite concerto by Mozart. It starts with the most stirring power of his concertos. The power of it just blows me away.

Absolutely and it has so many motifs but it is the shadesof dark and light that make it unique

26Kachaturian Piano Concerto

Great balance of melody and dissonance. A powerful force.

An Armenian concerto

27Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 1

A short but thunderous - and extremely difficult - piano concerto by the master Sergej.
Should be in this list, so much underrated

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28Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 25
29Bortkiewicz Piano Concerto no. 1
30Bartok - Piano Concerto No.3
31J Joe Townley's Second Piano Concerto

Every movement has a beautiful theme in it, sometimes several. It's unlike anything I've ever heard in today's era of atonal noise. If you want a piano concerto that hearkens back to Rachmaninoff with his lush orchestration, big bold sounds and virtuoso piano writing definitely listen to this masterpiece. Incredible, totally beautiful piano concerto!

I love the orchestration and the virtuosic piano passages!

The Finale to Townley's Concerto No 2 is so grandiose in its scope and layout I doubt anything like it has been heard since the Brahms' 1st Concerto. I didn't realize until three minutes into the Finale that my jaw had dropped to the ground, and the recap is even more spectacular than the opening. I have listened to many modern atonal piano concertos. Most are junk. Townley's is the first I have heard that I would truly call "great". A certifiable masterpiece.

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32Liszt - Piano Concerto No.2

Incredibly underrated! It's a perfect blend of tranquility and madness.

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33Poulenc's Concerto for two Pianos and Orchestra

A wonderful piece that combines energetic playfulness and soaring melodies.

34Wojciech Kilar - Piano Concerto No. 1
35Poulenc's Piano Concerto
36Bortkiewicz Piano Concerto No. 2
37Paderewski Piano Concerto A Minor Op.17

Superb, extraordinary, beautiful but yet forgotten, very sad

38Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F

This was Yuna Kim's figure skating music at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

Anyways, this is a beautiful concerto, combination of both jazzy elements, chromaticism, and romantic lyricism. If I could sum it up in one word, I would say: "Inspirational" or "Uplifting".

39Dohnanyi Piano Concerto No. 1

One of the best openings!

40Mendelssohn - Piano Concerto No. 2
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