Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time


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The Top Ten

John Cena
He is the awesome and the biggest greatest of wwe of all time

I think that John cena is this the best but I'm honestly
Going to say that I don't think he is the greatest of all time although he is awesome and I have a lot of respect for him but I think that every superstar and diva in wwe history is great but there can only be one superstar who is the greatest of all time and it isn't undertaker cause we all have our own opinions and I honestly think that John Cena is going to be the Greatest WWE Champion of all time If he keeps doing what he's doing"
John Cena has beat everyone on the current roster including Undertaker!
[Newest]John Cena never gives up in anything even he was tired or hurt he still never gives up
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The greatest wrestler of all time! Why? Because the respect that he gets from both fellow superstars and everyone is unparalleled. He has been in some of the greatest matches ever seen. He is undefeated at Wrestlemania. You know that once you hear those bells toll, the greatest wrestler of all time, Is on his way!
November 1990 he was introduced by Brother Love. Standing a 6'10" weighing nearly 300 pounds. And a devastating arsenal. It's easy to see why he is one of the biggest superstars in WWE history. Yes he is still undefeated at WrestleMania 19-0 but he has the total package, the look, the size he can jump of the turnbuckle and apron almost like a crusierweight. Always been a fan favorite.
He beats most of his fellow opponents because of his skill. some superstars rely on their brute size (Big Show for example) or strength (Mark Henry is a good example). All he needs is the chill he puts into his opponents with his appearance along with the knowledge of the tombstone pliedriver. Not to mention unlike some of the superstars he is very smart with props (especially in hell in cell matches).
Another reason I voted for him is not only can he deal a beating but he can take a beating. For example if you saw the hell in a cell when he faced Edge and when Edge got his turn to strike he speared him through the steel on to 2 desks and it only took him a minute to get up where it would have taken someone like Randy Orton much longer.
Be sure to like this comment if you think The Undertaker's 2005 gimmick is better than his current one!
[Newest]I think this guy should be on top, the freak, the terror, variation in style and attitude, undertaker my all time favourite
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3The Rock
The Rock is greatest entertainer, Mic skills, charismatic, in and out ring performer superstar of all time. He can make anything worth wanting to watch. At Wrestlemania, he has defeated the legendary Hulk Hogan. His greatest and respected rival, Stone Cold Steve Austin. And defeated this generations WWE top Face, John Cena. He will always be "The People's Champion".

Wrestlemania 30. Brock Lesnar, your candy ass is next!
The charismatic man in all the sports entertainment and now in twittertainment is on fourth ranking by his ass kicking skills in wwe. He has beat hulk hogan, stone cold and also beat John cena at wrestlemania 28 to became the best performer in the squared circle and still keep entertaining us


There is no entertainer, like the Rock. The attitude era was the best WWE had to offer in decades. Those who did not see him perform in the late 90s and early 00s must go to youtube right now and see what I'm talking about. It just doesn't compare to the NOW.
[Newest]He is my favorite

4Shawn Michaels
He is the Show Stopper the Icon, Mr Wrestlemania, but why is he in the top 5. Because during his prime he had a lot of issues behind the scenes. I head during his first World title reign in 1996 That he Screwed Vader out of their Summer slam Championship match before they even went on the air. he also had his drug problems. But in the ring he was as good as anyone. And lucky he was given a second chance and now his legacy has a happy ending.
The heart break kid is second on this list cause he has an no power but immense of charisma. He is the sexy boy, the main event, the showstopper, the best of the best, the icon and mr. Wrestlemania and now mr. Hall of famer. He is still the best wrestler in the wwe and will remain forever


