Greatest Rock Bands of the '70s


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Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin is OBVIOUSLY above queen, I mean, they have been rocking since the 1968, and its no secret Robert PLant was an inspiration for Mercury. Led is proclamed as the best rock band ever by fans and critics. They are the best seller rock band too, without mentioning they are ahead every other band in others top ten lists. Led zeppelin did less with stairway to heaven than queen with bohiam rhapsody and yet stairway to heaven lyrics and music is so much better. Led zeppelin is quality.
With other bands you can usually ask people what their best album and they will always say 1 or 2 that are always talked about. With Led Zeppelin you could ask someone and they will tell yo with absolute certainty what their best album is, but this could be completely different than what other might say.
The best rock band I ever heard simply the best!


[Newest]I will never forget Stairway to Heaven.

2Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd were so much better than Queen. Lets break it down to prove it. In terms of vocal ability, I'm giving it to Freddie Mercury. So, Pink Floyd 0-1 Queen. Drumming, I'm giving it to Nick Mason. Pink Floyd 1-1 Queen. Guitar playing, David Gilmour by far! Pink Floyd 2-1 Queen. Base, Roger Waters. Pink Floyd 3-1 Queen. Songwriting, includes lyrics and music, Roger Waters/David Gilmour. While Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the greatest songs of all time, more Pink Floyd sings have more meaning, better lyrics, and better music than Queen songs. Pink Floyd 4-1 Queen. Album writing, Pink Floyd hands down. The Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wall are one of the best albums of all time. Pink Floyd 5-1 Queen. Piano/Keyboard playing, Richard Wright. Pink Floyd 6-1 Queen. In terms of sells, Pink Floyd sold 250 million units, while Queen sold 200 million. Pink Floyd 7-1 Queen. All Queen did was write radio friendly songs. Just because you hear their songs on the radio doesn't mean they're that good. You hear a lot of Nicki Minaj and Lil' Wayne on the radio. That doesn't mean they're good. It's the same thing with Queen. All they did was write mainstream music. Really nothing that special besides Bohemian Rhapsody, The Show Must Go On, and Under Pressure are excellent songs. But all their other songs are just commercial music. I Want To Break Free sounds like a commercial 80's pop music. Somebody To Love is terrible. Their just easy songs to listen to. Pink Floyd is way, way better.
Stupid Question! Pink Floyd is obviously the best band of the 70's! Dark Side of the Moon alone tops every other 70's artist out! Every single album they produced at this time went to the top of the charts immediately. Led Zeppelin was very good but they didn't change the coarse of music the way Pink Floyd did. Some of you will try to argue that but look, Pink Floyd Pioneered so many things that set the stage for others like Concerts: Pink Floyd INVENTED the Light show. They were the first band to master the art of using visual effects, blinking lights, lazers, huge stages, -ALL Pioneered by the Floyd. All the music before Pink Floyd was made to be radio friendly. Pink Floyd were the first to really write music and song about what THEY wanted to say, and not what they knew people wanted to hear. They were the first to take that risk. This inspired so many bands after them to write for you and not for the radio. Pink Floyd was able to connect with people at a lot of deeper level because of their willingness to write about inter-struggles of the human race and thing like that, instead of the same crap that every other artist wrote about. Their Music was able to connect like no other and their lyrics to go along made it that much more timeless. This kind of depth along with their sort of spacey vibe made them the MOST Original band to be as successful as they were. I could go on and on and on and on...
Pink Floyd are absolutely great. While Queen wrote good singles, Pink Floyd wrote outstanding albums. The reason why this is not number one or two is because people don't listen to entire albums anymore. They base their answers on one or two singles. Yes, Queen does have more number one singles, but Pink Floyd has way more number one albums, being The Wall, Wish You Were Here, and The Dark Side Of The Moon, which, in my opinion, is the greatest album ever made. People just vote Queen because they know the songs We Will Rock You, Another One Bites The Dust, and Bohemian Rhapsody, which I do recognize is one of the greatest songs of all time, and I do love it. Yes, Queen does have the best voice, but Richard Wright, David Gilmour, and Roger Waters are far better musicians than Brain May, Roger Meddows Taylor, John Deacon. In my opinion, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are better than Queen (although Queen are also excellent). Queen's music is just more commercial.
[Newest]All said. Pink Floyd - music for my ears and my soul. I hope their music can be hear in 500 years.

