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Sonic Adventure 2
best story and 6 playable characters and 180 emblems and lots of unlocks. Chao garden very good.
The story, the voices, the music, and most especially the gameplay... Greatest Sonic Game ever.
I have that game! its so cool! I don't have a gamecube but I do have the nintendo wii
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2Sonic Heroes
This game was... Fun for the most part. I mean, Sonic Heroes was meant for little kids, but I know adults whom enjoy the game vastly. But, aspects of the game are boring or slow. Such as with Team Chaotix, in the Haunted Mansion, they have to locate the same object in the second part of the stage which could take over 9 minutes if you aren't a person for exploration. The tutorial level with Team Rose was hust a waste of time. But, I'm not one of those people who just find the faults with the game. The graphics weren't bad for a 2005 gamecube game as well as PS2. The gameplay was a little "spotty' at times but for the most part was done well. The music... THE MUSIC... Was just amazing! The one song I constanly listen to in the game is "What I'm made of". Overall, I think Sega did an amazing job with this game. Let's just hope we don't see asnother Shadow the hedgehog game see the light of day... Unless the play testers or Sega make it so much better. Sega... You all have done well making this game.
The game was great. The storyline was good, and exciting.
The gameplay was very good (Except some missions with, team Chaotix)
The levels was great, with a good soundtrack ( The best one is Seaside hill, in my opinion.
The dialog was really good, and it was always good to hear some comments from the characters while playing.
The game is really great.
Totally different from the other Sonic games, but also one of the best!
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3Sonic Generations
Traveling through time, all the best Sonic games made into 3D and 2D, a massive trophy room, the level of nostalgia is OVER 9000! I love this game, from the level design to the re-playability, its pure epicness. Get it now, or my lazer sharks will find you. It's got mechanics both old and new. Even if you haven't picked up a controller for years, this game will convince you otherwise. Perfect difficulty ramp, amazing graphics, and Green Hill Zone, Act 1, is redone perfectly on the 3DS version.
Sonic Generations can proudly boast quality which can arguably rival that of the classics. While the story and characters can be improved on a lot, the mix of old fashioned classic gameplay with WORKING physics (Take note DIMPS) mixed with modern gameplay done right shows that the Blue Blur is back with a bang. Add a whole lotta nostalgia through classic levels remastered and Sonic Generations may go down as being the definitive 3D Sonic game. (Along with Sonic Colours of course)
All I have to say is sonic 20th anniversary, AND THERE IS 2 SONICS. How awesome is that? And it makes bad sonic games look epic due to remastering
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4Sonic The Hedgehog 2
This is the single best Sonic the Hedgehog game ever, without a doubt. It expanded on its predecessor's levels by replacing tough puzzles with absolutely thrilling sections.

EMERALD HILL - Short, but sweet, and isn't the Green Hill rip-off people make it out to be.
CHEMICAL PLANT - I was stuck on Act 2 for ages! Its music is addictive and you should try out the remake of this zone in Sonic Generations!
AQUATIC RUIN - If you want a good run in this zone, then AVOID THE WATER! Just saying.
CASINO NIGHT - Fun, inventive, and paved the way for all future casino-like Sonic levels. (Well, OK, maybe Spring Yard did that in Sonic 1, but whatever. )
HILL TOP - Not the best Sonic zone ever, but I remember that rising lava section!
MYSTIC CAVES - Loads of traps, so beware! I liked playing 2 Player Mode with this zone!
OIL OCEAN - Really gets across that foreign feel, and sometimes I would just keep jumping across the oil!
METROPOLIS - A mega three-act zone, this is a toughie! Reminiscent of Scrap Brain in Sonic 1.
SKY CHASE - Almost like a cutscene, or maybe more accurately a mini-game. One of the easiest levels ever.
WING FORTRESS - Robotnik's lair! No Tails in this one, as he got shot down at the start of the zone.
DEATH EGG - One of the hardest Sonic zones ever? It's basically two boss fights, one vs Metal Sonic, the other vs Death Egg Robot.
My first video game was a SEGA Genesis, and the game that was played the most was Sonic 2. Very nice level design, fun Robotnik battles, ADDICTIVE music, and incredible special stages. The introduction of Super Sonic helps your cause, plus it introduced Miles "Tails" Prower, my favorite Sonic character, into the games. Really set the bar for how to make a memorable Sonic game.


