Top 10 Greatest Sonic The Hedgehog Games

The best from everyones favorite anthromorphic speedy blue rodent!

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1Sonic Adventure 2

best story and 6 playable characters and 180 emblems and lots of unlocks. Chao garden very good.

This game sucks! But it has lots of good in it, especially the Pumpkin Zone. But guess what?! This game should be at the bottom for sure.

This game is amazing. It beats Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations by far. The Hero and Dark Story is an amazing idea. I played Hero Story first when I got the game, but in the game's story the Dark Story comes first. Speaking of the story, the story in this game is amazing. I mean, in Sonic Adventure it was just a mutated Chao is transforming into a super Chaos creature. In this game, a hedgehog named Shadow who is claimed to be the ultimate life form breaks free from a base on Earth and teams up with Dr. Robotnick (no I am not calling him Eggman) and a secret government spy named Rouge to collect the seven Chaos Emeralds to activate the Esclipse Canon and shoot a giant laser at Earth and destroying everyone on this. When the military find out about this hedgehog he mistakes it with Sonic. I am one of the few people who don't think it's a stupid mistake to make. The footage of Shadow was shaky and there hasn't been another 3'7 hedgehog looking for 7 magical gems ever, in San Francisco. So Sonic teams up with Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose to find the space colony ARK and prise the Master Emerald into the centre and stop the Chaos Emeralds from bringing the ARK from crashing into Earth. But when the reach the Canon's Core, the meet the Biolizard, the prototype of the ultimate life form and Shado fights it. Meanwhile, Sonic stops the Chaos Emeralds from dragging the ARK into Earth but the Biolizard teleports onto the ARK and drags it down to Earth. So Shadow and Sonic turn into their super forms to stop the Finalhazard from destroying Earth. They succeed but Shadow dies. The bosses in this game are amazing. I love the Egg Golem and the Sonic VS Shadow battles. I'm happy that you didn't have to fight the boss a good few times unlike when you had to fight Chaos 4 and Chaos 6 thrice in Sonic Adventure. Thrice. The music for the levels are actually perfect. I love Green Forest and Metal Harbour and I'm happy the made a return in the music section of Sonic Generations. The gameplay is amazingly fun. With Sonic and Shadow levels it is a level to get to the end. In Knuckles and Rouge levels (Meteor Hard, shudder) are about finding pieces of the Master Emerald. Tails and Eggman levels are set in big mech suits where you shoot enemies until you get to the end of the level. I like the Big Foot, Hot Shot and Flying Dog bosses and King Boom Boo just freaks me out to a point where I literally throw down my controller and jumpi into my bed and scream. The Chao Garden, is boring. I'm probably the only person who thinks this but the Chao Garden is so boring. I like the Kart Racing levels. Altogether the best game ever. I wonder if Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is better...

The story, the voices, the music, and most especially the gameplay... Greatest Sonic Game ever.

You owe me an apology right now! Seriously, Sonic Adventure 2 sucks!

This game is cooler than Mario games

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2Sonic Generations

Traveling through time, all the best Sonic games made into 3D and 2D, a massive trophy room, the level of nostalgia is OVER 9000! I love this game, from the level design to the re-playability, its pure epicness. Get it now, or my lazer sharks will find you. It's got mechanics both old and new. Even if you haven't picked up a controller for years, this game will convince you otherwise. Perfect difficulty ramp, amazing graphics, and Green Hill Zone, Act 1, is redone perfectly on the 3DS version.

THIS IS FOR THE CONSOLE VERSIONS: I personally think that Sonic Generations is the best game ever. My comment will be kind of long, but by the time I am through you will understand why I think this.

Sonic Generations is the best game simply because it is for multiple generations of Sonic the Hedgehog lovers as the title implies. The inclusion of Classic Sonic was magnificent as he felt just like his Genesis self. His levels felt more "classic" than any game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The physics were amazing and the graphics were stunning. Modern Sonic was just as amazing, and to be biased, my favorite version. I love boosting through the levels and the platforming of each level.

SEGA did a really good job of making this game a platformer. I truly see this as platforming to the max while keeping the speed aspect of the game. While there are some levels that aren't too reminiscent of the game that they were in, they maintained the playability. My personal favorites being Modern Green Hill Zone, Modern Speed Highway, and Modern Rooftop Run. I'll admit that Planet Wisp was horribly long for both versions of Sonic, but it definitely has replay value for Classic Sonic as finding all of the Red Rings in Classic Planet Wisp unlocked the Homing Attack for him.

