The Greatest TV Series (Shows) Of The 2000s


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the best show of the decade. full of mysteries. I was not excpecting that finale. awesome!

Be it drama, comedy, adventure, horror, science fiction, romance... Dude, Lost has it all

Lost is one of the Best shows that will ever be on T.V.. Great actors, deep plot always keeps you hooked. Variety of generes that keep the show great. There is no way you can't like lost.

Love this show. Such an amazing show. Emotionally moving, must watch

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It's my favorite show. Watched it from the first episode. No other show makes me sad, happy, scream & be sometimes grossed out.

Very addictive T.V. series!. Funny horror and action. This should be number 1{way better than lost! }

Exciting plots, brilliant character development and truly emotional scripts with a phenomenal cast - what's not to like?

It's. Sam and Dean they are awesome.

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3The Wire

Remember when T.V. was great? The Wire (absolute top), Dead Like Me... Deadwood... Six Feet Under... What other series -there were so many creative absorbing drama and humor too in the early 2000's
What's on now? Mostly trash. Thank god for PBS


An entertaining series with a genius doctor handelling life an death situations in his "own way" with late briliant theories - MatrixGuy

Every single other top 10 llist in this place are crab, but this is the only list with a decent numb 1 pick

An original, funny, dramatic and addictive show, if you haven't watch already, DO IT!

he's so bad you have to love him : ) - mariangella

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5Six Feet Under
6Arrested Development

This is the most clever show in the history of existence. You can watch one episode five times and there's still things you would've missed.

Arrested Development is by far the funniest show of the decade. It's a shame it got cancelled. How is it number 22?

8The Office

I hate this one!


This is action and suspense at it's very best on T.V.. Jack Bauer kicks major ass, no one can ever beat him, old school action, best main character on a T.V. show ever, suspense is golden, each character, even some you expect to be generic are all diverse, unique and are always tangled or involved in the plot.

10Prison Break

One of the best shows ever made. It's worth watching.

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?The Shield
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11Curb Your Enthusiasm
12Mad Men
13One Tree Hill

A very spectacular and mature series of young Superman - MatrixGuy

15True Blood
16Parks and Recreation

This show makes me laugh til I cry sometimes. Amy poehler is AMAZING

17Falling Skies

A promising show but something is missing from it, anyway it's a series that worth's watching... - MatrixGuy

Love this show a lot better then lost

You guys suck at picking top T.V. shows by the way

Heroes was awesome! I miss it!

19Desperate Housewives
20Family Guy
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