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41M.S. FernandoV2 Comments
42Mohideen Baig

I think he is the singer who sang most successful BUDDHIST SONGS.

43Clarence Wijewardena

He is the singer who sang best of group songs. I think about my knowledge he was the overlord of the BAND MUSIC. I think he is the best guitar player in srilanka. Now a days new bands have many brand new electrical guitars. They are more expensive. But they can't to close klarance's music. His music is so sweet and excellent.

44Greshan Ananda
45Priya SuriyasenaV3 Comments
46Ananda Samarakoon
47G.S.B. RaniV1 Comment
48Wasantha Sandanayaka

She is the singer who sang good and meaningful songs. Oh, one thing I have to say you. Wasantha sandanayaka is the begun of H.R. jOTHIPALA. She helped jothi to sing his first song SIRIYAME SARA. So, If wasantha santhanayaka couldn't help him then There wasn't a Jothi.


Not filty. Fill T. His welikad and ape paththe is my favourit song. I think he is the best rapper in Sri Lanka. I like his singing style very much. But his music videos not matched with his song.

50Mario Ananda

This Loser holds a Guitar when he sings but it's for show off! He can't play! Laugh out loud

51Sajjad Hassan
52M.G. Dhanushka

Great voice. He is better than M.S. fernando
. Don't forget he came from embilipitiya.

V2 Comments
53Pandith Amaradeva
54Athma Liyanage

If want to know about him. You should listen to songs

55Shalinda Fernando
56Gunasiri Banda Weerasuriya
57Haroon Lanthra
58Shelton Perera
59Dayarathna Ranathunga
60Somathilaka Jayamaha
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