The boss battles, along with the rival battles, were great. Classic Metal Sonic was perfect to me, although it wasn't the exact same. My favorite boss is of course the Time Eater, but I do love fighting the Egg Dragoon. The battles were the right amount of difficult. There wasn't anything too hard or too easy about it. And if you wanted to kick it up a notch, they had hard mode.

I will say that there are a couple of things that I didn't care for. The Planet Wisp stages, Classic Super Sonic was only invincible, Modern Super Sonic took up rings without a care in the world. But I thoroughly enjoyed the game nevertheless. This will continue to be my favorite game no matter what.

In closing, SEGA outdid themselves with this game. I think that if they had made the game a bit longer and added a few more things from the past (Hyper Sonic), then this would've definitely put Sonic back on top of the video game world. No matter, this is THE Sonic the Hedgehog game for every fan and I have no doubt that whoever plays it will enjoy it.

All I have to say is sonic 20th anniversary, AND THERE IS 2 SONICS. How awesome is that? And it makes bad sonic games look epic due to remastering

This game is very beautiful, fast, nice...

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3Sonic The Hedgehog 2

This is the single best Sonic the Hedgehog game ever, without a doubt. It expanded on its predecessor's levels by replacing tough puzzles with absolutely thrilling sections.

EMERALD HILL - Short, but sweet, and isn't the Green Hill rip-off people make it out to be.
CHEMICAL PLANT - I was stuck on Act 2 for ages! Its music is addictive and you should try out the remake of this zone in Sonic Generations!
AQUATIC RUIN - If you want a good run in this zone, then AVOID THE WATER! Just saying.
CASINO NIGHT - Fun, inventive, and paved the way for all future casino-like Sonic levels. (Well, OK, maybe Spring Yard did that in Sonic 1, but whatever. )
HILL TOP - Not the best Sonic zone ever, but I remember that rising lava section!
MYSTIC CAVES - Loads of traps, so beware! I liked playing 2 Player Mode with this zone!
OIL OCEAN - Really gets across that foreign feel, and sometimes I would just keep jumping across the oil!
METROPOLIS - A mega three-act zone, this is a toughie! Reminiscent of Scrap Brain in Sonic 1.
SKY CHASE - Almost like a cutscene, or maybe more accurately a mini-game. One of the easiest levels ever.
WING FORTRESS - Robotnik's lair! No Tails in this one, as he got shot down at the start of the zone.
DEATH EGG - One of the hardest Sonic zones ever? It's basically two boss fights, one vs Metal Sonic, the other vs Death Egg Robot.

I can't believe Sonic 2 is not top 1 but a Modern Sonic game instead! Why do people hate this game all of a sudden?!

This is unquestionably one of the two best Sonic games ever besides Super Smash Bros. Brawl! But Sonic Adventure series, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Heroes (which needs to be replaced by Mario/Mega Man/Pac-Man/Sonic (& Characters From Other Series) Heroes, Sonic Battle (the top 2 worst Sonic game ever whereas Amy Rose couldn't be Princess Peach but could be Super Luigi as well as Sonic Battle needs to have Nintendo series versions, a Mega Man version, a Disney series version, a Pac-Man version & most especially a crossover version that oesn't contain Princess Peach but replaces her with Princess Daisy, Rosalina & Pac-Man), Sonic Advance series, Sonic Unleashed, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series (minus the Vancouver 2010 game which is still bad), Sonic & the Secret Rings, Sonic & the Black Knight, Sonic & Mega Man (which needs to be replaced by Mario & Mega Man/Sonic & Pac-Man), Sonic & the Black Knight (which needs to be replaced by Mario & the Black Knight), Sonic Lost World, Sonic X, Archie Sonic comics (which needs to be replaced by Mario/Pac-Man Archie comics) & Sonic Colors all suck major donkey balls, though. Now, please give me a lot of thumbs up on this comment, please. Because the Sonic franchise sucked since the Sonic characters got their current second designs before the good new Sonic Boom series.