HBK has done it all there is not one person that he cannot defeat. He left the wwe the best he still is the best he can beat anyone on this list or on the wwe roster today. He knows how to put on a show like no one else can. Being the best doesn't have to do with how many wins you have. Its about what you showed for in your company and I bet that mr.mcmahon is saying to himself to this day that losing hbk is the reason why most of the superstars today go out to that ring.
[Newest]He's a sexy boy and he know's it, fantastic wrestler, great man.
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5Stone Cold
At the 1996 King of The Ring Austin defeated Jake Roberts in the final round. Then he cu a promo saying Austin 3:16 says "I just whipped your ass" from there he would go on to Headline future Wrestlemania main events with the likes of The Rock, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michales a well as being a 6 time WWE Champion. It's hard to believe that an ass kicking Beer Drinking redneck from Texas can help shape an entire industry. TO this day he probably is the biggest superstar in WWE History.
Stone cold is number one. 1998 greatest year in pro wrestling. wcw, ecw, Wcw had the nwo hogan sting goldberg. Everybody of all ages were watching the attitude era. Lots of adults loved Stone cold since we can all relate to having bull bosses. Austin was the anti hero the average joe the rebel. Austin is number one he saved WWE during the wars.
Stone cold won 3 royal rumbles more than any other superstar off all time
[Newest]Steve austin your awesome

6Triple H
He is the game, the cerebral assassin and always dominated every opponent he faced. Still marrying to Stephanie McMahon, he did not took any shortcuts to win win a title, he worked hard for every single moment and earned. His wrestling skills also awesome and still can crush someone's skull by his sledgehammer.


This man gets a bad rep from marrying the bosses daughter, but really he already established himself as a top superstar and a World Champion long before that. He was "The Game" before he married Stephanie McMahon and he will be "The King of Kings" long after.
Triple h was a an icon he never will be now because he won't be remembered as the game king of kings and cerebral assassin he will be remembered as a corporate sellout like kane rollins and big show. He cheated and tormented Daniel bryan for a year he even attacks his own referees like at survivor series and he turned his back on randy orton and ric flair. He
Thinks he can beat sting is hhh serious tripleh is afraid of hops life of sting he thinks he is the man he just wants to be another since mcmahon
Triple h always hides behind kane and the big show especially his own wife stephanie. he hired the shield to protect him because he was afraid of hops life of everyone
[Newest]The game wow interesting

7Randy Orton
Randy Orton was currently the WWE Champion but in TLC 2013, he defeated John Cena for the undisputed championship and he is now the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He is also the youngest world champion at the age of 24. He is a big fan favorite.
He is just GREAT! He should be number 1 in this list... Just the best superstar EVER!
Undertaker, john Cena. Stone Cold, H, The Rock and HBK are mad people don't even have sense of hunour. And Randy Orton is 1st on the list.So according to me this list is wrong.So please change this list.
[Newest]Randy Orton should be at the top of this list as he is fantastic in the ring he as come a Long way in wrestling he is definitely the top guy in WWE to day if not of all time

8CM Punk
Just watch his 2011 promos... No words needed.
He has the techniques, the wrestlings skills, he is a great actor and he ist the best on the microphone in the roster today (and maybe for all time).
But what is most important: He makes WWE interesting even in the worst PG times! Rock, Austin, Taker, H, HBK... So much talent, shows had to be good. But CM Punk has to bring it just on his own!
You hear the words Best In The World you know exactly who is the best in the world CM Punk! Great at mic that's for sure great at wrestling that ones a definitely. He's great at everything! If he is The Best In The World he should be The Best Wrestler In The World! No, not only that he should be Number 1! Yeah, and CM Punk haters I can bet you 10$ no, 100$! That there are more fans than haters. I think CM Punk Best In The World, Best Wrestler In The World, Number 1 Forever!
No doubt in this one, the most charismatic personality in the WWE, the greatest wrestler, the greatest talker, he is the whole package... Should be ranked #1. Waiting 4 him to return
[Newest]In my point of he was greatest wrestler in WWE he is charismatic

He never loose a match. He is a STREAK 173-0
He has a unbeatable streak in WCW nitro and also in WWE...If the rock is called as great one..He should be called as the greatest most favorite wwe superstar is bill goldberg..
Goldberg is the most dominant superstar EVER. HE has beaten EVERYONE, Including everyone on this list, except John Cena, and that's only because they have never thought. A no doubt FUTURE hall of famer, and a truly dominant and intimidating man. He should be above EVERYBODY on this list. He is one of the most underrated superstars of all time. Jackhammer approved.
[Newest]He is boss. 173-0? Can't do much better than that eh? WHO'S NEXT?

