Greatest Sri Lankan Female Singers


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The Top Ten

Saheli Rochana Gamage
Saheli is Amazing! Once Latha Walpala said that Saheli's vocal range is unimaginable and beyond my capabilities. At another occasion, Kumari Sandalatha Munasinghe told that Saheli is the Sexiest girl ever born in Sri Lanka!
Ayubowewa Maharajaaneni!

What a song! What a song! WHAT A SONG! I have never heard from anyone, anyone in Sri Lanka a song like Ayubowewa Maharajaaneni. The scat eating Saheli (will call her SRG from here onwards) put's her everything when singing this piece of music. During the release of the song, voters of Lankawhores magazine voted this song as the 1st in it's list of songs to be the national anthem of Sri Lanka. And the readers poll of a famous Colombo night club voted this song as the best song written in Sri Lankan history. I'm sure SRG will go to the parliament. She has impressed so many with this songs. Well done SRG, you made our nation more prouder than the war heroes!
Malabe Saheli is good. She sings songs good. She good.

2Subani Harshani Muthukumarana
Laaba Sina, Hambanthota Muudu Werale, Nana Thotedi, Sapaththu Mala, Ekama Eka Warak, Mage Appuhami, Oba gana mathakaya kanduleli denawa, Ratharanin Run...

Subani is the best singer in the world. No doubt about that, but people are loving Saheli. This is just foolishness. You have to vote for Subani Harshani Muthukumarana! She is the greatest ever queen of every thing in music. This I am saying to every S.H. M fan. I am the greatest Subani Harshani Muthukumarana fan ever in the history of the world. I love S.H. M very very very much.S.H. M is the greatest singer in the History of Music!
Subani Harshani Muthukumarana! That's the Only Super Star you ever have to listen to!
Sudani Harshani Muthukumarana is the number one singing girl in srilomka. Sudanis songs are helping me to do weed better. Sudani is the ganja singer. Sudani is Jamaican & srilomkan queen. I vote for Sudani.

When asked who is the Greatest Sri Lankan Female Singer ever, the answer is subjective. If you think that Vocal resonation and voice projection in songs is what defines you as the best then go for Mangalika Thennakoon or Subani Harshani Muthukumarana. If you think that a techno voice alongside a booming beat as the best, then go for Surenie De Mel or Baby Shanika. And if you think that lustful, sexy performances with high sex appeal makes you the best, then without a doubt go for Kumari Munasinghe. But if you are talking absolute knowledge of what one can do not to mention knowing exactly how to execute your voice in any particular style for the feel of an individual song, plus the ability to sing with emotions, then Ginger cannot be touched!
There will never be a Lady to match her Voice! She sings right from her soul. With that Blonde Hair & her Nose piercing she looks Beautiful!
Ginger is 100 times better than Latha Walpola.

4Mangalika Thennakoon
Absolutely the Best. No doubt about it. She is the Favourite singer of Mahinda Rajapakse!
She does not makeup her face when she sings like Latha Walpola does.
She does not depict adultery in her music videos when she sings like Nadini Premadasa does.
She does not dance & shake her boobs when she sings like Ashanthi does.
She does not give the buttocks to the politicians when she sings like Saheli Rochana does.
She does not wear a Bra & Panty when she sings like Kumari Munasinghe does.
She does not glide her body against the Penis of the male singer when she sings like Raini Charuka does.

You Sri Lankan Perverts! Vote for a real singer like Visharad. Mangalika Thennakoon!

5Raini Charhuka Gunathilaka
Raini Carhuka has the amazing talent of mesmerizing the male singer & giving Blowjobs to them. In the uncut version of Tharumini ochcham paavi den you can see she sucking & licking the penis of Chinthi & In the uncut version of Neela kandu gete you can see she sucking & licking the penis of Gayan 'Daddy' Perera as well. The Thong & the Panty she wore in the music video Tharumini was found in the houses of Hirunika Premachandra & Mayor Kanthi Kodikara respectively and the G-string she wore in the music video Neela kandu gete was found in the mansion of Damitha Abeyratne-Sobitha as well.
If you have seen her naked you will vote her for sure. Just try to write a letter to her. It worked for me and my friends to see her naked and to take photos with her as well. We did a song as well. Just say my name is, I'm a big fan of you and don't forget to mention the size of your penis and attach a colour photograph of it. She is a very good girl and loves her fans. So start writing to her now!

_ gayan 'daddy' perera _
One of the most talented of the young crowd and down to earth girl. And shes very flexible with her singing. All the best!

