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Roger Federer
You can make a case for Nadal at number 1 due to his head to head record vs Federer, especially in the Slams. This case could definitely be made if the day comes when Nadal surpasses Fed's Grand Slam record.

I'm saying that Federer had a 4-5 year run in which he destroyed the competition in a way nobody ever had before. Perhaps he took advantage of a time that lacked top heavy competition, but you can only play what's out there. I've never seen such domination by one player for that length of time.

Federer's game is like watching a machine at work. His greatest strength is his groundstrokes, particularly during his mid to late 20's. He could hit the ball with such power and at such an angle that gave his opponents no chance to stay in the point once a rally began. He had such a complete all around game and very rarely lost a match by beating himself with excessive unforced errors.

And to top it all off, he's been a true sportsman in both victory and defeat, a class act on and off the court. A great player and person in every sense of the concept.
Could have played in any era and still won and much! The game is played on slower courts now with power from the back of the court yet here's a champion whose ability set him aside from all others with tennis that we will probably never see the level of again. A true champion on and off the field and perhaps the greatest sportsman of all time.
He keeps winning and winning, people who say Bjorg and Becker were better forget that Roger faces tougher opposition than they did in every competition. Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Roddick, Tsonga etc.
[Newest]He is the best

2Rafael Nadal
For me, greatness is a combination of two factors: how good were you at your best and how long did you stay that good? Djokovic at his best is the greatest player the game has ever seen, but he's only performed at or near that level for about 3 years. Federer demonstrated incredible consistency and longevity, remaining at an elite level for nearly 10 years, but even at his best he was a step below the level Nadal and Djokovic have achieved. Nadal is the best combination of longevity (first major in 2005, still going strong 8 years later) and peak performance (winning record against every top competitor of his era, particularly Federer, and the highest overall winning percentage of any player in the open era).
Give the best on all of his game. Keep making the record. Always be the best on his personal and national team ranking
He is improving each year in all surfaces. His mentality is incredible.
[Newest]Head to head with federer decides the best player in my opinion!

3Pete Sampras
Federer until recently didn't have the competition that Sampras faced throughout his entire career. Sampras faced Borg, McEnroe, Agassi, Chang, Martin and even Federer himself and if he had continued to play, he would have won more majors.
Lord I miss this guy's matches. He made it look so easy to win, until the day I picked up a racket and learnt it is quite the opposite.
Based upon the competition he had to play against, and that volley and serve of his, he is the greatest!

4Novak Djokovic
First tennis player on the world
He is Brilliant and the best


The best player and comes from great country-Love Serbia.
Just wait and see - He will prove himself to be the best.

5Bjorn Borg
He was my costume for Halloween it was pretty nice he hurt ma back so it wasn't really that great but still don't care
He is the only tennis player to have won Wimbledon and the French Open in the same year for 3 consecutive years
won Wimbledon a record 5 times in a row and the French an all time 6-times record, and he also won them 3 time back to back, in a ROW!!

6Martina Navratilova
Definitely the greatest tennis player to have ever lived. She ruled the court like an empress. The champion of 18 Grand Slam singles, 31 Grand Slam women's doubles and 10 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles (phew)... Now ask who is the best.
How on earth can Djokovic be placed in front of Navratilova?

7Andre Agassi
He is so good look at his stats
Should be number 3 behind Federer and Sampras.
He is really the best player EVER!

8Jimmy Connors
Great backhand and service return. Excellent footwork and determination.

9Andy Murray
He is one of the best and most talented athletes ever. He has an exquisite backhand. Amazing footwork. Strong emotions, and he's crazily passionate about the sport.

He will be a grand slam winner and a legend soon.

-Mohammad Nawaflih
He win every match in this year
Murray has won Wimby! Yay!

10John McEnroe

The Contenders

11Steffi Graf
She had talent, she had character. She hardly lost her cool even when she was losing. She gave no excuses for ehr lost. she is the epitome of what sportwomaship should be
Achieved the Golden Slam, and many, many more
What idiot would put a person with 22 major champoinships, 107 titles, held the 1 ranking for 377 weeks.. And won at least 4 majors on all surfaces this low? Your post has not validity

12Chris Evert
The player that had the best winning percentage of all time is the best player in my book!

13Rod Laver
Laver won the grand slam (all 4 majors) as an amateur in 1962. He then turned professional and as a result was banned from playing the 4 grand slam tournaments for 5 years. He was allowed back in 1969 when tennis turned professional and duly won the grand slam again in 1969. How many grand slams would he have won if he wasn't banned for 5 years? He is the only player to win the grand slam twice and the only player (male or female) to win the grand slam in the open era. He also won the doubles grand slam 6 times and the mixed doubles grand slam twice. He was won the Davis Cup 5 times as a member of the Australian team. How's he going so far?
2 Grand Slams - Unbelievable. Most of those in the list above Rod have never achieved one Grand Slam! - John McEnroe had the best touch and was by far the most entertaining but Rod Laver has it on achievements.


unstoppable on all surfaces. grand slam X 2. several years apart, I might add. In his time, he was by far the best.
200 career titles - no one comes close

14Ivan Lendl

15Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
He is one of the most aggressive tennis players ever. Once he has confidence he can sometimes be unstoppable.
Jo fights until the end, for example, against Roger Federer in Wimbledon 2011 when he was 2 sets down, and in the 3rd set he built up his confidence, and in the 4th and 5th he was ripping winners to Roger Federer.

16Maria Sharapova

17Monica Seles
Without a doubt, the greatest womens tennis player in the game at her time. Even Martina Navratilova went to Florida to bring Monica Back to the game after her stabbing, that says allot.
Without the stabbing would have dominated as Graf before her, unconventional but steely! A true champion.
A true champion. One of the hardest fighters the game has ever seen.

18Boris Becker

19David Ferrer

20Mardy Fish

21Andy Roddick

22Tomas Berdych

23Janko Tipsarevic

24Ernests Gulbis

25Lleyton Hewitt

26Justine Henin

27Viktor Troicki

28Stefan Edberg

29Billie Jean King

30Pancho Gonzales

31Tim Henman

32Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi

33Evonne Goolagong

34Thomas Muster

35Victoria Azarenka

36Bernard Tomic
Bernard is good in every surface, he has so much skill and potential to be number 1 and he likes to win. For example in 2011 the WImbledon quarter-final against Novak Djokovic, even if he lost it shows he has a great chance to win many Grand slams on any surface or even be World #1

37Daniela Hantuchova

38Tommy Haas

39Serena Williams

40Venus Williams

41Stanislas Wawrinka

42Sebastien Grosjean

43Jim Courier

44Goran Ivanisevic

45Patrick Rafter

46Marat Safin

47Ken Rosewall

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