10Hulk Hogan
Hulk hogan should be number 1! He was in 7 main events at wrestlemania, won 2 royal rumble and wow the fans!
He beat undertaker he beat Andre the giant best leg drop
He's beaten the best the WWE has to offer.
[Newest]Hogan is an icon but he will never be a ric flair. flair was a better champion and wrestler

The Contenders

11Bret Hart
Why he is not #1 on this list is beyond me! He kept the WWE alive when people didn't want to watch it anymore. He was legit, and brought in a whole new definition to professional wrestling. He is all around the best wrestler ever! He was crafty, smooth, quick, and systematic. The PERFECT technician. He made wrestling believable after the 80's, and Hogan's cartoon era. The Excellence of Execution will always be #1 on my list. Thank you Bret!
The best there is the best there was and the best there will be in wwe. Brett Hart is an inspiration to every kid as well as to every superstar. Brett Hart was an icon of wwe and wwe will never have the second Brett hart ever


He is the excellence of execution He is the best there is, best there was, and the best there ever will be. King of the ring, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion, And a 5 time WWF champion.

12Rey Mysterio
He is the 619 baby man he should be number 1 man come on he is better than undertaker
Although his height don't support him, he has defeated many superstars by high fly actions...
And also became 2 times world heavyweight champion and 1 time WWE champion...
I think you should just try your best to fight this is your big chance
[Newest]619 will knock you out

On my opinion Edge is the best wrestler in the history of wwe, if you disagree then please don't get mad at me for thinking that. No one HAS EVER, AND NEVER WILL BE BETER THAN EDGE!
He was the great superstar I have ever seen. It was great to see him in the ring. I loved his style and attitude was like on the top. Very charming and rated r superstar no doubt unforgettable
Edge is the BEST ever! Should be #1

14Daniel Bryan
He is real wwe champ& better than rko
Daniel Bryan is just awesome! He has even defeated John Cena. He is a extreme pro!
Daniel Bryan is the best he can beat John Cena randy orton the shield and the Wyatt's he shall not be on 27 place
[Newest]Daniel Brian should be champion

15Chris Jericho
The first ever Undisputed WWE Champion, 9 time Intercontinental Champion, He beat Stone Cold Steve Austin AND The Rock on the same night and is the best in the world at everything he does.
Not sure how this list as stuck around for years and has John Cena at the front... but Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, and so many others ranked lower then him is just retarded.
The first ever undisputed champion
[Newest]Awesome WWE superstar... He should Be at top 05...

The brother of the undertaker, he has dominated every superstar in wwe and has destroyed careers. When anyone hears the name of Kane people get a scare or fear in their mind and so Kane still is a big red monster for wwe


You are great. I hate those people who don't like you.

17Brock Lesnar
Because he was a very fluent s'star.
The next big thing. He can crush anybody and he's on is to summerslam and cm punk is going down.
Why? He is in 16 in this list.
He Deserves to be top 5 in the list because he conquered The Undertaker Undefeated Streak At Wrestle mania.
Brock Lesnar Is The Best.


[Newest]Brock Lesnar is the best.

