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1Axl Rose

AXL ROSE is the best rock vocal ever I love him and his songs really changed my life. I love his band GUNS AND ROSES they were and still are legends. Slash is such an amazing guitarist, and Axl has an amazing voice. Guns and Roses are so influential, they should get in.

What really makes a great voice, is style, versatility, and (in my opinion) above all, recognizability. Nobody out there has a voice quite like Axl's. He has a unique voice, which is why I voted for him. His voice may not be crystal clear like Freddie Mercury's, but it's so incredibly powerful, it blows me of my feet every time.

AXL BEING 20 MADE THINK WHO MADE THIS LIST. Um no doubt Axl is the best rock voice EVERR. I'm being completley serious. Some of these people arnt even rock singers.. I'm not saying they're bad but they're not ROCK VOICES!

Axl rose is best

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2Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury will always stay in our hearts.
We can just listen to his voice and feel so close to everything that is wonderful in this world.
That's the effect that his voice has on me, so of course that he's at the TOP of my list! :D
Like Freddie said: 'I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend. '
And you are my friend! &

Anyone who places Freddie Mercury lower than #1 is just kidding himself... You either never listened to him or you never listened to someone who was trying to sing one of his songs! I dare you to do both of those things and then come share your opinion here again! Chances are, you will hear your rock idol trying to sing Freddie's song and feel sorry for him... Just watch The Freddie Mercury Tribute concert from 1992 and you will get my point. And to be able to make the difference, watch Queen's performance at Live Aid from 1985 or any other concert of theirs and draw your conclusions. I am not even go into the topic of singing in different styles, because then it wouldn't be fair at all to the rest of the contenders on this list (or any other list for that matter)... King Freddie - always in our hearts!

Freddie Mercury is the most skilled singer I have ever heard, and he has such a powerful and beautiful voice! He sings with no barriers. When you listen to him, you just get that feeling that he can do anything with his voice and reach every possible note the is.
I can't find anything wrong with it. Just perfect!

24 years after his death and not one singer can surpass his vocal range, his showmanship, writing skill and performances

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3Steve Perry

The fun we saw in his 1994 while performing in NYC with out Journey you truly saw a different side of Steve, he had fun and looked like he had the weight lifted off his shoulder, and his silky smooth voice was even more soulful than ever before, when he sand I'll be alright with out you/cupid one of the best interactions with the audience and one of my favorite video's... No one will ever come close to that silky smooth voice, and no one will ever touch our hearts the way Steve did every song takes you back to a place in time, and that is what a true singer/song writer is all about
I hope he sings for us soon he voice is missed more than he will ever no.. We miss you Steve thank you for all the memories you have given us and hope to hear from you soon. Faithfully

Steve Perry is a legend in his own time! This is a singer that doesn't record solo anymore, but who is still in great demand. His fans are so faithful that they resort to reminiscing about him and his music on various websites. He can sing any kind of song and sing it better than anybody else.

That's why he is known as "The Voice"!

A voice that transcends the boundaries of human vocals and electrifies our souls with goose-bump inducing ballads and foot-tapping anthems, this icon of our time will travel through history in the hearts of all and his music will remain ever present in the very foundation of our culture. Long live "The Voice"

Simply the best

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4Robert Plant

Whole lotta love for Led Zeppelin's vocalist who probably is the most influential rock singer of all times. Freddie Mercury admitted that he was a fan of Plant and David Coverdale has obviously spent most of his career ripping on Robert.

Definitely my favorite tenor in rock music. Hope he's gonna change his mind and eventually tour with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. Wouldn't that be epic?

I don't know what it is but its just so magical the way he sings. I can't imagine anyone else singin zep besides him. and wow, what a shock that steve perry iis #1 on this list. he is a close #2 to plant but come on are there really that many journey fans out there? Don't get me wrong I like em but they are over rated most people like don't stop believin that's it and wats with heart? Every1 on this site seems 2 like em. I like barracuda but not much more they are kinda like journey in that way. and I used 2 think that there were a ton of bon jovi fans out there but I guess I'm wrong there are a lot of richie sambora fans. for the record I listened 2 him and he sucks at singing bon jovi rocks though. but yea plants the best - LightningFast4

Robert plant is the reason that the Steve Perry's and every other singer on this list maybe Freddie mercury is a not so distant 2 but sorry to say no Plant no Chris Cornell and so on the wanna be that is the new singer in journey shouldn't have even been in this

The best singer in rock and roll history period

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5Rob Halford

Hey, what the hell is Rob Halford doing at a position like 10! HE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! Rob is the God of Heavy Metal and All kinds of music... This guy has the best & most powerful falsetto voice ever heard in music and a vocal range over Six multi-octave! Come on people, he should be number one everywhere... All hail the METAL GOD! , /

A king of high notes. Lead singer of Judas Priest. He is and always be The Metal God

Nobody can take their voice range through so many levels with one breath... Amazing...