This was one of the first games I've ever played, and to this day is still my absolute favorite. The levels have great variety to them; the graphics are vibrant, colorful, and make the most of the now-ancient Genesis hardware; the soundtrack is legendary; and it's one of the earliest instances of a modern physics engine being put to use. We may be in an age of network infrastructures, retail-quality downloads, epic orchestrations, and higher poly counts than ever before, but Sonic 2 truly is one of the all-time greats and should be played by everyone who considers themselves a gamer at least once.
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5Sonic Colours
Sonic colors needs to be AT LEAST 4th place AT LEAST 4TH. THE GAME IS JUST AMAZING

Need I say more? This is truly Sonic's comeback game. The graphics are HD-quality. You would never suspect that a Wii had this much power but there you have it. The game also lacked the boost to win issue with Sonic Unleashed.


I think it's a terrible game because it is to easy, has no adventure in it, and doesn't even include the chaos emeralds ( exemption the DS version). Basically every game in sonic generations includes the chaos emeralds except for sonic colors. I also did a survey to my friend on how great sonic colors is. 45/52 said that it was a terrible game. And they all played it. I think sega is just being lazy and not even trying to make a good game. I think their sonic franchise became terrible after sonic colors. The kind of game I like is something like sonic unleashed. Good story, amazing gameplay, being at place and exploring, and it took a couple of days to complete. That's the kind of game that everybody should play!
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6Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure is the best game of all time. Anyone who refuses to look beyond the unavoidable camera glitches and bad voice acting is a fool. This game contains excellent music, a great story, CHAO, awesome level design, and the soul of SEGA.
This has the best story in sonic in my opinion, this game was my childhood and gave me the nostalgia that made me want to be a little kid again, I love this game!
One of the greatest games iĀ've ever played. Apart from the sonic the hedgehog saga. This game made my ending childhood the best of all. It deserves a real good remake
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7Sonic 3 & Knuckles
To me, the best sonic game of all time. Sonic 3 introduces the Elemental Shields. With one you are immune to fire and lava, and you can fire yourself rapidly in whatever direction you wish, as long as its left or right. With another you can't drown underwater, and you can slam yourself onto enemies. and with a final shield, you can double jump, and it acts like a ring magnet, taking any rings near you, into you. It also provides the most zones for any sonic game, and in my opinion the best level designs. Just look at how you start Ice Cap Zone! The music is also very good, and its rumored Michael Jackson himself helped compose some of the songs. Another aspect, is introducing the character Knuckles. he can glide, and climb walls! He is very fun to play as, and he can explore his own areas of the many stages. As a final note, this game was so huge at the time, it couldn't fit on a single genesis cart! They had to take half of the game out, and name it Sonic and Knuckles. This is my second favorite game of all time. (First being Super Metroid for the SNES). and I believe it deserves the 1. spot!
Easily the best Sonic game of all time. The level designs, the characters (Just the hedgehog, the fox, the echidna and the mad scientist. None of the crocodile, the chameleon or the rabbit? ). The best music of all time. Everything was perfect in it and everything.

The bonus level was excellent also, Blue spheres was good also. Plus the verses mode was so much better than in Sonic 2. Super Sonic was much better also and is still one of the best games to unlock him.