My first video game was a SEGA Genesis, and the game that was played the most was Sonic 2. Very nice level design, fun Robotnik battles, ADDICTIVE music, and incredible special stages. The introduction of Super Sonic helps your cause, plus it introduced Miles "Tails" Prower, my favorite Sonic character, into the games. Really set the bar for how to make a memorable Sonic game. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

I strongly agree with you. I can't believe people say Sonic Adventure 2 is better! Sonic 2 was a true classic that gets a perfect 10/10 score.

The defining game of my childhood, and the game where SEGA really nailed what Sonic was all about. 'enough said.

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4Sonic Heroes

This game was... Fun for the most part. I mean, Sonic Heroes was meant for little kids, but I know adults whom enjoy the game vastly. But, aspects of the game are boring or slow. Such as with Team Chaotix, in the Haunted Mansion, they have to locate the same object in the second part of the stage which could take over 9 minutes if you aren't a person for exploration. The tutorial level with Team Rose was just a waste of time. But, I'm not one of those people who just find the faults with the game. The graphics weren't bad for a 2005 GameCube game as well as PS2. The gameplay was a little "spotty' at times but for the most part was done well. The music... THE MUSIC... Was just amazing! The one song I constantly listen to in the game is "What I'm made of". Overall, I think Sega did an amazing job with this game. Let's just hope we don't see another Shadow the hedgehog game see the light of day... Unless the play testers or Sega make it so much better. Sega... You all have done well making this game.

The original Sonic games on the Genesis are much better than Sonic Heroes & Sonic Adventure 2!

By the way, it's gonna be a long one, so sit tight...

Sonic Heroes can be summed up with one word: innovative. This game gives us so much to work with, starting off with the story. I found myself having to summarize the plot, and even that took a while to explain (and yet some people think it's too dumbed-down... please.). My favorite part? Definitely the Metal Sonic twist, along with the question of whether or not the Shadow that was in Team Dark was a clone or the real one (however, Rouge does mention that "Shadow is a robot," along with Omega saying "the original must exist somewhere," making more of a compelling story line). Overall, the story is probably one of the best "simple" stories of Sonic games (some may say that the ending part of everyone teaming up to stop the plot twist villain was overdone and migrated from SA2, however this is only the 2nd time they've used this ending battle, and the part used in Sonic '06 made it overused, for anyone who thinks it's overused). Next, the gameplay... oohhh the gameplay. Firstly, I love the levels themselves. As stated by the developers, the levels were meant to be inspired by the classic games. Seaside Hill, Grand Metropolis, Casino Park, Rail Canyon, Hang Castle, and Final Fortress are only a couple of creative levels. Now, I actually prefer the boost gameplay from Unleashed to Generations, but this is truely an amazing style. When I say "innovative," I mean using a unique team-based game. Yes, you do have to fight a butt-load of robots (and Team Dark's second missions consists of robot busting), but then you have Team Blasts that both defeat the tough foes, but give you an after-effect (especially Team Rose's). Next, the music... AWESOME! Some tracks really get me into a level, ESPECIALLY Seaside Hill. I can admit that some tracks of the soundtrack are forgettable, but the vocal trax soundtrack has all catching tunes (plus it has the themes in SA1). As for the voice acting, there's no problems with any of the voices (yes, even Tails), especially Ryan Drummond and Scott Drier's performances. Finally, the graphics for a GameCube game, it has some detailed environments and good character models, and don't forget all the Cg cutscenes the game had. At least 5 for every team and 3-4 for the last story, making almost 24... DAMN! Finally, the rest of the game (extraneous parts, lasting appeal)... here's the thing... the reason why I love this game so much is because it's the very 1st Sonic game that I've ever played... when I first played through Seaside Hill, I felt so immersed to the game. Along with this being the first game of Sonic for me, it has a sound test, Cg theater to tee the cutscenes, and a lot of replay value. In my eyes, I just see this as another amazing game in gaming and Sonic's true height in his 3D career. To add to this, this game hasn't even aged that bad either too.

Engaging story, addicting gameplay, catchy music, perfect more

Are you crazy?! This game should die! I like the gameplay, but this game should be in the bottom of the list!