18Ric Flair
"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is the all time greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots. 16 times he held the world's heavyweight title, not to mention a multitude of other titles he won along the way. This man has dedicated his entire life to professional wrestling. No one can put on a performance like Ric Flair. His matches were worth every penny to watch. He was almost always in the main event, and he also delivered a steller performance. Highly skilled in mat wrestling as well as ring psychology he dominated wrestling for decades, Next to Ric Flair, all other wrestlers are virtually forgotten. His figure four leg lock that he acquired from the late Buddy Rogers has served him very well as the coup de grace for any opponent he faced. Once he applied it, the opponent either gave up or had his leg broken. I take my heart off to Ric Flair. He sold out main events at the venues he appeared at. There will never be another like him--never. His interview skills and command of the microphone made him even more charismatic. No tatoos, no face paint; just solid wrestling and nothing boring in his encounters both in and out of the ring. The wrestler that all other have be measured against. He's number one in every sense of the word. Winner is written all over him. He gave me more hours of pleasure watching him than all other wrestlers combined. --MMK
Woo! The nature boy, the limosine riding, jet flying, 16 time world champion! Flair began wrestling in 1972 and was a household name for many years. He wrestled in the nwa, WCW and WWE. He was a force to be wreckend with and without question a mentor to many superstars like Triple H, batista and Randy orton. Flair had matches against Harley race, Ricky the dragon steamboat and sting.
BCOZ he has won 16 WWE titles.
[Newest]This should be number one

19Jeff Hardy
He had contributed himself for the WWE universe with his dominant high flying actions
Jeff, Rey, and Eddie, Are people of the brave. I respect living for the moment

He should be back to WWE.

He just deserves it, to be on top for his high-flying entertainment.
[Newest]Jeff hardy is the most dangerous high flyer I have ever seen

Sheamus is a professional in WWE. He has defeated even John Cena and Daniel Bryan. He really deserves to be in the Top 10. He is from Ireland to be sure.
He is a great star who will never give up and never cheat he is awesome player I like him very much
Sheamus is the best in the world always

21Eddie Guerrero
One of the greatest superstars in smackdown! History. He is a
A one time wwe champion, 1 time united states champion, 4 time wwe tag team champion, 2 time european champion, 2 time intercontinental champion. He also won other championships during his time wrestling in other companies such as wcw, ecw, and A. Without any doubt this legendary Hall of Famer is one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE History.
He was a great wrestler
Best among the rest

22Bruno Sammartino
The Superstar that changed everything. He had the look the ability and charisma There would be no Stone Cold No Hogan No John Cena if not for this man. 8 year reign as Champion. A record that will never be broken Yet he is not yet in WWE Hall of Fame.
Bruno was the greatest of all time number one and he wrestled everyone and beat them one by one way too low on this list shame on whoever did this list and bob backlund is another that gets no respect you people don't get how much harder it was then and on four dollar tickets as well
After all he was the longest reigning wwe champion

For me only like batista.all wrestlers to afraid infront of batista.original, excellent, very beautiful cuts, of luck.
He is tough enough to every wrestler
He's been my favorite ever since he debuted just because he is BADASS
[Newest]Batista is best... From Iran

24Roman Reigns
Roman reigns after Brock lesnar is probably the strongest wrestler today. Imagine what it would be like the beast vs the powerhouse at wrestlemania. They would destroy each other. All hail the Roman empire
Roman reigns should be number 1 instead of John Cena who I strongly believe who doesn't. but the only one who should be number 1 is of cause roman reigns. from your number one fan ever. I like how he does his superman punch and the spear the best finishing moves ever.
Believe that!
Believe in roman reigns!
One of the best wrestlers I have ever seen in the ring
[Newest]Why he is not on 1 rank

25The Miz
Loser the miz what a sucker.

26Kurt Angle
The Only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWE history.
The best technical wrestler there has ever been in wwf/wwe
He is fast, flexible, athletic and agile, to list a few. Given his size and strength he can compete in any match.
[Newest]Best technical man in WWE

27The Big Show
Second biggest sell out in the authority. As you know seth is the biggest sell out of the world. Big show is nothing more than a epic and failure baseball.
Big show more like big traitor
Bcoz he's very tall and arguably the greatest 'over 7 height' s'star.

28Sin Cara
How is sin cara in 27th he should be in 15th
Sin Cara is the Best... Acrobatic, Faster, Stronger, Deadly... Without SinCara wwe championship very booring!

