Greatest Tupac Shakur Songs


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The Top Ten

People, we just don't have to listen to this song but also take action, as that is what he wanted was. Lets fulfill his wish...
Love ths song always. True words by tupac, great lyrics
Really out of all the tupac songs.. This one don't get me wrong it is a great song but his best ever? I'm going to have to say o do not agree.. What about soulja story if I die tonight brendas got a baby whhy pick the most comercial song?
[Newest]I like Eminem as well

2Life Goes On
Everyone will always be down for Tupac and the music video has a deep message in it! The most mysterious Tupac song next to the Makavelli album!
The best Tupac song by far! Just listen to it deeply! I think this song was played at his funeral, and it suits a lot of funerals!
How many brothers fell victim to them streets, well RIP know what I mean? There's a heaven for a g
I love this song man, one of his best songs. Its appropriate for a gangster's funeral

3Dear Mama
Pac made is cool for people to show love to their moms. He's a true poet!
Well this song just proves the point that Tupac Shakur is not just a thug life killer. All haters should listen to this song!
Truly amazing song. Not just another mindless gangster song. How can anyone not love this?
[Newest]Men I think this is the greatest song ever by pac

4Hit 'Em Up
Hit Em Up was the greatest thing to happen to Tupac and Rapping! They don't make rap songs like that anymore! Diss songs that is.
This song has deep messages in it, just listen to the lyrics, plus is one of the greatest rap songs ever made! does not beat Changes but it surely in second spot!
Most pissed off, venomous, powerful I've ever heard Pac.
[Newest]The best song of the decade. I'm 14 and I love 90s rap, this is definitely the best I've ever heard.

5California Love
Sickest beat ever
His top 10 are
1. California Love
2. Changes
3. Hit em Up
4. Keep Ya Head Up
5. Hail Mary
6. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
7. Life Goes On
8. I Get Around
9. To Live & Die in L. A.
10. How Long Will They Mourn Me?
Changes and Cali Love are the best, this is a great dance song. Played a lot on the radio, his most successful single


Best rap song in history! Should be number1. This is the greatest achievement in Tupac's short, but legendary life!
[Newest]I don't know why this song is at number 8 it should be on the top, amazing beats, lyrics and everything is just amazing of this song


6Ghetto Gospel
This is a beautiful song. I heard Elton Johns chorus and thought yeah ok this is quite good. Then I listen to Tupac bit and next to Pac, Elton just looks sad! RIP 2Pac Number one rapper ever!
Ghetto Gospel has got to be the most amazing song I have ever heard! The lyrics are great, the beat is good and it has a good chorus line! Loyal to the Game is the most underrated Tupac album!
Provides amazing vocal and instrumental work, Tupac gives you an insight in to Ghetto life!
[Newest]Love this song tupac's the best Rapper ever

7Only God Can Judge Me
This song is amazing, it is one of Tupac's best! And he made one of the most famous quotes "Only GOD Can Judge Me"
Only God Can Judge Me became a world wide quote used in everyday society, the song is also mad!
"I hear the doctor standing over me, screamin I can make it /Got a body full of bullet holes layin here naked /Still I, can't breathe..."


[Newest]Love this song Great music and lyrics

8Ambitions Az a Ridah
This song owns all. The greatest hip hop album of all time was All Eyez On Me and this track was the greatest song off of it!
This should be in the top 5, everyone knows the beat and it kills every song except the top 4, it pursues Tupac and I like songs made by Tupac, it had a lot of critical reception, people calling it an amazing song and the best of All Eyez On Me!
It's the greatest about the life ever
He say what he want us to know no song gonna be that deep
It, s one of it kind really only one
[Newest]Amazing beat, amazing lyrics, true gangster

So many battlefield scars while driven in plush cars this life as a rap star is nothing without heart...

9Keep Ya Head Up
Tupac talks about how much women do for us and we should appreciate and take care of our women, because without women there will be no life.
I love this song! Its awesome and teaches the empowerment of woman. It also shows how to treat your woman and that well basically to keep your head up
Come on! How is this not in the topen, it is the light side of tupac, and some are calling it his best song ever! This along with Dear mama are Tupac's two heart felt songs!
[Newest]Positive words for strong positive women. I respect that and can relate to that. I love that. thanks pac! Its truly an inspirational song. Am keeping my head up! R.I. P brother.

