Greatest TV Series (Shows) of the 1970s


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The Top Ten

Great adventures in the army


2The Waltons
Love the Waltons! It like a great comfort food so comforting.

3The Young and the Restless


5The Muppet Show

6Charlie's Angels
Three angels great mission adventures


7Little House on the Prairie

8Happy Days

9The Partridge Family
I think I love you partridge family! Bonaduce come on get happy!


10The Brady Bunch
Laugh out loud love it groovy


The Contenders

11All My Children

12Kung Fu

13Fawlty Towers
Totally agree that this be put on your list. Only twelve episodes were made but what a funny twelve. Absolutely love Basil Fawlty's sarcasm and impatience. A fine '70's comedy indeed.


14The Goodies

15The Good Life

16Monty Python's Flying Circus

17On The Buses

18Love Thy Neighbour

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