6Baby Shanika
She is simply THE VOICE OF SRI LANKA! Definitely better than Surenie De Mel & Nadini Premadasa. Even better than Manjula Dilrukshi!

If you don't know who Baby Shanika Wanigasekara is, go to you-tube & watch 'Mummy Mummy' or 'Mangala Nakathe' videos and educate yourselves!
WHAT! You people are Losers! Baby Shanika is the Best! What the Hell Saheli, Ginger, Sureni, Rookantha's keri wesi doniyanda, Nadini, Mangalika Tennacorn & Jackass Geni doing in the top 10? They don't even belong in the top 100000. Only MIA & Subani deserves to be in the Top 10.

My Top 3 are:
1. Baby Shanika Wanigasaycurrer
2.M.I. A / Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam
3. Subani Harshani Muthukumarana

7Surenie De Mel
She got the Best Voice of the Country. 'Aadambarai' is her best song. Surenie's voice is remarkable. Surenie, you made our Country proud baby! M/

8Kumari Munasinghe
She can sing and she is SO SEXY!
Saw Kumari Live in Concert with Plaas-baak last Night @ our hometown Kilinochchi! She was Amazing! What an entertainer. Unlike singers like Ginger & Baby Shanika, she wears gorgeous lingerie's in her live performances to captivate the audience. Her Pink colour, dashing Bra & Panty yesterday was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my whole life! & oh yeah baby! Isn't she SEXY!?
Kumari Sandalatha Munasinghe becomes sexier and sexier every second when she sings her sensual songs on stage. She is the ultimate stage entertainer. She was sexy in 'Kumari Munasinghe Live in Anuradhapura', she was sexier in 'Kumari Munasinghe Live in Badulla' and she was even more sexier in 'Kumari Munasinghe Live in Hambantota'! If Kumari Sings instead of Raini in the song 'Tharumini', she'll blow the rooftop off the tower of Chinthy!

Budu Saranai Sri Lanka & Kumari Munasinghe!
[Newest]Kumari is Sexy & Enchanting. She should be way higher on this list.
Thumbs up for Kumari...

9Nadini Premadasa

Words cannot explain the Greatness of the Queen of Sinhala Music. Her singing is 100% classical & sri Lankan. It's a Charm to the ear to listen her singing with all her Feelings & Emotions. You will never even blink an eye when you see her in the Music videos. That's how Divine her singing is! She is an Asset to Sri Lanka. If you ask Latha Walpola & Baby Shanika at any given time, I'm sure that both of them will admit that Nadini Premadasa is the Greatest!

Singers will emerge like Mushrooms pop out & will disappear even faster than they appeared, but no one has sung a song better than 'Madesa Balannai' to watch the music video and masturbate!

If you don't know who MIA is, youtube her song: Sunshowers!

The spotlight hasn't stopped shining on her since she came into this world.M.I. A, whose real name: Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam or also known as "Missing in Action" which stand for her stage name, is Sri Lanka's pride and joy in being their first star to crossover into the Rap frontier. She stands out in the crowd in that her genre-defying music is daring, brave, and adventurous, which is never attempted by any Sri Lankan female singer Ever!
It's hard to separate her voice from what she was singing about. MIA sang with a great deal of power enough to shake the foundations of her country's government. A measure of a great singer is getting a message across, saying things that otherwise won't be heard. And in a world that has ways of shutting down people that talk about peace and love, MIA could get that message across and inspire us. It's rare that something so serious and so beautiful as her music can rise as clearly to the top as she did. Her voice is one of the most important inspirations of our time â€" she was the voice of oppressed people all over the world! MIA is better than Mahinda Rajapassa for the Presidency! Vote for MIA!

The Contenders

11Anuradha Perera
Have you ever heard 'Mata number himi nethi baw'? In that song you have the best Harmonizing part in a Sri Lankan song: REZA REZA REZA MAGAREZA!
How can you ever Forget "Reza, Reza, Reza Magareza"!? Anuradha Perera is the Girl to Vote! I'm Proud to be Sri Lankan because of Anuradha Perera.

12Sashika Nisansala
Her voice in Enchanting. She should be way higher on this list.
Shshika has awesome voice tone

13Latha Walpola

Have you ever seen her Naked video!?
Igi Marana Tharu Rena is the best song by any female vocalist in Srilanka. The exciting way she sings is directly touches your Vulva! I Masturbate all the time while listening to this song.

