Greatest WWE Superstars of 2012

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The Top Ten

John Cena
John cena is the most top ranking superstar in the world. The way he fights is incredible.
Cena you are the best super star and you are the best finisher it is true that any body can't see you
He's the best he beaten up CM punk at non title match he can beat Ryback if he got a chance Cm punk is so weak that he called Paul heyman to save him. At non-title match. And I know Nobody can see john cena that's true hats off to him.
[Newest]John is the best
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2Randy Orton
Randy Orton Is The Best WWE Superstar Ever And He's A Nine Time World Champion And He Has Holden The Intercontinental Championship For 210 Days And He Has Almost Everything A Man Could Have He's Good Looking He's 6 Feet 5, He's Only 32 Years Old And He's Done So Much In WWE And He Should Be The Face Of WWE And He is better Than John Cena And The Rock Combined And He Will Beat The Undertaker At Wrestlemania 29 Or 30 If He Faces Him And After His Suspension Is Over Then At Summerslam He Will Win The World Heavyweight Championship, I Will Pray That He Will Win It.
I love how Randy Orton fights, he looks getting stronger when he get's mad. He's RKO is the best finisher ever in the WWE. If Randy Orton got hurt he's gonna stand up quickly. And he looks like a LEGEND.
Randy Orton is the best wrestler ever! The way he fights and the way he looks at you, only of these you can lose the match for seconds! His RKO is the best of all the others hits! He is also very good-looking! He is 1.93 metres and he weights 113 kilograms, if someone can fight with him-phone me! He is the greatest and he will win all the titles, just because he knows how to fight and he loves doing it!
[Newest]Randy Ortan is the viper because no one can predict about his RKO. He can finish any one with no time, no direction and no position especially if you fly in the Ring with Ortan, its for damn sure that you get a RKO.

Why is undertaker only in 4th place why not 2nd
This is the most feared wrestler in the history of wrestling, I can guarantee you if I am lying I will kill myself
He's got the best surprise attacks
[Newest]I liked undertakers unbeatable streak. But when the streak ended I was very sad, but still for me his streak is alive

4The Rock
The Rock Is A 9 Time WWE/World Champion And One Of The Greatest Intercontinental Champions Of All Time And Also One Of The Greatest Attitude Era Superstars Ever, He Came Back After 9 Years Without Wrestling And Defeated John Cena At Wrestlemania 28, He Had The Best Mike Skills In The WWE History, He Had Some Of The Greatest Rivalries Ever With Superstars Like Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, H, Ken Shamrock, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, Undertaker All Combining Some Of The Greatest Moments In WWE My Hats Of To Ya Rocky Maivia!.
He says he will beat up that cruddy john cena
The rock is more powerful and smarter then john cane. The rock win against any superstar. He is original hero in the universe. I am 100% sure than rock wins wwe title fore ever
[Newest]Rock you're the strongest man in WWE

He won the royal rumble and World Heavy Weight Championship in wrestlemania 28
HE is a great wrestler
And in some days he is the world heavy weight champion
Because sheamus is broge kick
[Newest]His the best worrier

6CM Punk
CM Punk Number 8 are you serious he should be Number 1. The Best In The World CM Punk yeah so what he lost some matches doesn't mean he's nothing. In my opinion he's Number 1 not number 8 not number 2 number 1. The Best In The World CM Punk yeah I know I said this before. Haters of CM Punk your nothing if you don't like CM Punk your nothing. Most people would rather be fans than haters. He's been WWE Champion 2 times. I also know that he's been a heel for almost his whole career. But I don't care I love CM Punk no matter what. Everyone loves him. Every match he's been in I cheered for him over all of the boos and haters. CM Punk Best In The World. I believe so.
I cannot believe CM Punk is this low, I mean the Undertaker, my all time favorite wrestler, and the Rock, both of whom have their total appearances countable on 1 finger, are better than a man who has been there each and every week. Undertaker for making WM 28 worth it does deserve a top 5 spot, but CM Punk was great through the entire year. I also think Undertaker should win at Wrestlemania, but CM Punk is still doing better.
CM PUNK is the longest wwe title holder and thus should be at least better than Sheamus. He is more younger than Cena, the Rock & is one of the best
Talkers of wwe plus he has a very high potential where as CENA, ROCK &
THE UNDERTAKER are at the peak of their abilities.
[Newest]Held the title all year long

7Rey Mysterio
He are the best High Flyer. He must be 1. !
I am very big fan of yours
Rey mysterio is really cool like the 619 its really cool like he won the royal rumble in 2006 Go Rey 619
[Newest]You or best rey mysterio

8Triple H
For me triple h should be at top 10 now he is a old guy but at younger time he is the king of the ring that's THE GAME...
He is the king of kings no superstar ever want to mess with him
[Newest]He likes to fight and I want him to be the world heavyweight champion again

9Brock Lesnar
He is a super hero of all time because he beat a master wwe undertaker at2003. So, he is my hero
He is best in WWE because he beat The Undertaker in mercy in2002 and 2003 he beat Triple H in extreme he is the king of the ring he beat almost every players in wwe
I think he should be at the top of the list
[Newest]SPOILER: He breaks the streak aka undertakers

10Chris Jericho
Because I love the code breaker and he is slowly turning face
He is the best in the world at what he does and he is also the creator of the money in the bank also he is a record 9 time intercontinental champ 1 undisputed champ 9 time world champion
He is the best trash talking dirty ever
[Newest]Jericho is the best in the world at what he do