Every song had meaning and reason behind it. Songs like "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Somebody to Love", "We are the Champions"... All really meant something. This year will be their 41st anniversary. 41 years of great music in our world... Sadly, there were only 45 years of Freddie Mercury in our world. He was deceased thanks to HIV/AIDS in '91... Long live Freddie.
Even though all of the other rock bands were amazing Queen took rock to a whole other level, the heart. They deserve the number one title because they changed rock forever. Who could forget the first time they heard Freddie Mercury pour his heart out into his music? I thought so.
Queen are the BEST band ever! Each song, from classics such as bohemian rhapsody to underrated songs like scandal or breakthru, is unique and the sheer talent of each band member makes them number 1 forever!
[Newest]A band called Queen, fronted by THE KING.
More comments about Queen

They made a very good songs in 70s.
Highway to hell, TNT, it's a long way to the top, if you want blood, let there be rock...
In BON SCOTT) era.
Classical rock n' roll songs


Ac/dc was THE hard rock band of the 70's. Just below Led Zeppelin. AC/DC was all about sex, drugs, and good music. When AC/DC played, audiences roared. Truly magnificent rock'n'roll band. They are hardcore and know the real meaning of rock.
I think on the 'Dirty Deeds' album that's where they found their sound.
[Newest]They should be #1

Steven Tyler is my man! Still going strong, touring and raising hell. He filled many of my memories of college and hear an oldie it excites me like it did in cole! I love every album!
Awesome band, deserve to be higher, they were brilliant in the 70's and achieved arguably their best work, very good band.
You might say this band was famous during 90's era
But they sounded kick ass during 70's
With "walk this way" and "toys in the attic" they are the grooviest band ever


[Newest]Their power ballads and blues rock were awesome in the 70's and are still awesome now.

6The Who
Definitely one of the best bands, deserves more significance on this list. The Who influenced hundreds of musicians and bought a whole new genre to music being one of the first bands to implement effects and non instrumental tones. With the crazy power of John Entwistle's mad bass playing skills, Keith Moons wild drumming skills, Pete Townshends amazing song writing technique, and Roger Daltreys powerhouse voice this was a band that truly influenced generations of musicians
Better than the Stones by a LONG SHOT. Great musicians (Entwistle and Moon are RIDICULOUSLY GOOD) and a great songwriter in Pete Townshend; plus, their '70s run, from Live at Leeds to Who Are You, is pretty solid - "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Baba O'Riley", "Behind Blue Eyes", "5:15", "Slip Kid", "Who Are You", "Love Reign O'er Me"... great songs.
Not exactly from the 70's but still one of the greatest bands ever.


[Newest]Needs to be higher on list

They are the best. Tell me a group which can give us a country classic like Desperado, a superb disco-blues in One of these Nights and the might rock song Hotel California. Nobody in music history was is and will have the range like The Eagles. The Pink Floyd's, Led Zep, who, Rolling Stones just do not have the range of this music nor have they the Harmonies that the Eagles give us. For me, they are No: 1, then the others follow.
Every member of this group sang lead at one time or another, producing unrivaled harmonies. There is a reason their Greatest Hits album is the second best selling album except for Thriller.
Nothing better than Hotel California.
[Newest]By far the best band of the 70s

8Deep Purple
The most talented, creative, innovative, technical and advanced = THE BEST.
A band of masters. Ritchie Blackmore alone is a whole music universe.
The riff that rules all other riffs - Smoke on the water;
The solo that rules all other solos - Highway Star;
The screams that rule all other screams - Child in time;
The best band live - Live in Japan;
The most technical pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal;
The globe's loudest band of the 70s, officially listed in the 1975 Guinness Book of World Records.

Anything else for number 1?


Lazy, definitely the best. best hard rock sound of the seventies.
Seriously, Judas Priest in forth place?
This group branched out into powerful bands: Rainbow, Whitesnake, Black Country Communion, to name a few. Who hasn't been influenced by Ritchie Blackmore? Ask Slash, Randy Rhoads (RIP), Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie.

9Black Sabbath
This is the reason why the genre heavy metal was born.
With those gothic tunes and riot solo's. this bands trademark is the best


Creators of Heavy Metal who have never been bettered by any of their imitators.
My first cassette tape. Ever.. love them. !