Have you ever heard something like ARAVINDA YAYA PEERA! What a song. In Western world they copied that song of K Sujeewa & made a song called Canción del mariachi / Desperado.

15Corrine Almeida
She is the hottest among all of these female vocalists.

16Rashmi Sangeetha
What a 3rd Class Country is this!? A woman does not have to wear a Bra & Panty to sing you fools! They don't have to shake their breasts either! THIS IS NOT THE GREATEST PROSTITUTES LIST, BUT THE GREATEST SINGERS LIST YOU IDIOTS! Visharada Rashmi Sangeetha must win this list!
She's a Helluva Singer!
Rashmi is the Best She sigs with pashan and imoshan

17Niranjala Sarojini
She stopped singing since her Hubby died. She used to be the Queen of Sri Lankan Hip-Hop!
WHAT! You people are Loosers! Niranjala Sarojini is the Best! What the Hell Ginger, Sureni, Saheli, Rookantha's wesa doniyanda, Nadini, Baby Shanika & Jackson's wife doing in the top 10? They don't even belong in the top 100.

18Amila Nadeeshani
Shooper Ishtar! Amila Nadeeshani is Good...
She has superb voice and she is very beautiful

19Manjula Dilrukshi

20Mercy Edirisinghe
May you rest in Peace madam. you are the greatest singer in Sri Lanka. you will be never forgotten madam.
The vocaist with a true srilamkan touch. Listen to made lagina tharawan

21Chandani Hettiarachchi
No one! I mean no one! Is better than Chandani Hettiarachchi!
Saheli Rochana Gamage!?
Has anyone on this list done super hits like Arunata Pera, Wilasitha, Sandu Awilla, Mala Girawune, Rangana Thala!? Chandani Hettiarachchi is the Best Ladies singer so Vote for her!?
She is the black metal, death metal & doom metal queen of mother Lanka! She is also the inventor of metalheads/headbangers in Sri Lanka! The Best Head banging song in SL is none other than the death metal anthem of Sri Lanka ARUNATA PERA APA SENAKELLY PANAWO!

22Samitha Mudunkotuwa
Are you Allahishly kidding me!
Samitha Erandathee is below Anuradha Perera, Chandralekha Perera and Rush-mee Sangeetha...?
Samitha is definitely top 4 material with Nadini, Raini & Sureni.
And where on Allah is Raatnah La-La-Ni Jeyekodie!
You moronic people voting for Stupid lists need to get a grip on what Singing is...

The way she shakes her Boobs when singing is quite a sight and her perky nipples add extra flavour to her Massive Boobs... They just stick out as a couple of Bolts!
Man! Can SHE sing! She sings right from her Boobs! What a Voice!
She can dance really well too. With her attractive 52-48-56 Figure and her HAT, she captivates the audience when singing.

SANDA WATHUREN AWA, PAPARE, HANTHANE, AALAWANTHIYAK... We Love you! Regards from Kahatagasdigiliya.

24Chandralekha Perera

25Rakhitha Hemawardana

26Chithra Somapala
Chithra can sing even Death Metal!
The Best! Simply the best. When we were kids we listened to her beautiful & meaningful songs. We grew up with them. She left her legacy with her son Chithral. Just Youtube Dambulugale - First by Chithra & then by Chithral. Good Luck & Have a Nice Day...

27Sujatha Aththanaya
She is the best and where is Nanada Malini? The only other singer who deserves the 1st place & where is Anjaline Gunetilleke also?

She is the Best no matter to whom these Sri Lankan idiots vote & comment!

28Pradeepa Dharmadasa
Her Best song is MEHI KUNU DAMEEMA THAHANAM! What an incredible Voice and she must be a singer from Dallas, Texas!

29Nirosha Virajini
She is getting very fat & Sexy these days! And a very little make up also! She was one of the best those days, but I don't know what the hell has happened to her. A very very very sad Nirosa Viragini fan here :'(
She is the most talented female singer in Sri Lanka...

30Neela Wickramasinghe

31Mekala Gamage
It's so sad to see her One before the last place as the 31st!

32Rathna Laalani Jayakody
She can sing Slipknot, She can sing Slayer, She can Sing Anthrax, She can sing Disturbed... She is the Best Death Metal Singer of Sri Lanka! Her Royal Tattoo on her Left Boob & Her trademark Black Bikini makes her so Sexy on Stage with Dark lights. She can sing both sensually & ferociously. RLJ, You Rock Baby! M/

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