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61Sonic 2nd Dimension

Selena Gomez Takes a Dump on Sonic the Hedgehog would be awesome, too!

Selena Gomez played the drums once at a concert and Sonic is a guitarist whom Usher Raymond would be the best voice for.

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62Sonic 3rd Dimension

I agree. Beavis & Butthead, Tatanga, Wart & the Your Favorite Martian band all need to start debuting in 3D.

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63Sonic Drift

Sonic Drift was perfect by nostalgia, awesome graphics and great music! Too bad the gameplay is unfair, but it is a great thing that this is Classic Sonic instead of Modern Sonic!

So 3 stars out of 5.

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64Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

How about Knuckles the Echidna is strangled to death by Mario in Chemical Plant Zone for nothing because Mario is on steroids?

I'd like Mario to be in ALL the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Both Mario & Knuckles will team up on steroids.

Best Sonic game to Kieran Glen Harris Stark ever. I just found that reason out.

How about Mario goes and dies in a hole?

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65Tails Adventure

Tails reminds me of Sunny Bear from the because Children's Hospital Foundation.

Mario would be pissed that Tails got his own games.
Mario would strangle Tails & break his bones.

Tails was awesome. Mario would die because tails would use bombs and blow thim

True. Tails has smaller bones.

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66Sega Superstars Tennis

What? It just pushed off the original Sega Superstars! Great game, though.

If only this game were also named Sonic Tennis.

Penis the Hedgehog

Sega Superstars Tennis deserves to be much higher than top 59 in this game.

P.S. Princess Peach gives us the evil eye all the time as an excuse not to prosper at anything. Daisy is much prettier & hotter than Peach!

67Sonic Golf (Mobile)

We even strongly prefer Sonic Superstar Baseball.

If only there were Sonic Golf: Tiger's Wood!

Why is there Mario Sports instead of Sonic Sports?

68Sega Superstars

The game was so cool because of Sonic the Hedgehog (who needs to become a blue macaw) & especially Super Monkey Ball, but I also like Nintendo Superstars whereas Princess Daisy & Kirby encounter several male/female crossover characters.

This game should be at least top 3, but Sonic Adventure 2 is not good at all! & what's with the terrible modern Sonic games such are Snic Adventure, Sonic Battle, Sonic X (Leapfrog), Sonic Rush series & etc... ?

Sonic & the Secret Rings & Sonic the Hedgehog '06 were utter bull, like Sonic: Lost World.

69Sonic Rivals

I strongly prefer Mario Rivals & Pac-Man Rivals, being games with Cheryl Blossom & Diddy Kong having fierce rivalries & profanities with each other.

Tails went mental & there could also be a Mega Man Rivals.

How about "Mario Rivals" & "Pac-Man Rivals"?

The Sonic Rivals franchise wasn't good so far.

Lol sonic has no penis

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70Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

It's still better than Rise of Lyric. Especially since they kept Shadow

Not As Bad As Rise Of Lyric Or 06 But Still Not That Good

Not sure about it I've never played it before

71Sonic Drift 2

Not a bad game, but despite Sonic Drift 2's graphics, its gameplay can piss you off

This game is great, not the Sonic Adventure series which needs to be replaced by Mario Adventure.

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72Sonic Smash Bros

No, no, no.

The title is messed up. It should be "Hyper Knock Bros.".

Should be 'cat without penis sample text bros'

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73SegaSonic the Hedgehog

A good game but it has its glitches

74Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car
75Sonic Ghost Shooter
76Sonic Athletics
77Sonic & Garfield Pack
78Sonic World AdventureV1 Comment
79Sonic Genisis

Mario is Nintendo and sonic is seag sonic win for great games Mario wins because his style

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80Sonic 4 Eps. 2

Super Sonic? More like Steroid Mario in Sonic Boom.

Episode 1 boring 2 very very very very very very very very very awesome

Super sonic is useless but the with him is a piece of cake

Shadow, Metal Sonic, Tails! Going' Down!

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