10Hail Mary
The best Tupac song ever made on the BEST album ever made! Hail Mary is a lyrical and spiritual journey for all Hip hop fans!
This song is amazing, I would say even more the whole Makaveli album is amazing. I personally think it is the best album he has made. If he would have lived longer he would change the world, he would show his true nature, which never saw fully, sadly.
Yea because you corret manlove that song here it all over and over again
Best song ever. I personally think Tupac is still alive but its watever but yea this is the best song ever

The Contenders

11I Ain't Mad At You
I can't believe I'm adding this song... I ain't mad at you should be #1... I'm sure changes is great but this song is deep... and the video version has a different 3rd verse which is released after pac's death... great video and song man this deserves #1 spot


Overall best song. Awesome beat, great lyrics, and nice upbeat message.

"even though we separated you said that you'd wait don't give nobody no cuchi while I'll be locked up state"
Show the progression of life, unlike being in jail juss how people change. Its close to home for me... line when he says "When I talk about money all you see is the struggle
When I tell you I'm livin large you tell me it's trouble"

12Me Against the World
Me Against The World was an amazing insight into tupac's conflict with different people in his life, I reckon hit Em up should;ve been on that album because it represents what the album is all about and it came out on the same year as the album! 1995!
The second verse of Tupac is just insane
and I think it might be his best.
Great song! The remix off 2Pac Rap Phenomenon is way better, it uses the beat from Still D.R.E. and plus UGK is in it!
Tupac will always be alive in your hearts. He was the worlds best rapper. He was also the realest. Speakes the true. So...R.I. P

13If I Die 2 Night
Song is more lyrical than 95% of rap songs ever made. He wasn't a lyrical rapper, but wasn't afraid of making a lyrical song using alliteration. "Pockets is packed wit presidents pursue your riches".
Don't for get him
Yes it go hard

14Thugz Mansion
Both versions are pretty good! This is top 5 material, Better Dayz is so overlooked even though it gave us so many great hits from Shakur!
Greatest hit from Tupac's Better dayz, well its really the only good track!
My favorite 2Pac song by far, definitely deserves to be in the top 5, and even more so #1 or #2. The lyrics are deeper and better than any other Pac song in my opinion. I personally like the Nas Acoustic version better than the other one, but hey that's just me.
[Newest]Great song different from a lot of his

15My Block
My Block is one of the greatest 2pac songs that moves ones feelings, and it sheds light on the danger in ghettos...2pac's message in this song is sent deeply and amazingly.

16Unconditional Love
Really touches the heart, reminds us what real love is.
Reminds us of what being loved felt like.
Love this song! Pac at his best!

17Runnin' (Dying to Live)
The best collaboration by two rappers. The lyrical message behind this song is insane!
Great piece of music and it is from two of the worlds best rappers so you know what to expect!
This is the best Duet you can ever think of! Tupac and Biggie together is amazing and one deadly combination!

18Starin' Through My Rear View
One of the best songs by 2pac... should be in top 10... but well more than 10 songs deserve that place


One of my top 5 pac songs, deep and meaning ful lyrics with an amazing beat,. Don't think many people have listened to this one or it would be in top 5 for sure.
Truly a materpiece! We seem to overlook his sogs, but this one should of been on the top ten.

19Letter to the President

202 of Amerikaz Most Wanted
I'm not saying it is his BEST hit, I am simply saying it should be somewhere close to the top ten e. g. 11, 12 etc


Tupac and Snoop Dogg you can't go wrong!
Ain't nuthin but a gangsta party
[Newest]His best one with Snoop Dogg!

Very good and clever gangsta lyrics by the best rapper of all time, tupac! This song should be in his top ten if you ask me. Rest in peace.
The most violent, bumpin, hardcore gangster song by Tupac. Shows a much darker side of the legend. Great music and lyrics, truly disappointed most people don't rate this in his top ten when it easily tops songs like Hit Em Up and Changes.

22Brenda's Got a Baby
The most amazing song I have ever heard, 2Pacalypse Now is an unbelievable spiritual journey behind America and shows us all the problems it has!
The most realist, poetic, lyrical and saddest Tupac song ever produced! It will always be in his top ten songs of all time!
The beginning is really good and unforgettable: I hear brendas got a baby but brenda barely got a brain, a damn shame the girl can hardly spell her name!
Love the lyrics as well as the background music. Really should be higher on the list, like 15 or something, at least.

23Until the End of Time
Greatest song ever, should be in his top 10, this fully expresses who 2Pac really was
This song is not just tupac"s best song but one of the best songs ever!