The game was great. The storyline was good, and exciting.
The gameplay was very good (Except some missions with, team Chaotix)
The levels was great, with a good soundtrack ( The best one is Seaside hill, in my opinion.
The dialog was really good, and it was always good to hear some comments from the characters while playing.
The game is really great.

As the first ever game I played, it's tough to say anything else.

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5Sonic Colours

I think this was the end point of making sonic great again, and generations and lost world came out just after, then it got confused again. But that's not the point. The point is that this is my favorite sonic game, yes unleashed seems to have helped sonic, but this is what made it proper. I like the gameplay obviously, the wisps were a nice addition, although I feel like they could have done a little more with the laser wisp. I also like the game, it's fast in the 2 sections, and faster in the 3d sections. I personally like the 3d sections a little more, but both were nice. I feel that this games areas are also pretty neat, my favorite is probably asteroid coaster. Also the music in this game was great as well, although reach for the stars is one of the weaker main lyrical themes. I also like the voice of sonic compared to the other previous voice actors in previous games, it fits his personality better then the other games. Also it's a small thing, but this game made me laugh here and there in the cutscenes as well. Maybe I'm easily amused, I don't know. I would vote for sonic heroes, but that would feel biased because it was my first sonic game. And this was actually my 3rd, sonic 4 being my 2nd. Not saying that picking sonic heroes is a bad thing, I love that game, but I don't feel right doing that when it's got a couple things I don't like. Hang castle and it's brother being one of the couple things. But, what am I to judge your favorite sonic game, I can understand your choices. I however like sonic colours more then the others. Its just a fast, fun game. And I love it very much. If you think this game is bad, that's fine, just respect my opinion please, and I'll respect yours.

Sonic colors needs to be AT LEAST 4th place AT LEAST 4TH. THE GAME IS JUST AMAZING

Need I say more? This is truly Sonic's comeback game. The graphics are HD-quality. You would never suspect that a Wii had this much power but there you have it. The game also lacked the boost to win issue with Sonic Unleashed. - ktm095

Sonic colors has great replay ability

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6Sonic 3 & Knuckles

This game is definitely my favorite game of all time. It's the roots of the series and on whole other level than the first two. Let me give a quick review of this masterpiece. First of the world you travel through in this installment is just massive and their is much to be discovered. The level of multiple routes and secret areas is astounding. Just think even today I'm finding secret rooms with extra lives hidden away. The variety in the levels have also improved. The basic green level than lit on fire. A ancient garden that crumbles before you. A desert that ghosts terrorize. The floating Death Egg also returns as the epic final zone unless you count Doomsday which I will get to later. As I said the levels are varied and now more than ever with I think 14 or 15 in total. Next I'll talk about characters and abilities they each possess. Sonic once again back with the spin dash and now has the insta shield which is actually very useful plus fun. Tails also can use the spin dash like in Sonic 2 but he can also fly which was something only the computer could do in that game. Finally knuckles the newly introduced character to the series who has a big role in this game. His abilities are glide, climb walls, and smash through rocks to unlock other before inaccessible routes. All the character fell unique in their own respects with multiple playthroughs of the game feeling less of the same. One thing that makes this game special is the way it tells a story without using any text. The story is a nice addition which is far better than the almost non existent plot of the first two. Sonic and knuckles both have separate story lines, boss variations, and routes to explore making the character selection all the more engaging. For completing the game 100% you will have to beat the game with all three characters and collect not only the chaos emeralds but the super emeralds. In Sonic 2 when collecting all 7 emeralds from the special zones you unlocked Super Sonic but in this time you can take it a step farther when becoming hyper sonic. Keep in mind every character has there own super and hyper forms with new abilities with additions. Also the special stages are the funest they have ever been in Blue Spheres. To go on many power ups are added to the roster as well. The additions being the flame shield, bubble shield, and lightning shield which all have their own pros and cons. Sonic can utilize the shields to their full ability but tails and knuckles elemental shields act as just that. Once again robot ok returns as the boss at the end of each zone but with the inclusion of mini bosses make the adventure all the more varied. Now on to the music which is something sonic has always shined at. This time around the music can be from boring to good to absolutely amazing. The name some the great tracks I would say hydro city, ice cap. Lava reef, death egg, and the final boss theme which is my favorite of the bosses in the series. Speaking of zone music each act of a more - Heatnix23