No one has the vocal range of Rob Halford!

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6Bruce Dickinson

People, are you deaf? Bruce Dickinson should at least be in the top 10. - Alex12345269

Bruce Dickinson is such an amazing singer. He has an incredible ability to hit those high notes without sounding like fingernails on a chalk board. He can sing with such power and still have a lot of finesse. It's like doesn't have to put any effort into his singing, and yet still sounds amazing. That is why he is my favorite singer

He is definitely one of the greatest ROCK voices, like an air raid siren, he can do amazing thing with that voice. Almost voted for Gillan, Dio, and Brian Johnson, all amazing vocalists, I think a Rock voice should be Hard and Meaty, and I'm afraid Steve Perry is too soft for my liking. Go BRUCE!

Bruce is The Best

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7Chris Cornell

Not only a underestimated amazing vocalist with an amazing tone, but also an amazing songwritter. Can't say enough good things about Chris Cornell's voice. He must be one of the top 5 rock vocals of all time.

Chris should be at least top five. Soundgarden was one of the pioneers for the grunge movement in the late '80's early '90's, and Chris was also a part of the supergroup Audioslave. The only bad album Chris has ever put out is Scream, mostly because us Cornell fans hate the fact that Chris went pop. Thank goodness he is back to rock music.

If you saw Chris on his solo acoustic "Songbook" Tour, there would be no doubt in your mind that Chris' 4 octave voice is the strongest, most emotive, and most versatile as far as different styles of music of anyone else on this list (although all are incredible singers).

Hitting most difficult of notes with such ease. To me, he is the best!

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8Jon Bon Jovi

His voice is really unique! With little bit of accent. I love it!

C'mon this list is rediculous. Jon Bon Jovi can hit notes that most girls have trouble hitting this guy is a legend - jakeismellow

Amazing singer, performer, all round entertainer, and sexy to boot!

Too overrated. He is a good rock singer but he doesn't deserve to be so high on this list.

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9Ronnie James Dio

First I scrolled down and saw axl really low so I was going to vote him, but I scrolled a bit more and saw Bruce Dickenson and was like NO, he needs top 5, but I scrolled a bit more and saw Dio. I had to pick Dio for being 40. 1 and 3 are the only ones right (but reverse the order. )

RJD is the governor of all heavy rock singers. Why he isn't in the top 5 already astounds me!

Ronnie James Dio is the voice of heavy metal. He can put so many emotions when he sings. RIP, Dio. I'll always remember the day I could shake your hand.

I am pretty disappointed about him to be just at the 9th position...

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10Steven Tyler

Are you people kidding this guy has better vocal range than anyone listed above and sings with emotion and adrenaline puts on the coolest live shows ever TOP FIVE PEOPLE GET REAL

This guy's the demon of screamin'! He should really be in the top 10 at least. Listen to 'Dream On', a TOTAL masterpiece.

Are you joking. Bon Jovi over steven tyler. Anyone can sing like jbj.

Tyler is really better then Steve Perry, even Axl Rose. I understand if you prefer another band over Aerosmith, but there is no denying with his range, gritty voice, that still holds up after all these years that Steven Tyler has the best voice in music period

There is not one other lead singer who can sing like him including Rose Or Perry.

Steven Tyler should be number 1, no question.

Steven Tyler should be number 1 or at least number 2 behind axl rose. 10 is a joke

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?Alice Cooper

The king of theatrical rock has one of the most identifiable voices in the history of rock.

The Contenders

11Sebastian Bach

One of the greatest vocalists from ANY genre, but certainly THE greatest metal voice of all time! Should be number 1 or two on this list, top 5 at LEAST! Looking at the vast majority of names on this list ahead of him makes me absolutely sick, and shows that its a popularity contest voted on by primarily non-musicians, not a measure of true talent or vocal abilities.. Any vocalist or true musician who doesn't awe in Bach's scary and unearthly talented vocals is either not a musician at all or just flat out DEAF! Not to mention he's one of the flat out most beautiful human beings ever created, man or woman.. Just one of those ridiculously attractive people.. And this is coming from a straight male.. Haha true story

if you don't think he should at least be in the top 25 then you need to take out your ear plugs cause they don't get better than Sebastion Bach (not even Axl Rose), Steven Perry only comes close - littlekidd

Just listen to "I Remember You' and you cannot help but be blown away by the control Sebastian has. Deserves to be way higher up this list.

A truly amazing vocal range and possibly the best modern era metal/rock voice out their. Listen to live performances and you will realize how good a singer he really is.

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12Ann Wilson

What amazes me about Ann Wilson is that she can still sing! Her voice is just as brilliant now as it ever was because she's taken care of it. Steve Perry doesn't sing anymore because he can't. He ruined his voice years ago with bad technique. Ann is the best because she knows how to take care of her instrument. - tarot_contralto

Does anyone remember Barracuda, Little queen, Crazy on you, Magic Man Alone. People wake up.

