Greatest Rock Bands Of The 21st Century

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Linkin Park
In a world were hip hop is mainstream, they've found a way to convert rap fans to Linkin Park fans by having hip hop elements in a rock band and at the same time impressing hard-core rock fans too. While A Thousand Suns might have been a bit of disappointment for many it was still great music, just a whole lit different from what they had done in the past. But they've said that in they're upcoming album (which will hopefully come out this year) they're getting back to their roots. Linkin Park is without a doubt the best of the 21st century, and is the band to watch in 2012.
All 4 albums are amazing. People curse A Thousand Suns but it is as good as Hybrid theory.
[Newest]They are the greatest band in the world their songs are the best
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2Green Day
Green Day truly is one of the best rock bands out there. Personally, they're my favourite band. They were excellent when 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours came out all the way up to their most recent albums Uno! Dos! And Tre! The band knows how to make the most poetic lyrics like Redundant and Wake Me Up When September Ends and Last Night on Earth as well as loud political songs like American Idiot Holiday and Know the Enemy. Green Day also influenced lots of bands during the 90s and songs like When I come around, brain stew, basket case! And Longview are very catchy. Green Day is amazing. all albums.
None compares green day but if linkin park is there than I have no objection cause both are heart beats of rock music and I always think what would happen if linkin park and green day combines actually they are the best in there fields and and the lyrics and music of green day and the effects of linkin park hat's off to them
The best band ever to be formed love everything about them their music their lyrics The emotions in the song because of them only I can say punk I'd not dead American Idiot and 21st century breakdown are epic album green day forever
[Newest]Green Day is the kind of modern rock band that will live on. That's what makes them stand out. They started am era and experimented with so many styles. Call them whatever genre you will, but to me, all of their albums are truly punk rock.

3Avenged Sevenfold
A7X is not only the best band of 21st century. They are the best metal band of all time. This band have many talented guys like REV the Sullivan. RIP A7X can be easily number 1. A7X ROCKS for ever
Its the most awesome metal rock band.. Although they were now without my idol The Rev, they still good with Arin.. I love you guys
I used to not listen to any rock music, but Avenged Sevenfold got me hooked. I've listened to all their songs, can't even decide a favorite. They're all amazing. The thing that makes them so amazing is that there are some Hard Rock bands, some Heavy Metal bands, some slow rock bands, and then there's Avenged Sevenfold which combines it all into one amazing band.

I think Muse is far better than Linkin Park or Green Day. Muse is amazing, funny and a-muse-ing.
Bellamy's voice is exquisite, along with his guitar playing ability. Their music is heavy, without being too hardcore. Their lyrics are very meaningful, mostly about resistance, rebellion, and true and eternal freedom. Muse is amazing. 'enough said.
I just love them so much - all their songs in their albums are amazing! I listen to them everyday and don't seem to get enough of their marvelous unique sound, and I can't wait for their next project!
[Newest]Way better than A7X, Green Day or linkin park (though I do lobe those bands dearly)

5Three Days Grace
Three days grace are the gods of rock no better band true pure rock linkin parks getting too techno and avenged sevenfold should be classified under metal
Meaningful lyrics and kick ass instrumental. Their new album is amazing "transit of venus"
This is the greatest rock band of the 21st century with all its albums being very consistent.

6My Chemical Romance
They are amazing, I love them gerard has a super great voice, plus it can make you feel the song and its lyrics really make sense, besides that his music is very contagious
I can honestly say that My Chemical Romance saved my life. There are no words to describe the feeling I get when I listen to their music. Their lyrics are just so real.. I've never loved any band as much as My Chemical Romance. And all the member are very talented and special in their own ways.
My Chemical Romance have saved so many lives across their career! Why aren't they higher up on this list? Their songs aren't just beautiful, haunting, original pieces of music, they're always a way for people to escape and be told that everything will be okay.
[Newest]In my opinion, My Chemical Romance should be number one on this list. Not only is their music good, they have vivid and powerful lyrics that almost anyone can relate to. My Chemical Romance's core strength is their lyrics itself.

