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1Fatin Shidqia - Indonesia

She is very charming and has rare quality voice, even thought she is new and still need to learn more but the natural 'herself' makes many people love her

Just love her voice and personality

She is young and beautiful, and she has an unique voice.

Fatin is the best... I love fatin

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2Hariharan - India

The best magical magnetic voice ever in the world...

He has been one of the most acclaimed singers. His melody has been appreciated by the film fraternity. He is one of the most versatile and unique singers. His voice is very very sweet. He has received almost all kinds of awards.

Amazing versatile multi lingual singer with fabulous voice.

He is the best singer ever and the undisputed King...

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3Sonu Nigam - India

Amazing voice, he can sing in every language! And he has a great versatility in his melodious voice! He deserve No1. )

My fevorite singer is sonu... I love him... Heis voice quality so cute

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4Lata Mangeshkar - India

The best female singer in the world :) and there is no doubt! I can suggest just check out her stuffs... When she sing, it just out of world, I mean it totally

What to say about her voice and songs. Her voice is so sweet that even sweetness will too feel shy. She deserves number 1 rank.

She is a bigger singer than Madonna and in India she is worshiped like a god she has sung over 30000 songs in 14 different Indian languages

The best female singer in the world

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5Mohammad Rafi - India

Arguably one of the greatest singers of the world. Certainly the best ever male singer of India. He showed remarkable versatility and had the ability to sing and put emotions to any type of song. Truly a complete singer.

Great range, great emotions. Influenced so many other singers. Cannot be replaced by any other singer in india. Sonu nigam, manna they, lata mangeshkar believe that he was the best playback singer ever in hindi cinema.

I have never seen the singer like him

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6Anuradha Padwal - India

Absolutely beautiful voice. She is an amazing singer.

She is best female singer in world

Just listen to her songs, and bhjan, I think you'll get why she is at the #1 position.

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7Shaan - India

Shaan is wonderful. Very versatile

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8Agnes Monica - Indonesia

Multitalented ( singing acting dance etc)
Has a wonderful voice

The usa needs the people all in one.. She can sing, she can dance, and she's gorgeous. And agnes have it.

She is a young diva Indonesia multytalented, have amazing voice, style and so sexi. I am Indonesian so proud of her go go @agnezmo we love you and always support you girls.

She is best asian artist

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9Alka Yagnik - India

Absolutely beautiful voice. She is an amazing singer.

10Sarah Geronimo - Philippines

Possesses a very soulful voice, good belter, she can mimic Celine Dion's voice and style as well as Christina Aguilera's. Sings songs with less effort. When she starts singing you'll be blown away! A trivia: She was the host in a philippine singing contest where Charice Pempengco joined. She can reach 5-6th octave and effortlessly hit C#5 and 6 and some other B#!

She's the best of all, nothing can beat her, she's extraordinary and she's an epitome of a true performer who really performs each songs from the heart. Truly world class artist of this generation, the one and only Philippines pride, the ever beautiful and ever talented, Miss Sarah Geronimo.

The best live singer in the world... Watch her video on YouTube "i don't wanna miss a thing" the best and the highest version... :)) she is also the most respectful celebrity in the world.. The best sarah.. She can sing while dancing.. And she can mimic celine dion's voice.. Gosh.. This is great..

I Love Her.. She's the BEST Singer of my country

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11Jagjit Singh - India

He is known as the King of Ghazals in South Asia, the homeland of music. His golden God gifted voice sits perfect for singing all sorts of songs. He sang in Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Nepali, Urdu, Gujurati, Marathi, Tamil. He is perhaps the greatest singer in India

12Babul Supriyo - India
13Toshi - Japan

Toshi is absolutely the best singers from Asia, his voice is like a dream and I feel deep inside their songs, he is really incredible. The best singer ever

Toshimitsu Deyama from X Japan

Yes! ~ X Japan is the biggest Asian band in the world! And most infueltial I love them, they have been around for almost 30 years now!

14Hriday Tulsiani - India

He is undoubtedly the best singer in Asia

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15Charice Pempengco - PhilippinesCharmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, popularly known by the mononym Charice, is a Filipina singer who rose to popularity through YouTube.

She's well-known all over the world-Russia, Brazil, France, Germany,
China, the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and still growing.

She always amazed her audiences in her live performances,

Charice is always very good. She is known as the first Asian singer to be in the top ten list. I am very proud to be an Asian.

So you think you're a great singer? Charice is way better than you

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16Siti Nurhaliza - Malaysia

Siti Nurhaliza? Well.. What more can I say.. The one only, The Voice of Asia and Asia's Celine Dion! She's the greatest ever! Let's vote for her! Super talented singer from Malaysia!

Voice Of Asia and Asia's Celine Dion

Siti Nurhaliza on my opinion is not Asia's CD because she is talented in her own way and there's nothing same between both of them... I hope she will get this award because she deserve it...

She have a powerful voice.

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17Shreya Ghoshal - IndiaShreya Ghoshal is an Indian playback singer. She has received four National Film Awards, six Filmfare Awards and eight Filmfare Awards South to date.


Just listen to her songs, I think you'll get why she is at the #1 position...

She is versatile. She should be topping the list. However the talent is always her and she is always the talent.

She is best singer in world for me

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18Hideto Matsumoto - Japan
19Kim Jong Kook - South Korea

Famous Korean singer. He was one of the members of the dancing group, Turbo, in 90s and now, he is a solo singer. According to the online survey, he is the most successful solo singer in Korea. Now, he is one of the hosts in the Korean famous T.V. show, Runningman. Standing on the top of Korean pop scene, he is a perfect model for many other singers.

Kim Jong Kook is also great in commedy programs.
In the commedy program called "Running man" in South Korea, Kim Jong Kook is having great popularity.

20Mohit Chauhan - India

Listen ti his rockstar album

Listen to his rockstar album

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