Give this game the title it deserves as closer to the top. If you've never played it, I suggest downloading a rom and trying it. I promise you'll like it.
This game is one of the few games that I don't have any problems with at all. It combines the exploration and platforming of sonic cd with the speed and control of sonic 2. It has amazing visuals fort the sega genesis. Three characters to play. Transformations for every character. Well hidden special rings. Bosses at the end of every stage. An epic showdown with robotnick in space. And most importantly, a great soundtrack made by Michael Jackson. I have played this game over and over and I still don't get bored of it. It's simply the peak of the sonic the hedgehog series and is yuji naka's finest work.
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8Sonic CD
Both soundtracks are good, extremely good level design, good graphics and music EPIC SPECIAL STAGES really really good story METAL SONIC IS awesome! And those robot making things you have to destroy in the past UHH! THEY ARE ANNOYING but that's what made this game good not to mention the really cool time travel gimmick, going to the bad future would either be REALLY SCARY OR REALLY awesome! Plus those hidden pictures (what were they thinking) and the difficulty is well... Fair unless your going for the good ending then its hard OH! AND I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART the EPIC animated intro and endings they are so awesome! ! TOOT TOOT SONIC WARRIOR CONQUER SPACE AND TIME TOOT TOOT SONIC WARRIOR YOU CAN EVEN FLY (this is the epic part) NOTHING CAN SURVIVE THE WILL TO STAY ALIVE (oh boy! ) CAUSE IF YOU TRY (ah! ) YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! (YES YES YES YES! ! ) YES YES YES YES! THAT SONG NEVER GETS OLD ITS SO EPICLY EPIC! ! ! ! If you haven't played this game you should go play it now the japanesse version has a better sound track and is the original (Yes For Epicness Yeah! ! )
The best Sonic game in my opinion. It has the best soundtrack of any Sonic video game and it's graphics are superb. It has original boss battles, Metal Sonic included, and a nice opening.
Best level design best gimmick (time travel) most awesome soundtrack ever exploration-based gameplay that retains speed and charm of the numbered titles = greatest Sonic game. Ever.
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9Sonic Unleashed
' fast levels with Sonic and fun, action packed werehog levels! The graphics is incredible, Good voice actors and fantastic for the whole family
Werehog powers are really useful in some nighttime levels and the killer combo moves make sonic makes him look a character from mortal combat
I played the game and to tell you its awesome! Despite the final boss, cool
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10Sonic The Hedgehog
Yeah, when I put Sonic the Hedgehog on here, I meant the original, not the crappy 2006 version.


One of the best Sonic games I've ever played. Despite some glitches, it's introduction to Silver the Hedgehog and option to play him with his psychokinetic ability as well as Shadow the Hedgehog and everyone else was great!
The original, not the best, but my favourite. It was My first Sonic game and like many I was instantly hooked. The music, stages and bosses were all of the best quality. The exploration, the platforming and the speed. This game had it all and was only a sign of the brilliance to come.
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The Contenders

11Sonic The Hedgehog 3
To me, this had a better storyline compared to previous titles. Sonic and his companion Tails must collect all the chaos emeralds to stop Eggman from powering his Death Egg ship and taking over the world. They also have knucles the echidna to contend with.
Brilliant character choice, graphics and music. The special stages were challenging enough for me.
This game was far ahead of its time. It made the best of the Genesis system. The graphics, the music, the gameplay, and especially the storyline, which was given much more focus this time around. Plus the special stages were good too (MUCH better than Sonic 2's). There are also different music tracks in each act, and each act has a transition according to the plot. Additionally, there is a boss in each act! And of course, we are introduced to Knuckles, who can PUNCH SONIC OUT OF HIS SUPER FORM!
This game featured excellent level design, music composed by MICHAEL ' JACKSON, excellent graphics for its time, the inclusion of 3 playable characters, and overall, it's just perfect.
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12Shadow the Hedgehog
Best Sonic game ever! Never seen any thing like it! Shooting and killing, that's all you need! I have it, and that is all I play! Better then all Sonic games! You will never see nothing like it!
Honestly this was the second best sonic game I have ever played! Great level design, good storyline and good gameplay... People do not understand you don't need guns to play! I loved this darker version of a sonic game
I used to play this when I was a kid, one of my favorite childhood memories
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13Sonic Rush
Fave game I love the story line and playing the game and they came out with blaze
Fantastic game. Introduced my favorite character.
2nd best DS game ever.
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14Sonic Adventure DX
Basically sonic adventure only expanded what more is needed?