730 Seconds to Mars
This band just keeps getting better and better: they have elevated the level of rock performances and had escalated it a new high level of philosophic and meaningful song-writing.
30 seconds to mars are incredible, Jared Leto is a great frontman and they have released awesome songs like 'from yesterday', 'the kill' 'a beautiful lie' and many many more. They also have epic videos, they deserve 1st place.!
30 seconds to mars are amazing - proud echelon I am! :) love how they change their genre and their music is amazing, love these guys so much, their songs are powerful and not a pile of bs like many popular music of the 21st centruy that only 12 year olds like. 30 Seconds to Mars for the kill!
[Newest]Yeah pure rock... They just rock!

Amazing band. I love everything about their music. There will never be another band like them. Isn't there any maggots on this site?
If you're 555 I'm 666.
Slipknot are the best band ever if you want hardcore look for slipknot MAGGOTS FOR LIFE

9Red Hot Chili Peppers
simply brillant! they released songs such as californication that are internationally recognised. Just listen to them performing live and yo will just know what rocking is about! Long life to Anthony, Flea, John and Chad.
Simply the best! No band is so revolutionary and unique as RHCP. Their style has changed quiet a bit since they started, but it's for the better! By the way.. (no pun intended) WHAT IS THIS DOING ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE!?!? GREEN DAY is above them? What? Green day is a very typical boy band with no originality AT ALL. RHCP deserves a top ten place AT THE VERY LEAST.
The best band I have ever heard, and I have a very open mind when it comes to music but no bands have quite captured my attention and admiration like RHCP all I have to say for this band is they are the best band to ever walk this earth! RHCP FOREVER!

10Breaking Benjamin
Derserve a lot more credit than they get, Phobia is one the greatest albums of the last decade. From So Cold to Diary Of Jane to Give Me A Sing, each of their albums has had great songs with true meaning.


This list seems to have been created by a high school girl, anyone ever heard of Alice in chain? Guns N Roses? How bout Pearl jam? Seether? Wow! Anyway Breaking Benjamin and 3 days grace seem to be the best this top 10 has to offer
Are you kidding me... Breaking Benjamin is BEST. Deserve to be #1. Songs like Dear Agony, Anthem of the Angels, Give Me A Sign are great songs with true meaning.

The Contenders

11Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy is the type of band that is your favourite for a while and makes you want to play their music over and over again. Then you slowly grow out of them until you hear "Sugar We're Going Down" on the radio and you go crazy because you remember how much you love them.
Fall out boy is back together
They are so great, please get back together boys
[Newest]Forever and ever, love these guys. Deserves #1!

12Rise Against
Best punk band around and they deserve the number 1spot. Them or Alter Bridge
Everyone so to shallow minded to know of all the great bands like rise against, korn and rob zombie
Definitely deserve to be higher up on this list! Extremely well written songs with lyrics that actually mean something!

Their music is great n different from the other bands, I love linkin park and 30 seconds to mars also, but hearing Amy Lee's voice is amazing
Evanescence brings a unique style of Rock music with every album they make, providing classical, metal, and electronic influences led by the powerful vocals of Amy Lee. Their most recent album, 'Evanescence', released in 2011, is as fantastic and memorizing as ever, and never cease to amaze me with their composition in every song. I always look forward to every new piece of content from each of the members and will support them until the end.
Amy lee has the best voice ever, everything about them is amazing, love, energy, good lyrics, vocals, instrumental, everything about evanescence is simply AMAZING!
[Newest]The best band ever!

