Top Ten Greatest Rap Albums

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1611992 - The Game
162Still Brazy - YG
163Big Baby D.R.A.M. - D.R.A.M.
164Life Goes On - Trae
165Blackout! - Method Man & Redman
166Doctor's Advocate - The Game

Really this album is a credit to the streets and is probably the last gangsta rap album that has gotten up there

167Camp - Childish Gambino

I didn't like it at first but it really grew on me after a while, everything is good except "Heartbeat" that song sucks and is way too pop

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168The Last Chair Violinist - South Park Mexican

South park Mexican is a poet. Not only one the greatest Mexican rappers but one of the greatest rappers period. He is extremely underrated (probably due to the fact that he is not African-American) FREE SPM!

169Full Clip - Gang Starr

A decade of hits made by the lyrical genuis guru and best producer of all time dj premier - QB

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170The Fix - Scarface

Should be higher up on the list.

171It's On 187um Killa - Eazy-EV2 Comments
172Long.Live.A$ap - A$AP Rocky

Great debut album should be higher

This is top notch, how is it all the way down here? But the real question, where is Live. Love. A $AP?

173Goblin - Tyler the Creator
174Real Brothas - B. G Knocc Out & Dresta

One of the most underrated G-Funk albums of all time, no joke

175Dare Iz a Darkside - Redman
176Paperwork - T.I.V1 Comment
177If You're Reading This It's Too Late - Drake

This has to be higher, drake exploded after this

178Endtroducing - DJ Shadow

200? This is a perfect album

179Sex Packets - Digital Underground

Personally, I think this should be in at least the top 20. - jack2244

180Doris - Earl SweatshirtV1 Comment
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