Greatest U.S. Wrestling Company

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World Wrestling Federation (WWF)
My God WWF started all All The Biggest Stars started there or ended there. At The End TNA will fall like ECW And WCW and again WWF(E) will be on the top alone maybe than its called wwg. who knowz




WWE is the best buff said

2World Wrestling Enterainment (WWE)

3Total Non-Stop Action (TNA)
Better Wrestlers, Better Women Wrestlers, Tons Of Fresh New Ideas, and Better Matches make TNA a better promotion than WWE!


This is one stop where you will be never be disappointed especially for real wrestling fans

4National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)

5World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW)

6World Championship Wrestling (WCW)

7Extreme Championship Wrestling [ECW]

8America Wrestling Association (AWA)

9World Wide Wrestling Federation (1963-1979)
The era of TRUE professional wrestling, TRUE professional wrestlers and TRUE champions.

10Univeral Wrestling Federation (UWF)

The Contenders

11World Wrestling Council (WWC)

12Ring Of Honor (ROH)

13Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC)

14Lucha Underground

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