They are the most successful post grunge band and for a reason, they are so diverse in rock genres ranging from hard rock/metal songs to ballads and post grunge/grunge songs... Chad has an insane voice and he makes up the greatest lyrics and they got the billboard award for the best band for a reason! And that reason is that they're the best
Best live band I've seen, seen them 4 times and never disappoint, everyone needs to stop thinking there bad cause of the singles they release and check out songs like follow you home, just to get high, something in your mouth and midnight queen
Look at this photograph now!
[Newest]Despite having negative songs back during 2000-2010, they are improving fast

Dude blink got me through some tuff times. They are literally the best band in the history of life itself I love their lyrics hands down they are number 1
They are the idols of many bands that are named here. Blink are just the best
Blink 182 is the best. The drums are so tight, and Adam's Song is a work of art

16System of a Down
First album is hardcore, than the second album was their best album, (toxicity, chop suey), then their leaked album(toxicity ll) was renamed with Steal This Album, Then their double album, Mezmerize/Hypnotize, they won a Grammy for Song BYOB... And so more, Nowadays they are touring around a globe... And they will make another album around 2013
System of a down is just the greatest band when you hear a song from them you know its them because they have this unique sound that rocks witch brings a sing of relief cause they don't sound like any other bands they are different from the rest and better then the best
The best band ever. All songs by System of a down are special. They always can fix my mood, just listen one song and I'm happy person. I just love them!

17Simple Plan
Simple Plan is one of the greatest band ever! There music is just so awesome! They deserve to be in top 10!
Undoubtedly the best! There is sense in every song they release.. wonder why it is not in the top ten..
The greatest band ever! It should at least be in the top 5.

18Bon Jovi
I know most of his songs are 80s songs but he is still one of the greatest rock and roll artists of all time. I love his music. His best songs are livin on a prayer and it's my life. I don't get why he is not even in the top 20 in this list. When will the minimum quantity reach.
What This is my 2nd favorite band ever


IT is one of the best

Excuse me, 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse. You are standing in the way of the true biggest Rock Band today! Paramore deserves to be on top, not just because of Hayley's awesome voice and equally awesome hair, but because of their songs that reflect the feelings of teenagers in the present generation. Now, please step aside because PARAMORE IS THE ONLY TRULY AT THE #1 SPOT.
My favourite band is in 17th place its not possible... Best vocals by Hayley, best music by Taylor and Jeremy... Its should be at no... Green day is good band but not better than paramore... All albums are good and my favorite album brand new eyes... So please vote for paramore it really deserve number 1 place...
They had a break-up but they stayed strong and released a new song in 2011. "Monster" was part of the Transformers Movie soundtrack and was a youtube hit.
[Newest]Paramore are perfect so move over Green Day bloody hell

This is one uniquely talented band who have managed to break stereotypes around bands with Christian members. John Cooper is an excellent bassist/singer/songwriter with a very talented couple of ladies to back him up. Their lead guitarist Seth Morrison is very good, too. Listen to Circus For A Psycho if you don't believe me. Great lyrics and powerful music is what they stand for.
WHOA!... I just checked all d bands above skillet and none, not even 1 of dem can beat dis band. Hero, awake and alive, rebirthing, comatose, rise, what I believe, not gonna die, fingernails... I can't name them all. All there songs are just amazing. They try to reach out to people with the lyrics, instruments and their voices. This band is keeps getting better and better and they won't fade anytime soon. They are the best
So low down on this list? Anyway, Skillet is wicked awesome! The lyrics, arrangements, guitars, and vocals all help to make Skillet so great.
[Newest]Every song will only help us become a better kind.