The lead singer from Queen is great but please tell me we are not saying he can sing better than Ann.

Someone got it right. Steve Perry and Ann Wilson are def the best two singer's in ROCCCKKKK.

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13Paul Rodgers

Steve Marriot was an obvious influence, but in the time spent with Free, Bad Company, and The Firm, Paul Rogers surpassed all. - wunxone

listen to him live on the Merchants of Cool album & you'll hear he's the best

Truly amazing voice. Seriously number 37 on this list? Just wrong at all levels...

The best voice...

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14James Hetfield

The best voice in the universe listen to Nothing Else Matters and see how his voice changes or Wherever I May Roam . JAMES ROCKS ... METALLICA ROCKS

He's got a unique voice... Probably caused by smokin and drinkin since he was like 3... And Lemmy from motorhead... Still they rule should be #1 - Milan

The front man from Metallica. Love the sound and the hardness in his voice.

He should be the number 1

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15Kurt Cobain

Listen to the led belly cover Where did you sleep last and you'll see why kdc's voice is awesome - odin666

I don't understand how Kurt Cobain is 22! I think he should be number one. His voice was amazing. His wrighting skills just added more to his singing talent. He is a god.

Man, he was so great!
'I'm so happy 'cause today I've found my friends they're in my head' ^_^

I hate all of you

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16Bon Scott

sorry for any johnson luvas out there but scott was the original and the best! he captured that dirty, dangerous, living on a kinfe's edge rock 'n'roll experience like no other! - pieluva

Bon Scott has an incredible tenor range. He hit every note on the button. He also had that little Richard Scream. Ac Dc literally had every teenage girl wanting to go after this naughty, adventurist diminutive front man urging you to be bad. The power he had. He sang every note powerful. So sad he died when they could have carried his little body up the stairs.

Very lengendary yet unfornatley very dead voice of AC/DC although Brian Johnson is a helluva singer too - Guitar_Guy77

Come on men are you kidding me. He is better than bon jovi

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17Eddie Vedder

Soft voice and power as well, no wonder so many artists invited him to sing with them. His Band is one of the few that is constantly playing great music since their existence and they even created grunge as the first grunge band, even before Nirvana. He also replaced Jim Morrison for the Rocknroll hall of fame concert of The Who and introduced several other bands. And he is vital and still sings gorgeous at his age and he is still alive! Thanks to not taking drugs. He is a genius songwriter and was successful in everything he did, even playing ukulele solo. He has a unique voice and is a unique artist. He deserves a lot of respect!

Finally, I don't have to go down past 50 to find what I'm looking for. Eddie Vedder has such a beautiful voice that can make any mundane song seem like a masterpiece (look up him singing "Take me out to the ball game"). I was only surprised to find him here when I saw Chris Cornell at 9. Anyone who knows him also knows Eddie, so why he isn't in the top ten makes no sense to me. Please vote him higher! - Songsta41

the most imitated rock singer EVER. Listen to the power or black alone in the dark. Are you nuts! he should be #1

Great range, and can conform to many different genres. Pearl Jam is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I think that Eddie Vedder should be higher up

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18Myles Kennedy

Myles Kennedy - range of 4 octaves in full voice, and his songwriting and guitar playing is class too :D Point proved when he was asked to play with Zeppelin, asked to join Velvet Revolver, and is doing another album with Slash... to give an insight on this check out Alter Bridge's Live in Amsterdam DVD, and in particular Travelling Riverside Blues! O_O

This man, Myles Kennedy, has been my inspiration since a long time now. He just keeps getting better every next day. May it be Mayfield Four, Alter Bridge, with Guns n' Roses or Slash, this guy never let our hopes down.
Amazing vocal quality, extra-ordinary vocal range and perfect control over high, as well as low notes. Also, he is an amazing guitarist too. If I become a rock star someday, and people ask me for who inspired me, Myles Kennedy will be one of the few names including Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.
He has rock in his blood, his soul, his voice.

Not one on the list above him has the range that Myles has. I'd say, he's probably the most under rated singer of recent times. Plus, his guitar playing is notches above most of these others. No doubt, the top lead man any group would want.

Number 30? Please. This man sings like an angel. It seems he may just be less known than some of the artists above. But if you don't know Myles and his music there is something really beautiful missing in your life.

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19Sammy Hagar

By voice alone, Sammy Hagar pushes notes, and maintains a pitch, which many others in this list would outright fail to match. One only needs to hear his opening war-cry in Van Halen's song "A.F.U." to recognise his ability.

20Roger Daltrey

How a clown like Chester Bennington is ahead of the legendary Who frontman proves most of these chippies don't know music.

The most powerful, sexy, heartfelt, belt-it-out... Did I say POWERFUL! Pure energy in that amazing voice. Thank you Roger!

Rain On Me! Magic Bus! Tommy! Behind Blues Eyes! The list goes on and on and on. This guy is Top Ten easy!

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