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21Hallucinations - Angels and Airwaves
22It Hurts - Angels & Airwaves
23Degenerate - Blink-182
24When I Was Young - Blink-182

I love this chorus! Great song for a bad day or just a great song to listen to for the hell of it lol.

25I Feel So - Box Car Racer
26Dammit - Blink-182
27Everything's Magic - Angels & Airwaves

How is this song NOT higher up?! A beautiful message that everyone that's ever been in love can relate to. Tom's vocals soldify this song as one of the best AvA songs of all time.

This song is simply amazing! It makes me feel so happy and powerful, it�'s like a vaccine of power and happiness...

28Do It for Me Now - Angels and Airwaves
29An Endless Summer - Tom Delonge
30Watch the World - Box Car Racer
31And I - Box Car Racer

This song means a lot to me on a personal level

32Mercenaries - Angels and Airwaves
33Lifeline - Angels and Airwaves

. . . when the world comes crashing down, I will find you if you hide - ikingjosh

34Rite of Spring - Angels and Airwaves

For sure my favourite Tom song, it pumps you up in a way that is not found anywhere else and it motivates you telling you a compelling story. It's a shame that it did not make top ten

I used to hate the beginning but got over it, now I love it!

Powerful song with powerful lyrics. Amazing

35The War - Angels and Airwaves

Absolutely inspired lyrics, great guitar and Tom DeLonge, what else do yo need? Tom is a god!

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