15Sonic & Knuckles
This has the right to be in the top ten as it was a continuation of Sonic 3.
Originally, this game and Sonic 3 were suppose to be combined as one to form a massive game. However, they had to split them up due to the amount of time before launch.
Some might consider this game downgraded from the last title, but I however think it was designed with the same quality.
Music was great, introduction of Knuckles as a playable character (obviously) and levels were challenging. Lock on technology allowed people to choose Knuckles as a playable character, awesome!

16Sonic and the Black Knight
In my opinion this is the best. Best story, gameplay, and soundtrack. Why it's so low confuses me greatly.
I personally love this game the soundtrack is the best in any sonic game, the graphics are breathtaking, the storyline is amazing, the cgi cutscenes, when used, are amazing, even the non-cgi cutscenes are impressive, Grifiths performance was outstanding definitely improved since games like sonic 06, level design, bosses, voice acting all are amazing.

Everything about this game is outstanding.

To say this game is outstanding is the understatement of the century, intact I'd go so far as to say that this is the best game anyone is ever gonna come up with.

I hate whoever put this so low on the list this should be number 1
It should be in at least the top 5!
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17Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
I'll never understand why people hate this game. It's one of my favorite games of all time for so many reasons! We got introduced to a new character, there were 3 separate story lines that were epic, the hub worlds were fun to explore, some of the cutscene graphics were SPECTACULAR (you know which ones I'm talking about), practically all of the characters were in there (and you could ACTUALLY BE all of them), etc. !

I think people disliked this game because of the glitches and the romance between Sonic and Elise. I can't believe people are so whiny over the glitches, I've beaten the game so many times, why do they even matter? It's just an extra challenge if you ask me! Even I admit the romance between Sonic and Elise sucked, but can you blame either of them? Elise was a beautiful princess with special powers, and Sonic is a nice guy who had saved her so many times!

I don't care what people say, this is the best game ever.
It was your Sonic Adventure 3 but you guys choose to dislike it, don't complain, oops sorry, I misspoke, we all know you will anyway...
;-; I love you 06. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE you. I mean, Mephlis was pretty damn funny, he had a retarded laugh and he span like a pretty ballerina. Silver was hilarious when it came to its no use take this! And, I finally found him, the Iblis trigga. And Elise was just plain stupid and its funny how much we all hate her.

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18Sonic Lost World
It looks pretty good
This is a fun game to play, being so different then generations. Only thing wrong is the wisp.


This game hasn't been released yet, you know that right?

19Sonic Battle
Sonic battle was for the game boy but it contains solid game play and the fact that it was a 4 player game was impressive.

Sonic Battle should have been done to death and should have had so much sequels with now time graphics. You here SEGA you forgot that it could have been better than the DBZ games by now
The most fun sonic game of all!

20Sonic Advance
Sonic avdance is a good
Sonic advance 2 Doesn't qualify.
The whole Sonic Advance series is underrated. I would consider them to be just as good, if not better, than the original trilogy for the genesis. Please, vote for this game.

21Sonic Riders
1000 times Better than drift 1 and 2 and sonic r

I know this game is bad but at least it was better than sonic r!
This game sucks why is it that high in the list I mean seriously

22Sonic Advance 2
This is the best Sonic game on a handheld

23Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble

24Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 2

25Sonic Advance 3
This is a good game

26Sonic Riders Zero Gravity
Dude this definitely has to be first. Game play is amazing and has an awesome story line. Why didn't vote for this. It is the best and deserves to be number one
I like it mostly the graphics are great and the cutscenes are better with graphics. Lastly the song CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is so awesome!
I don't have the game. But ever since I heard of it, this was at the of Santa's list.