To me, the best sonic game of all time. Sonic 3 introduces the Elemental Shields. With one you are immune to fire and lava, and you can fire yourself rapidly in whatever direction you wish, as long as its left or right. With another you can't drown underwater, and you can slam yourself onto enemies. and with a final shield, you can double jump, and it acts like a ring magnet, taking any rings near you, into you. It also provides the most zones for any sonic game, and in my opinion the best level designs. Just look at how you start Ice Cap Zone! The music is also very good, and its rumored Michael Jackson himself helped compose some of the songs. Another aspect, is introducing the character Knuckles. he can glide, and climb walls! He is very fun to play as, and he can explore his own areas of the many stages. As a final note, this game was so huge at the time, it couldn't fit on a single genesis cart! They had to take half of the game out, and name it Sonic and Knuckles. This is my second favorite game of all time. (First being Super Metroid for the SNES). and I believe it deserves the 1. spot!

Easily the best Sonic game of all time. The level designs, the characters (Just the hedgehog, the fox, the echidna and the mad scientist. None of the crocodile, the chameleon or the rabbit? ). The best music of all time. Everything was perfect in it and everything.

The bonus level was excellent also, Blue spheres was good also. Plus the verses mode was so much better than in Sonic 2. Super Sonic was much better also and is still one of the best games to unlock him.

Give this game the title it deserves as closer to the top. If you've never played it, I suggest downloading a rom and trying it. I promise you'll like it.

Wow, I love your comment! This game should be top 1. I love this game and it is way more memorable than Sonic Adventure 2.

Undoubtedly the best ever. You who didn't assemble two sonic mega drive "cartridges" into one has no idea of what is a real sonic game, taking into consideration involving story, gameplay, graphics and challenge.

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7Sonic The Hedgehog

Yeah, when I put Sonic the Hedgehog on here, I meant the original, not the crappy 2006 version. - loganruckmanman

One of the best Sonic games I've ever played. Despite some glitches, it's introduction to Silver the Hedgehog and option to play him with his psychokinetic ability as well as Shadow the Hedgehog and everyone else was great!

The original, not the best, but my favourite. It was My first Sonic game and like many I was instantly hooked. The music, stages and bosses were all of the best quality. The exploration, the platforming and the speed. This game had it all and was only a sign of the brilliance to come.

Why can't this be number 1 on this list! Sonic started with it!

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8Sonic Adventure

This poor platformer has not aged well. Actually, it's aged extremely poorly. The only redeeming factor left are Sonics levels. Tails is an inferior Sonic clone who shatters the game with his broken flight and levels that don't cater to hm very well. Knuckles levels are way to short, bland, and easy. Amy is painfully slow and clunky. It's a struggle against the controls to even get from point a to point B. Big is boring and his gameplay is horrendously designed spawn of Satan. Finally, Gamma's levels are short, mindless button mashers (though his final stage is actually decently enjoyable). Sonic levels (minus stage 3) remain a joy to play with plenty of exploration and high speed, as well as fun and a usable exploits. This leaves us with 9 fun levels out of about 32. Other than that, sad as it is, this game has shot down in popularity and quality.

Sonic Adventure is the best game of all time. Anyone who refuses to look beyond the unavoidable camera glitches and bad voice acting is a fool. This game contains excellent music, a great story, CHAO, awesome level design, and the soul of SEGA.

Super Mario 64 is the best game of all time. Anyone who refuses to look beyond the unavoidable camera glitches and eye-hurting graphics (which are the best) is a fool. That game contains excellent music, a well story, perfect graphics, awesome level design and the soul of Nintendo.

I have played Mario Adventure, and it can't compete with this game on the NES. Mario Adventure on the PlayStation 12, is still a good game. Sonic Adventure on the Atari 67382916783974893568900, is my second favorite game of all time, number 1 being Sonic Adventure 4. It stinks that they wouldn't put Jar Jar Binks or Aqua Man for the DLC when this came out on the Sega Phoenix, this game came out in 1936, and they wouldn't put Bubsy the bobcat in the DLC. This is still a good game. - Shadowman

Not this type! I mean a Mario ripoff of Sonic Adventure, which sucks ass!

