Greatest Portuguese Football Players of All Time

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21 Bento

great keeper great Euro Cup in 1984 so shame he has died

I was born in the same town great Soccer player.

22 Manuel Fernandes

Fernandes is best player

23 João Vieira Pinto

One of the best would have succeeded in any country was the only good player in bad benfica teams what he did to sporting was the best game by anyone

24 Fernando Peyroteo

The best goalscorer in the history of football. Score an average of almost 2 goals per game. But no one remembers him because he played in the 40's, in the age of World War, and when there's no T.V. , World Cup, Champions League...

No doubt portugals best scorer with 635 goals in 393 games compared to Eusebio's 638 goals in 614 games giving Peyroteu 1.62 goal medium per game amazing compared to Eusebio's 1.04

25 Hélder Postiga V 2 Comments
26 Fernando Gomes
27 Matateu

The terror of goalkeepers

28 Pedro Barbosa

Pedro Barbosa Was The Best No Doubts

29 João Resende Alves
30 Carlos Secretario
31 Jorge Andrade
32 Simao Sabrosa
33 Joao Moutinho Joao Moutinho V 1 Comment
34 Jordao
35 Humberto Coelho
36 Andre Santos
37 Andre Andre

He turns up in big games

38 Nuno Valente
39 Manuel Bento

The best Portuguese Goal Keeper ever

40 Rui Patrício
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