The Contenders

11Shawn Michaels
He is a good wrestler best in the world
Shawn Michaels is "Mr. Wrestlemania", that says it all!
Best mover which I seen from many years. I like his move. Specially kick.
[Newest]I swear I want to see you I will cry if I didn't

He is awesome
i love his shell shock
He is best in the world. Feed me more, feed me punk
He was a best wwe superstar ever
[Newest]Awesome first year but almost capturing WWE title

13Daniel Bryan
What a funny year for these two aka team hell no. Started in middle of the year but won some tag team titles.
Daniel bryan is best superstar in wwe
D. Bryan is an absaloute hero as well as 1Direction he is the best

He is one of the best wrestlers of all time. He defeated undertaker three times in a row. Ha has the power to defeat any superstar in wwe and has the ability to fight with anyone. He can scare anyone in we.
He is the big red monster... No one terrorizes wwe like him
He should be in top 5 because he is physically more stronger than any one else and has the ability yo defeat any superstar
[Newest]One of the most underrated superstars of all time like give him a chance WWE I'm sick of John Cena winning everything

Batista is a beast he is the best he should come back
I think batista has to place at no1
he is the animal that wwe fears
Batista is very awesome

16The Great Khali
He is a good fighter as well as a good husband
He is the strongest man in the world he is very heighted and peace of india
The great khali is the strongest man in wwe
[Newest]Pride of Indian. Wrestling

Christian is the best superstar. He defeated cody rhodes and he is the new intercontinental champion
I love wwe player 123
He is a great wrlestler and my champ

18Stone Cold
That's no fair he should be number 1 he is the greatest of all superstars of all the history he never quits that stone cold stunner really is stone cold he really should be number 1 that is a fact


The rock is better

19Big Show
Won the world title late in the year but turned to a top heel in the middle of the year
He is so dominant to everbody he beat sheamus a lot he kicked everybody's butt

20Kofi Kingston
He's one of the three best high-flyers so he deserves to be in the top ten 2012 wwe superstar
He can fly guys he is the best high flyer in the wwe and he is one best in the athlete in wwe guys!
I think kofi should be in top 10. He is a great superstar. And the best athlete in superstar

21Sin Cara
Sin Cara is one of the most best wrestler in wwe.
He takes incredible stunt instead of Rey Mesterio...
Beat the great khail
He is high flying machine
He is cara so he takes increadle stunts
He than rey mysterio he can beat khali

22Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy I bet He can beat Matt Hardy and William Regal in one match
Matt hardy and Jeff hardy lita
That is so true.

Were is edge he should be 1st rated r superstar won the 2010 royal rumble

24Alberto del Rio

25Kelly Kelly
I love her butt attack


26Big E Langston

27Cody Rhodes

28Santino Marella
I like his cobra
Santino marrela former united states champion is one of the most funny WWE superstars of all time. His finishing move is the "cobra" where he puts a cobra puppet on his hand and pretends it is a real cobra. He is also very famous thanks to his youtube show called santinos forien exchange.

29Zack Ryder
Zack Ryder won the 2012 great amircan bash main event an hard super stars were in there like kane big show cena tensi and others
Woo woo woo he doesn't know it
He also won a U. S #1 Contendership Battle Royal, which means he won 2 battle royals' in one year. That's pretty impressive, especially for someone like Zack Ryder

30Booker T

31The Boogeyman
His scary and weak I bet he can't even beat wade barret

32John Morrison
He is a good highflier

33Shane McMahon
His wasn't in wwe at 2012 but anyway

I think jtg should be included.
He's only good at swagger

35Wade Barrett

Santino is amazing he is a much better wrestler then his character allows. He should get a shot at the inter continental belt. Pat

37Lord Tensai

38Justin Gabriel
He's a young, talented Wwe superstar, so annoying that WWE didn't give him a push. He should win WWE Intercontinental or United State Championship. Once he beat Antonio Cesaro in non title match.
With his awesome! High flying ability and teaming up with tyson kidd. So that's why I think that gabriel shold be in her.

39Evan Bourne
The trouble in paradise is coming!

40R Truth
You or my superstar

41Brad Maddox

42Bret Hart
Bret really is best there is best there was best ever will be
People, 4 words HE BEAT The Undertaker!

43Jinder Mahal
He is punjabi guy

44Damien Sandow
The intellectual savior of the unwashed masses. You're welcome.

45Broudas Clay

46Paul Heyman
Most annoying man in all the galaxy

47Drew McIntyre


49Antonio Cesaro

Miz shold be in top ten because he survived longest in 2012 royal rumble, continued his undefeated wrestlemania streak by pinning zack ryder and he one the intercontinental championship.
Being on team Johnny and got the pin was great. But even better he won the intercontinental title.
The Miz should be number 1
[Newest]He's got the definition of awesome totally wrong

51Dolph Ziggler
Like him or not, he got brains and brawns when he fights the top superstars in WWE. It would be better if he can do this without Vickie around and it's time for her to start a new management on an another superstar. As for Dolph, he starts his own Youtube show called WWE Downloads and it does shows some funny stuff. As Dolph says, its not showing off if you back it up. Later, marks!
He shows off his losing skills
Stealing the show and John Cena's girlfriend, AJ Lee! Dolph Ziggler is truely the best heel in WWE today. Show off!

52Mark Henry
He's the worlds strongest man and WWE's weakest superstar
You're the wast in the world you guess me

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