Greatest Rock Song Face-off

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1Bohemian Rhapsody Vs. Stairway To Heaven

Man come on everyone wanna know which one of this is the best song. These are not only the best rock songs nut also the best songs ever to be made these songs made music what it is now

Both are said to be the greatest songs ever... so thats one heck of a face-off

How about master of puppets vs holy wars?

It's pretty hard, but I'll go with Stairway to Heaven - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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2Back In Black Vs. Welcome To The Jungle

Back in Black, but it's pretty hard to choose - CastlevaniaFanboy128

probably good face-off
i'm all about AC/DC

Definitely deserves to be number one!

Very hard to choose, I say draw - RustyNail

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3Beat it Vs. Eat It
4Highway Star vs Immigrant Song

Deep Purple vs Led Zep - two of the greatest bands of all time with some of their fastest songs.

5Back In Black vs. Black Night

Easily, Black Night by Deep Purple!
It gets my vote because it's more energetic and harder - that's what I expect from a hard rock song. The riff is a killer as well as the solos - guitar and keyboars.

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6We Will Rock You Vs. Crazy Train
7War Pigs vs Mistreated
8Iron Man Vs. Stairway To Heaven

A Dream Face Off, they should of done this face off when sabbath and zeppelin were at there best!

Stairway for sure. Ironman is a few notes repeated and dressed up a little.

This face off doesn't even make sense - one of the simpliest songs in the world vs one of the most complex. Not to talk about vocals...

9Highway to Hell vs. Highway Star
10Bad Medicine Vs. Sweet Child o' Mine

Both are Great songs, but 'Bad Medicine' All the way!
Guns N' Roses has no chance Against the Mighty BON JOVI! - Nirmal1991USA

Bad medicine all the way! Its one of bon jovis greatest songs ever! Bon jovi will live on forever!

Bad Medicine is an Epic compared to Sweet Child o' Mine which I'm fed up of listening... Both Richie & Slash are Awesome Guitarists, but MAN! Richie Sambora is the GOD!

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?Devils Child vs Problem ChildV1 Comment
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11The Four Horsemen Vs. The Mechanix
12Highway to Hell Vs. Stairway to Heaven

High way to hell

13The Trooper vs Painkiller
14Master of Puppets vs. Holy Wars
15Warning Vs. Kashmir

if dis is the green day warning... den dis is the best...

16Child In Time vs July Morning

Epic Deep Purple vs epic Uriah Heep.

17Smells Like Teen Spirit Vs. Jeremy

Nirvana and Pearl Jam? Yes mate ;)

18Whole Lotta Love Vs. Barracuda

Robert Plant would murder Ann Wilson vocally any day of the week. After all she tried to steal his style but we see who has stood the test of time. Whole Lotta Love for Led and Robert.

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19Paranoid Vs. Breaking the Law
20Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Vs. The Number Of The Beast

I liked this because at least they sound similar - sharm7064

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1. Bohemian Rhapsody Vs. Stairway To Heaven
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1. Bohemian Rhapsody Vs. Stairway To Heaven
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3. Back In Black vs. Black Night
1. Back In Black Vs. Welcome To The Jungle
2. We Will Rock You Vs. Crazy Train
3. Paranoid Vs. Breaking the Law



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