24Made N*****
One of the best tupac music, first time I heard it I got that chill in my bones.. Amazing

25So Many Tears
Best song tupac ever made he has the best beats is this songs and best lyrics
He was so talented. Words are so deep to the soul.
Great song will always be!

26Against All Odds
This was my number one song

27All Eyez On Me
All eyez on me killuminattii

28When Thugz Cry
Until The End Of Time is the greatest Tupac album of all time, a great range of underrated hits and this one is the best out of all of em'
I think it is the best Tupac's song ever. Amazing lyrics. "Come take my body God, don't let me suffer any longer"
My favorite Tupac song! The lyrics are amazing and they are realist stories in this dope track!

29Bury Me a G

30One Day at a Time
this one from tupac resurrection is an amazing song with eminem and outlaws.. and they way pacs lines are put in as if they did it together... its a great song


It's a real good

32When We Ride On Our Enemies

33I Get Around
The personification of 2Pac! Awesome song.


35Letter 2 My Unborn
This song is so amazing
I think it should be top 5
The lyrics are so deep

36Soulja's Story

37How Do U Want It

38They Don't Give a **** About Us
Track is really bone chilling, unfortunately there isn't enough of that out there


39Never Had a Friend Like Me

40Lord Knows

41Do 4 Love

42Death Around the Corner

43Me and My Girlfriend
Has a strange Ā'vibeĀ' that iĀ've never heard in any other rap song...

44R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
Heavy and grimey tupuc is always down
Described the exact feeling at that time

45Shorty Wanna Be a Thug
When i was growing up this helped me get myself on a better path


"I tell you it's a cold world, stay in school
You tell me it's a man's world, play the rules"
- great song, one of his bests should be in top 15

46Can't C Me
I don't know why this song is barely being added. It has a killer beat, sick lyrics, unstoppable flow and is a great diss song aimed at Dr. Dre. All I can say is listen to it.
Amazing song, top 5


48Can U Get Away
Unbelievable lyrics, catches my every time I hear the song.
When the girl you love is mistreated by someone else...this is the track

It is one of tupac best records

This song is amazing I guess not enough puerile know about it
I love this song! Should be in the top 10 I think

51F*** Friendz

52I Don't Give a F***
Neva care about what they say...

53Resist the Temptation
Can't believe this song was not on the list. Probably one of his most meaningful songs. Should be at least in the top ten!


Not the best but better than some rapper song that their best it

55Wonda Why They Call U Bitch


57The Realest Killaz

58Do for Love
Nr 63? That's insane. Should be top 5, at least


60Holler If Ya Hear Me

61All About U
This is the best 2 pac song because the lyrics are good the outlawz are good and its a song you can really dance to.
One of tupacs best songs and its all the way down here that just shows that tupac has too many good songs

It has a good beat, good lyrics, and a great delivery.
Awesome song
I think, its his best

63Str8 Ballin

64Toss It Up

65Gotta Get Mine

66Under Pressure
This one has everything including a strong message for America


68Thug Passion



71It Ain't Easy
It Ain't Easy Being Me,
Will I See The Penitentiary,
Or Will I Stay Free

72Thug Style

73Holla at Me
Best gangsta rap ever, great beat and lyrics. Kind a modern
Rap. "ya better holla at this music".

74Street Fame

75Ballad of a Dead Soulja

76Only Fear of Death

77Dopefiend's Diner
Thus song is so sad. I don't think many people have heard this song.

78Thug Love

79Pac's Life

80U Can Call

81I Tried

82Cash Flow

83Nothing to Lose

84I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto
Come on how is this not at least in the top 15-20?

85Better Days
Great lyrics! Brings an uplift to mind in staying positive! Although life seems tough, stay strong and look towards those better dayz!
Such a deep song, very moving.
I love this song so much it makes me think so much

86Lil' Homies

Basically, one of the fastest and most meaningful of his songs. Sadly it's kinda rare to download now... Don't know why...

88The Uppercut

89Bow Down

90Got My Mind Made Up
Method Man, Redman, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Tupac & there is a unreleased version that has a inspecta Deck Verse on it to its a masterpiece with an amazing beat

91Pour Out A Little Liquor


93Happy Home
One of th best of amaru shakur, unconditional love, ghetto stars

94Runnin On E'

95U Don't Have 2 Worry

96To Live and Die In L.A.

Definitely one of his best songs!

98Last Mother****** Breathin'
Definitely one of his best songs!

99Teardrops and Closed Caskets
Such a good song


100When We Ride On Our Enemies

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