Top Ten Greatest World Series Heroes


The Top TenXW

1Joe Carter - 93 Blue Jays

He is the face every time I here Blue Jays.

Blue jays are epic

2Cole Hamels - 08 Phillies
3Bill Mazeroski - 60 Pirates
4Don Larson - 56 Yankees
5David Freese - 11 Cardinals
6Joe Crede - 05 White Sox

Joe Joe the late inning hero! - crazyeyes56

7Sandy Koufax - 65 Dodgers

In an era when a good fastball was reaching the plate at around 92mph, Koufax was routinely breaking 100.
Fastest I remember was 104.

8Reggie Jackson - 77 Yankees

Saw it when it happened. Watch it every time it's replayed.
The odds against anything like that happening again are astronomical.

9Kirby Puckett - 91 Twins

Took over in Game 6

10Kirk Gibson - 88 Dodgers

The Contenders

11Derek Jeter - Yankees 90's Dynasty

Probably start an argument, here, but this kid is the best all-around player of all time.
A menace at the plate, and a combination of ballet dancer, roadrunner, kangaroo, hummingbird and sniper at short.
Ran full-out, every play, even when there was barely a prayer of making it.
And through it all, humble, almost to a fault.
Chances are, you'll never see another Derek Jeter.

12Edgar Renteria - 97 Marlins
13Curt Schilling - 04 Red Sox, 01 Diamondbacks
14Randy Johnson - 01 Diamondbacks
15Josh Beckett - 03 Marlins, 07 Red Sox
16Mariano Rivera - Yankees Dynasty
17Livan Hernandez - 97 Marlins
18Willie Mays - 54 Giants
19Carlton Fisk - 75 Red Sox
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