My second favorite game of all time

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9Sonic Unleashed

Werehog powers are really useful in some nighttime levels and the killer combo moves make sonic makes him look a character from mortal combat

' fast levels with Sonic and fun, action packed werehog levels! The graphics is incredible, Good voice actors and fantastic for the whole family

I played the game and to tell you its awesome! Despite the final boss, cool

Wii version is the best BY FAR

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10Sonic CD

Both soundtracks are good, extremely good level design, good graphics and music EPIC SPECIAL STAGES really really good story METAL SONIC IS awesome! And those robot making things you have to destroy in the past UHH! THEY ARE ANNOYING but that's what made this game good not to mention the really cool time travel gimmick, going to the bad future would either be REALLY SCARY OR REALLY awesome! Plus those hidden pictures (what were they thinking) and the difficulty is well... Fair unless your going for the good ending then its hard OH! AND I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART the EPIC animated intro and endings they are so awesome! ! TOOT TOOT SONIC WARRIOR CONQUER SPACE AND TIME TOOT TOOT SONIC WARRIOR YOU CAN EVEN FLY (this is the epic part) NOTHING CAN SURVIVE THE WILL TO STAY ALIVE (oh boy! ) CAUSE IF YOU TRY (ah! ) YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! (YES YES YES YES! ! ) YES YES YES YES! THAT SONG NEVER GETS OLD ITS SO EPICLY EPIC! ! ! ! If you haven't played this game you should go play it now the japanesse version has a better sound track and is the original (Yes For Epicness Yeah! ! )

The best Sonic game in my opinion. It has the best soundtrack of any Sonic video game and it's graphics are superb. It has original boss battles, Metal Sonic included, and a nice opening.

Best level design best gimmick (time travel) most awesome soundtrack ever exploration-based gameplay that retains speed and charm of the numbered titles = greatest Sonic game. Ever.

Metal sonic is cool

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11Shadow the Hedgehog

The real favorite is adventure 2. (Well, duh. The chao garden by itself trumps every other sonic game I've played.) This will receive my vote due to being both underrated and overhated. Mostly overhated. The only thing holding it back is all the gosh dang swearing and disgustingly bad plot. The gameplay, however is very solid. The guns were a fun addition, the only exception being limited in what weapons can be used based on the near-by enemies. Buying this game years after it came out, with all the bad reviews and complaints plaguing the Internet I expected many glitches, as well as choppy and slow gameplay, only to be surprised with a smooth, fast-paced shoot 'em up. This game deserves to be #10 at least.

Even at #12, this game is underrated. No offense, but the dark stories in games are always the most engaging and addicting ones. This goes for all the dark sonic games. And who cares if you don't need guns to play. That's not the point, the point was that the use of guns fit shadows style. Just getting a gun and shooting it at all was fun. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that if Sonic can go through 50 different games without using a gun, then chances are that Shadow can, too. I'm also Perry sure that people who say this are hypocritical and still use guns anyway because it's fun shooting stuff. - MottScurry

I used to play this when I was a kid, one of my favorite childhood memories

This game needs more love. I honestly am grateful to play as Shadow the Hedgehog. This game makes me feel mature.

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12Sonic Rush

Fave game I love the story line and playing the game and they came out with blaze

2nd best DS game ever.

Compare Sonic Rush to the original Genesis games.

The original Genesis games are much better than Sonic Rush.

Sometimes, I feel like there aren't that many people that recognize this game. They should play it because it's good.

This is underneath Shadow the Hedgehog? Unforgivable.

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13Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

How about Beavis Adventure series?

I never played the game but it looks fun

Better than its Dreamcast version, especially the Japanese version.

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14Sonic Adventure DX

Dude who says "I'd prefer Mario (insert Sonic title here) more"

SHUT UP. Mario is known to have many great games (which are now just remakes of the original games)

Complain about these on 4CHAN.

Basically sonic adventure only expanded what more is needed?

How about Mario in Sonic Adventure?

I wanted Mario to say a lot of things with his modern Italian accent.

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15Sonic The Hedgehog 3

This game was far ahead of its time. It made the best of the Genesis system. The graphics, the music, the gameplay, and especially the storyline, which was given much more focus this time around. Plus the special stages were good too (MUCH better than Sonic 2's). There are also different music tracks in each act, and each act has a transition according to the plot. Additionally, there is a boss in each act! And of course, we are introduced to Knuckles, who can PUNCH SONIC OUT OF HIS SUPER FORM!

