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81Bruckner's 5th Symphony

Possibly the most climactic ending of any symphony. Wagner said "Bruckner, the man! ". Hitler also loved this symphony and used it for his famous 50th birthday military parade.

The most gigantic finale of all symphonies.

82Haydn's "London" Symphony 104
83Sibelius' 4th Symphony

Profound -- not for people who want melodies to tear up to. With his Fifth, the summit of his symphonies.

Mysterious, arcane, unfathomable and fantastic.

84Brahms' Symphony No. 2

I am absolutely convinced, that Bruckner is by far the more important and more fascinating symphonist than Brahms. But the beautiful 2nd symphony of Brahms belongs in this list.

I simply love Brahms and this symphony is simply beautiful!

It really should be the three B's: Bach, Beethoven, Bruckner for profundity. This symphony is like an elephant in a circus -- admirable but not completely natural.

85Mozart - Symphony No. 38 (Prague Symphony)

The last four symphonies of Mozart are equaled in depth only by the last four symphonies of Bruckner.

86Schumann Symphony no 3

Certainly the most cohesive and intuitive of his symphonies -- and thus the best.

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87Bruckner - Symphony No. 8 in C minor

The only symphony that Beethoven would have recognized as attaining true spiritual knowledge.

The sheer intellectual achievement quite apart from the majesty and beauty must place this amongst the greatest symphonies ever written To place Dvorak's charming but lightweight symphony in the top 10 is ridiculous. And number I should clearly be the "Eroica". So there!

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