10The Rolling Stones
They're songs really get stuck in your head. It's mainly because the songs are repetitive, and they're also repetitive. They definitely deserve a number ten spot, if only for the mark they left in music history, but I feel like they were talented musicians that wasted some of their talent by writing songs that lacked a lot of meaning and were also repetitive.
I like all the bands on this list, but I honestly think that the stones deserve 2. I mean the stones are probably as influential as the Beatles. They made many great songs, it's pretty hard to not like the stones, I mean I like every song they ever made and released. Thanks!
There were certainly some great bands through the 60's, 70's and 80's but, nobody who has ever seen the Stones could vote for any of the Others as the Stones are one of the very best bands ever!
[Newest]They definitely are one of the greatest bands of all time. I certainly believe that they deserve a higher place on this list, through their innovative songs and spiritual lyrics.

The Contenders

Nothing against any of the bands ranked ahead, they were very influential in there own ways but KISS was the face of 70's rock music. The makeup, pyro, and merchandise made them stand out and that's all some people give them credit for. Kiss was way more than that. They were four guys who could all write songs, sing, and play instruments very well. They also dabbled in several types of music genres. KISS, to me, is the most underrated musicians of all time. Sit and actually listen to any album they put out in this decade and I believe you will have a different aspect.
Yes there were many 70's rock bands but KISS was the ultimate 70's band. They owned the 70's and got bigger from there on. They started in the 70's and got bigger ever since but the 70's made them and they the 70's
Kiss will always be remembered as THE rock band of the 70s. No matter if you were in elementary school, high school, college, middle aged etc. EVERYONE has KISS memories.

Rush is the most underrated and under appreciated band ever. In spite of this they've managed to thrive as a band and influence many, many other more popular up and comming bands.
The best 3 musicians of the decade, and probably the best drummer of the Rock and Roll era.
2112 is one of the greatest prog rock albums I've ever heard. Should be top 5 in my opinion
[Newest]Best drummer, great songs, great music

13Blue Oyster Cult
Blue Oyster Cult should be in the top ten of any hard rock/metal list as they did both and more. Very experimental with great lyrics, way ahead of their time and has one of the best guitar players that ever came to the into the rock world, Buck Dharma. Go see them if you don't believe it, they put on excellent live shows.
Definitely a top 10 band of all time. Influential in many genres of music particularly punk and metal. First band that could be labelled as Gothic as well.
After Sabbath the best classic Heavy Metal band.

Best vocals with Steve Perry great musicians. Never got over Steve leaving the band his voice his look. They are my favorite of all time.
My prom song was open arms... So nostalgic.
I like their style; ahead of their time.

15Fleetwood Mac
Seriously, Stevie Nicks in 1976? Is that even open to argument?
Love this band and Stevie's unique sound... Nothing better
The Best Band Ever!
[Newest]Fantastic band - Don't Stop wow

One of the best of all time. Totally underrated
"Crime of the Century," "Breakfast in America" and a lot of "... Famous Last Words..." is good produced music that still works.

They are underrated.
"Crime of the Century"... Simply put, a masterpiece.

17The Cars
I have to agree with the other statement, that they are overlooked. Every top rock band list I have ever seen has them ranked low. There first album was basically a greatest hits compilation and they had many more hits after that. They should easily be top 10.
I can't believe I actually had to add this band! The Cars were great. Let's go, just what I needed, moving in stereo, my best friend's girl, they were a really phenomenal band.

18Judas Priest
Psychedelic? Are you daft? In what world are they psychedelic.
Their first album 'ROCKA ROLLA' was prog rockfish.
The loudest psychedelic rock band I've ever heard


19The Clash
44? This is a crime. The Clash is and always will be the only band that matters. They deserve to be at least in the top 5.
Underrated for Joe Strummer's and Mic Jones's contribution to modern rock, the Clash definitely deserve to be higher on this list.
London Calling ranks amongst the best albums in history.
[Newest]The Clash should really be at number one.

20Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Top 3 easily. Only reason not #1 is so much of the work has continued through the decades, but Greetings, Born to Run, Darkness on Edge of Town and The River all came from the 70's.
Great band, classic American rock about the open road and the working man.
Deserves to be LOT higher!

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