21Maroon 5
Maroon 5 doesn't sound like rock anymore, they made great songs at the past but now it doesn't sound like rock anymore
Maroon 5 is alright. They just aren't rock. More hip hop than anything. They just aren't in the right category here.
Maroon 5 should be in top tens and not 16. ARE you GUYS HIGH! Like really?!?! They are amazing

223 Doors Down
Certainly the most relatable songs!

I would suggest everyone who voted bands other than radiohead... Give it a try and you will get to know what is music!
What! Radiohead has made an influence in Muse and coldplay, radio head are the masters of the alternative
Radiohead are not comparable to other bands. They are special.
[Newest]Creep is such a good song of there's


25Arctic Monkeys
Pioneering rock music through the 21st century, AM's innovative integration of other rock genres shows pure creativity and extensive musicianship. They are The Rolling Stones of our generation.
How these aren't in the top 10 is ridiculous! Fall out boy for example or maroon 5 aren't comparable to arctic monkeys
From the UK, Alex Turner has led the band to some fantastic things, like they're song "I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor" has been a dancing favorite, and they're new album AM shows off their musical creativity.
[Newest]Arctic Monkeys is way better than some other bands above them

I'm a girl, I like pink, but I like black too, and I like heavy rock, and if you like to bang your head to some heavy rock, see and hear a cool ass looking guy sing some awesome lyrics and the band play some totally cool songs, incredible rifts on the guitar, wild drumming and their unique way to make music sound so totally heavy rock, you've got to check them out if you've never heard them. If you like Metallica, slipknot, any heavy metal bands, you'll love these guys! One of my all time favorites now! My husband laughs when I come home and he can hear it playing in the car!
26, really? They are reminding us old, great music like hard rock/heavy metal/thrash metal. And they're doing it well. They're one best bands from 21st century with A7X and also in my opinion Rise Against. If you're still not conviced, just listen to their "Ten Thousand Fists" and "Indestructible" albums, and you will know what I mean.
Amazing rock group. this guys make awersome music! Love DISTURBED

27Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters should not be down at 65! They should at least be in the top 10 if not number 1! They're awesome
Really 30 Seconds To Mars? They have no credibility. Linkin Park is now just poppy bs that's not worth listening to. Green Day is good but they've only made 2 good albums. The Foo Fighters have 6. They also have 6 Grammy's.
Obviously not given enough credit. If you like Nirvana then you'd love Foo Fighters. They have a ton of hit songs like Everlong, Walk, and the Pretender. Definitely a top 5 band.
[Newest]Gosh. This is THE rock band of this century. There aren't really any others.

Maybe not Top 10 yet but This Band is the Future even though they have 3 albums already and there all wonderful.

Daughtry Is a Great Rock Band!
Their music is great they deserve to be in the top 10! Over you is the best song, life after you, no surprise, crawling back to you...

To me, Shinedown is incredible overrated and deserves much more fame (at least top 15). The message and genius behind their lyrics is awesome. Some killer tracks from their albums "Amaryllis" and "The Sound of Madness".
Their music is truly amazing, especially some of their old songs, I absolutely love "Enemies" and "Sound of Madness".
Should be a lot higher than #38, awesome band, haven't heard a song by them yet that I dislike.
[Newest]There is no band in this era that had ballads like showdown

30Black Veil Brides
They take inspiration from kiss and other 20th century bands and create music with such depth and meaning its just wow. Also on warped tour.
P.S. really people? Back Street Boys? (But honest, give them a try)
I 'love BLACK VEIL BRIDES so much. I was ready to throw my laptop if they weren't in the top 25 at least. I mean come on, they gotta be above Muse at least. They are so badass dude. Even Falling in Reverse for that matter. I LOVE THEIR LYRICS SO MUCH ITS JUST BEAUTIFUL. You don't listen to music like theirs.
Great riffs and meaningful lyrics. They are literally life savers, and I van listen to their music in any mood. In style thy are a cross between Motley Crue and Kiss. Gotta love it!
[Newest]Black Veil Brides are amazing! They should definitely be listed WAY higher!


32Good Charlotte

So low what shame

34The Smashing Pumpkins
Hard to beat single 1979

35Asking Alexandria
Why are they all the way down here.-. This is not right.
Asking Alexandria has an amazing drummer! They definitely should be in the top 10!
Asking Alexandria should be in top 10!