27Sonic Spinball

28Sonic Rivals 2

29Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
This was such an awesome game. The control is well balenced, the tracks are interesting and also, with the PC version, you get to play as Team Fortress 2 characters. That absolutely BLEW my mind.

30Sonic Chaos

31Sonic the Fighters
I never knew there was a sonic fighting game... I think it would be amazing if they did make another sonic fighting game with modern graphics that includes ALL the characters and unlockable characters such as Silver, Espio, Blaze etc. With their own skills, throws, special moves and finishers. It would almost be like the animal version of street fighter hehe
Finally sonic had a fighting game and it was a 2D-3D game with bad models but nice moves, and yes I think it you be remade into a game that is awesome with the same characters Bosses other than metal sonic and eggman

32Sonic Classic Collection

33Super Mario Sunshine
Who ever put this on here is completely blinded this not related to a sonic game it's Mario
Why is this even here?! It should be obviously Mario!
Sonic is not in this game people.
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34Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
I never played the game but it looks fun

35Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
Well, it was a great comeback but it just copied off the original game. Almost no new content.

36Sonic Dash
Sonic dash rocks I always loved that game
It is a copy of temple run

37Sonic Sega All Stars Racing
This is a pretty good game, although I don't approve of adding other sega characters- what about espio, metal-sonic, or even omega?
Yeah it's okay but it's certainly better than sonic drift!
Best sonic game EVER
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38Sonic Mega Collection
I Have The Game When It Works It RULES! But Most Of The Time My Gamecube can't Read The Disk );
This game is just beast SEGA you guys rule!

39Sonic R
Why is sonic r doing on this list this game is aweful!
Super sonic and metal sonic were fun to use
I love this game it is my favorite of the racing games
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40Sonic Jam
Let's face it. People only play this just for the Sonic World option.

41Sonic Jump

42Sonic Genisis

43Sonic Blast
I'm just adding this game cause I didn't see it on the list
I'm voting for myself!

44Sonic Gems Collection

45Sonic 4 Eps. 2
Super sonic is useless but the with him is a piece of cake

46Sonic Free Riders
The only thing sucks is team rose and team babloyn

47Sonic 2nd Dimension

48Sonic 3rd Dimension
This game should be #1 you know why? It's not even real!

49Sonic Shuffle
The story was long but it is fun and isn't a Mario party ripoff

50Sonic 06 Remake

51Sonic the Hedgehog 2

52Sonic 3D Blast
This is the only Sonic game I have so I have to stick up for it.

53Sonic's Schoolhouse
My childhood smarts is dedicated to this game no joke it should be at least 15th place it rocks

54Sonic and the Secret Rings
Like it but I don't have this game
Man so it s a never ending story dudes and dudettes!

55Sonic Labyrinth

56Tails' Skypatrol

57Tails and the Music Maker

58Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
This game should at least be in 10th place
This game is good game,

59Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics

60Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

61Sonic Boom
The new character models look really good besides knuckles but he looks ok.

62Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1
This is better than 3/4 of these, why is it at the bottom?

63Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Perfect game! It haves a lot of sonic and haves eggman on your side fun storyline and you meet these two cool guys:lx and shade. Shade is a boss and then later on angel island she becomes a member on your team and lx is the final boss with epic power he's hard to beat in some battles.
Perfect rpg game and the other comments say it all they are right of super sonic and I love talking to people and the missions are fun to play and the bosses are more fun this is why I mostly love this game.
The gameplay is fantastic. Great quality, good graphics, a fantastic game for the whole family. Best game I have ever played! Sonic chronicles should be at least number 3 on the list. And best of all, you can turn into super sonic!
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