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21Benfica v. Sporting

Biggest match in Portugal between the two most historicall teams, both from the capital.

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22Schalke vs Borussia DortmundV1 Comment
23Chivas v. America

This is a big rivalry but it is poor vs rich. Chivas are rich too but their owner is to cheap and doesn't want to buy good players. They just keep Mexican players to sell them and make money. AmErIcA is the best team in Mexico.

The two most popular and hated teams in Mexico although Chivas is slightly more popular in Mexico and the U.S.A. Both have 11 championships and it isn't uncommon to see a fight on the field and the fans.

Come on I pay tons if money to go to Mexico just to see that game and I don't regret watching get go Amèrica

Best rivalry in history

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24Benfica v. Porto
25Brazil vs Argentina

The biggest rivalry EVER!

No. 26? IMPOSSIBLE.How can the biggest South American giant's rivalry can be in such a low rank.

26Chelsea v. ArsenalV1 Comment
27Netherlands v Belgium
28Manchester United v. Arsenal

This is the stupidest site ever. It had real and barca at second! What the hell? Also, it has Man you and man city at 21. Then, these smart Alec's decided to put Real Madrid and athletico at 40 something. If anything, this huge rivalry should be in the top tens. At least it's a bigger derby day than Ajax and feyenoord. Manchester and arsenal are 2 teams where you can't like both... you have to choose one. It brings out the bad blood and is an exciting day for everybody.

29Olympiakos v. Panathinaikos

Eternal enemies, mother of all battles, the name tells the deal

This have to be first! Is the best of all matches with 174 dead people of both sides. Beat that mofos, this is Greek football. Green power! Good gauros is dead gauros!

30Croatia v Turkey
31Spain v Portugal
32Corinthians v. Palmeiras
33Persib Bandung v. Persija Jakarta

Both supporter of Persib Bandung (Bobotoh Persib) and Persija Jakarta (Jakmania) are always get involved in a fight. It is the fiercest football derby in Indonesia

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34Brazil v. France
35Brazil v Germany
36Argentina v Chile
37Croatia v Serbia
38Wales v England
39Serbia v Albania
40South Korea v. Japan

When arguably the best two national teams in Asia go head-to-head, the game becomes as intense as any local club derby in Europe or South America in terms of the quality of the game and hatred between these two nations. Given their historical animosity, this is a rivalry that must be mentioned as one of the fiercest.

Although Japan together Korea host the 2002 World Cup, Japan is not cheating. While Korea seems to pay a referee in a game against Italy. - naufal15JC

Nope South korea is better. Korea won Japan by 2-0 in London Olympics.

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