36Blind Guardian

37Papa Roach

38X Japan

39Demons and Wizards

40Dream Theater
This band doesn't fit with the rest in this top. And actually is far away better than everyone here.
Dream theater deserves to be at the top. Far better than Linkin park and others

41Sum 41
This band should be at least in top 20 because this band is awesome you should listen with me or still waiting this band really rocks
What r you doing guys! Just listen to em... This band is truly talented and surely belongs to the top ten at least...
Insanely Underrated They are so awesome & talented

Pretty much all these bands are just crappy products of the radio industry. Tool is actually amazing and each song and album is loaded with meaning. They have by far the most talent and highest quality music of any of these groups. They don't get on the radio that much because they make genuine music.

43Alter Bridge
Alter Bridge is such a mature band with great lyrics that connect with everyone. Myles' powerful angelic vocals have no equal, in my opinion. He can also contribute in guitar alongside the solo genius, Mark Tremonti. Tremonti can also sing. AB's tracks rest heavily on a very good rhythm section from bassist, Brian Marshall, and drummer, Scott "Flip" Philips. AB works hard and really care for their fans. Though Myles is in his mid-40s, I see a bright, long future for the powerhouse of Alter Bridge. The only reason AB isn't as popular as they should be is that people think that they rip off Creed. You wouldn't even know that Alter Bridge is 3/4 of Creed if you just listened to them. Not only Myles' vocals, but more freedom for the rest of the band easily separates them and makes them superior to Creed. Give Alter Bridge's "Blackbird", "Cry of Achilles", or "Isolation" a listen. Then you can pass judgment on the 2000s' greatest overall band.
The hardest working Rock band working today! When you take Awesome talent Ridiculous music Intense Lyrics 4 Phenomenal Men... You Get = the Greatest Rock Band Today! Their Talent and Passion blows away this list!
IT should at least be in top ten. I don't know why people like linkin park's girly voices and weak bass
[Newest]The music is heavy, but it has great melody. If Creed is decent, Alter Bridge is excellent


Godsmack is amazing got to be higher up on this list!

46Queens of the Stone Age
Probably one of the most underrated bands of all time. Josh Homme is absolutely terrific at guitar and vocals. Their latest album,...Like Clockwork and their 2002 masterpiece Songs for the Deaf are two of the greatest albums of the century.
Great band. Didn't get big toll they released their best album "Songs for the Deaf".
Seriously why are bands like kiss on this list? Vote for bands from the 21st century

47Pearl Jam
Common people no Pearl Jam here!. Best alternate rock band of 19th century are still alive and rocking the world.
Just listen to "alive", "jeremy", "even flow ", "black" songs and you will understand their greatness.
Typo mistake in previous post about pearl jam.
It is 20th century instead of 19th century.
And also
"AllMusic referred Pearl Jam as "the most popular American rock & roll band of the '90s.
Under Sum 41? You've got to be kidding me. How many children under the age of 14 are lingering around in here? Too many it seems.

Wolfmother all the way.
No band has been more consistent with their sound as much as wolfmother has been. Also the band started in 2000. At the dawn of the next century.
I would like to see it higher up. A seriously underrated band.
A very underrated band. Wolfmother is not like other 21st century bands. Their music looks a lot like 70s rock and I like it!
Althought their music is derivative of late 60s and 70s rock, maily jimi hendrix. They have been genre loyal. Neo Psychedelic rock, and stoner rock. Stockdale really has a very trippy voice. Should be ranked higher. Nickleback is a disgrace. Just saying.
Linkin park probably deserves first place. The rest of the list is badly fixed.
Wolfmother m/
This band hits you right in the childhood.

Should be in the top 5, a band that has reinvented them selves to fit to the changing world, new music, not afraid to take risks and the most amazing concerts the world has ever seen

50Imagine Dragons
It has the best drumbeats in the world. My favourite song of them is radioactive.
They are really good. They should be placed higher up in the 20th place at least.
Combination of Electric Rock with Dubstep make their "Radioactive" so powerful
[Newest]They are the best in the world.. Awesome songs

Amazing heavy metal band. Love all their music.

