Greatest Pro Wrestlers of the '90s


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The Top Ten

Stone Cold

No he is not. In 1991 he had to have help from ric flair and a steel chair to pin Hogan for the title. then Hogan got if back five nights later. Mean Mark is a bully, I don't care what kind of a reputation he has around that locker room. He is an angel of satan.

3Bret Hart

4Shawn Michaels


6Ric Flair
Is there really any competition

7Scott Hall

8Hulk Hogan
Left WWE went to wcw first match won wcw title by the end of the 90's he was a five time WWE champ and a five time wcw champ who else could do that.
Hulk hogan 1990 see yeah

9Mr. Perfect


The Contenders

11The Rock

12Ultimate Warrior


14Road Warrior Hawk

15Road Warrior Animal

16Chris Benoit

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