This game featured excellent level design, music composed by MICHAEL ' JACKSON, excellent graphics for its time, the inclusion of 3 playable characters, and overall, it's just perfect.

Wikipedia made proof that Michael Jackson did not actually compose the film, but I believe that to be a lie.

Michael Jackson must be best friends with Yuji Naka and Knuckles the Echidna.

Sonic the hedgehog 3 should be higher on this list first of it has THE best soundtrack in any sonic game like hydrocity ice cap zone and it's the first time they introduced knuckles and sometimes the game has 3d effects that are good for 16 bit also Michael jackson himself composed the music that's cool and there is absolutely nothing and the special stages I liked them much more than sonic the hedgehog 1 and 2 and on this one you can actually save your game you couldn't do that on any other sonic game at that time

Stop voting for Sonic 3. It's pointless.

On the other hand, you SHOULD be voting for Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the true, complete version of the game.

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16Sonic and the Black Knight

I personally love this game the soundtrack is the best in any sonic game, the graphics are breathtaking, the storyline is amazing, the cgi cutscenes, when used, are amazing, even the non-cgi cutscenes are impressive, Grifiths performance was outstanding definitely improved since games like sonic 06, level design, bosses, voice acting all are amazing.

Everything about this game is outstanding.

To say this game is outstanding is the understatement of the century, intact I'd go so far as to say that this is the best game anyone is ever gonna come up with.

I hate whoever put this so low on the list this should be number 1

I strongly prefer Mari & the Black Knight (feat. the Your Favorite Martian band) & in this game, Mario could be on steroids.
He'll have a very long chin & so much muscle & veins.
Mario's big, bulbous nose will also be slightly bigger & absolutely stronger.
Mario will also keep his pudgy stomach.
Mario will strangle Luigi when he's very pissed off.
Mario would strangle anyone in this game.

In my opinion this is the best. Best story, gameplay, and soundtrack. Why it's so low confuses me greatly.

Come on sonic knight of the wind

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17Sonic & Knuckles

This has the right to be in the top ten as it was a continuation of Sonic 3.
Originally, this game and Sonic 3 were suppose to be combined as one to form a massive game. However, they had to split them up due to the amount of time before launch.
Some might consider this game downgraded from the last title, but I however think it was designed with the same quality.
Music was great, introduction of Knuckles as a playable character (obviously) and levels were challenging. Lock on technology allowed people to choose Knuckles as a playable character, awesome!

Cool! Please make them drunk & naked in this game

I'd prefer Mario & Knuckles.

This game is so underrated, even at top 17. I am a Sonic fanboy, and this game has done everything right.

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18Sonic Advance 3

This is the first game I've ever played in my life. It's no doubt the best.

The best game ever is Pac-Man World for the Sony PlayStation besides Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64.

Sonic Advance 3 was a blast and it did not tire me. But Classic Sonic is way better.

How come Nintendo stooped the Super Mario Advance series at SMA4: SMB3?! :(

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19Sonic Advance

Cool: I'd also like Super Mario Advance 6: Super Mario Land aka Super Mario Expert 2: Super Mario Land.

I'll strangle Amy Rose big time for her Piko Piko Hammer!

I prefer Knuckles with the Piko-Piko Hammer anyways.

I prefer Super Mario Advance 5: Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Game Boy Expert in the near future.

Sonic advance 2 Doesn't qualify.

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20Sonic Lost World

I don't hate.. But I don't love it. After the immense success of generations, I expected more to come of it. Instead we got Mario Galaxy 3: Deadly Six Edition. The gameplay was decent, though not nearly fast-paced enough to satisfy the Sonic craving. On the other hand, The plot was awful. It was boring, bland, and a waste of time. They probably sat around a table and pulled cliches and painfully bad punchlines out of a hat. Even the consulted mess of Shadow the Hedgehog was more bearable than these awful cutscenes (admittedly, though just barely) If you're going to make a plot this boring and outright awful, you're better off not having one in the first place. While an opinion and not a fact, I also dislike how Sonic is portrayed as a stereotypical teenage hero.

It looks pretty good

This is a fun game to play, being so different then generations. Only thing wrong is the wisp. - Shadowxr

This is one of my favorite sonic games

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