52Primal Fear

53Kings of Leon
Should be in Top 10 easily! They are so underrated because everyone THINKS they are overrated since they have only heard of 2/3 of their songs but have never actually gone to listen to their first few albums. Go listen to KoL's first three albums and you will see what I am talking about! You won't regret it!
Absolutely amazing on CD and live! Great tunes that you can really rock out to and their first 3 albums are some of my favourite!

54Crazy Town

55Limp Bizkit

56Five Finger Death Punch
You should be lower than this you garbage
Five finger death punch is sooo perfect! I LOVE them so much!

57Nine Inch Nails
What Trent Reznor can come up with is without a doubt, GODLY-LIKE. He's the most brilliant person around right now. He's what makes Nine Inch Nails, Nine Inch Nails.

58Lamb of God
Very cool band... Almost extraordinary... Almost a hunting screem... Love it very much...

59Pierce the Veil
Pierce the veil save peoples lives with lyrics like theirs. They are the most understanding band. They should at least be in top 10
I wonder why pierce the veil is so low on this list I think it should be in the top 20
Saved lives and are such beautiful people, inside and out. They should be in the top 10
[Newest]Oh wow Pierce the Veil are amazing& they are number 46, really guys... Stupid

60Tokio Hotel

61Jack's Mannequin

62One Republic
Come on this band is better than Linkin Park and Green Day.

63Amon Amarth

64Sleeping With Sirens
All of the guys in this band are super talented and their lyrics really mean something to me
They're like the hottest band right now and they're in number 53 are you serious guys?
Number 52... its ridicious they should be at the top in the charts

65All That Remains
I don't understand how "All that remains" is on 40th, they're amazing

DreamBoat Annie. An absolute classic rock Album. If you think woment can't do rock download this album

67Sex Pistols


69The Killers
They should be higher up. Mainly because of the amount of bands that are much higher up than them that they influenced.
Awesomeness in its coolest form

Really amazing to listen to... Really powerful lyrics!

71The Black Keys
This band keeps getting better and better every day. Dan Auerbach's slick guitar riffs and rock-quality vocals with Patrick Carney's magnificently drumming is a match that can be set for the ages. Brothers was a masterpiece, while El Camino will be a rock and roll classic
How the hell are the Black Keys this low?!?! If you haven't heard the Black Keys, go listen to Brothers or El Camino right now and you will not regret it.

72As I Lay Dying



75Coheed and Cambria


77Queen Extravaganza



80Backstreet Boys

This band deserves to be up top. Musically the composition of their songs is sick, it's like nothing else, and their lyrics are inspiring and life changing. These guys deliver the best live shows I've ever seen, they put energy and passion into everything that they do! Put these guys in the top ten!
This band is incredible, songs like meant to live, awakening, and dare you to move are all amazing. Lyrically, they have a lot of great meaning behind their songs.

82Biffy Clyro
So amazing, my favourite song is opposite... It just made me cry the first time I heard it. Cannot believe it's down here though...
Hardest working band in Europe for the last 18 years. Best festival performers by a mile.

83The Goo Goo Dolls

84Billy Talent


86Cradle of Filth


88Motley Crue
They are still tearing it up 30 plus. Long live Vince Neil

89The Offspring
Probably one of the best alternative rock bands there are.

Please... It's Rush and they still perform and produce having been inspiration to many of the other artists you see along this list.
Rush is the worst band ever


92Florence and the Machine

93Dead by Sunrise
Best band after lp

94Secondhand Serenade

95Of Monsters and Men
The only other good folk band

96Puddle of Mudd



99The GazettE
It's sure they are one the the best Jrock artists, the world should know about them... They deserve it!

100All Time Low

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