I'll always be a peep, Christian rocks, especially in his time when he was teaming with edge

30Kofi Kingston

31Mark Henry
He is the world's strongest man. He can beat every supERSTAR. HIS SIGNATURE MOVE IS DEADLY

32The Ultimate Warrior
I remember when he defeated hulk hogan R.I. P
One of the greatest superstars of all time.R.I. P We will always remember you
The ultimate warrior was the first ever IC WWF champ

33Chris Benoit
June 25 2007 is a day the wrestling fans will never forget. Chris Benoit wife Nancy and their 8 year old son Daniel found dead inside their Atlanta GA home. But his legacy as Pro Wrestler will never be forgotten. There has never been anyone in the business so passionate, so hard working, that committed. That's why I put Benoit on this. list I'm putting personal feeling aside from happened that day. To say he is still one of the greatest of all time.
One of the most under rated wrestlers.
I don't like those people judging Benoit about what he did on that day in 2007. I mean like: Guys, he was just like an old man in his brain, he hasn't got clear toughts.

R.I.P. Benoit

34Macho Man Randy Savage
He was the "Tower OF Power" he was the "Cream of the Crop" "He was funky like a monkey" he was also a muti-time world champion and influenced many future WWE Superstars like CM Punk, John Morrison, Trish Stratus. Among Many others R.I.P. Macho Man OOH YEAH DIG ITI!

35Dean Ambrose
He is one of the most mad out of his mind crazy and eccentric superstars WWE has ever seen that's why people love him and his presence is a wild card in the ring.
He is unstable. Lunatic fringe. I like his walking style, talking style, hair style, and every single style. He and roman are the best in the world
I think Dean ambrose is the best because he has held the United States champion ship and never backs down from a fight

He is the toughest wrestler of all Time. he was thrown off the cell by undertaker and still managed to get back on his feet. he was pedigree on top of the cell and still got back up. he got thrown onto nails and still got back up he was thrown through the cell from the top by undertaker and smashed through it and fell through the canvas and still got back. mankind you legend
He fell of the cell, but dude love is better
How is he on 35. He must be in top 10. He is the toughest wrestler ever.

37André the Giant
Andre should be in the top 5 because he has not been defeated over a decade until hulk hogan beat him
Andre is should be #7 because Andre has not been defeated in the last decade.
I wonder who would win andre or the big show. probably the big show he would knock him out

38Evan Bourne
The best Acrobat in WWE. His skills are amazing. His career was short lived though.. so sad..

39Dolph Ziggler
Undertaker is better than any wrestler in history at wrestlemania his streak was 21 and 0 until at wrestlemania 30 brock lesner beat it I could not believe my eyes I hate brock
What the hell is going on in here, he is the best superstar that will ever exist in the WWE

He is toughest superstar I have ever seen in my life. As you saw him in the match team authority vs team cena. Team cena won just because of dolph or sting.
I like you crazy man.

40Cody Rhodes

41Seth Rollins
Why did rollins turn his back on the shield because he will regret it. Like why would he join triple h oyster teas so stupid. He is a corporate sellout and a baby faced latex ass. He will never be a 16 time champion or 15 time champion like flair and cena. Even though I don't like triple h anymore he will never be the game
Seth seth seth seth seth seth...

You are the world's biggest Sell out.
I hate you because you turn back on your brother. I wish just like you did to the shield the authority will do with you
Because he is a loser

42John Morrison
Morrison should Be at top 15... No doubt.. This is ridiculous... Please take Morrison on top 15...
Morrison better than R Truth santino meralla Cody rhoads the Miz Zack Ryder & CM Punk

43R- Truth

Sting is the best

45Owen Hart
Being the younger brother of Bret Hart was hard enough but in 1994 Owen stepped out of his brother's shadow by defeating him at WrestleMania 10 at Madison Square Garden. And he never looked back. A storied career that was only missing one thing. A world title. Sadly on May 23 1999, Owen tragically died accidentally in Kansas City, Taking a Quote from Shanon Sharpe in his football HOF induction Bret Hart may have been the greatest in WWE but not the greatest in his family.

46Bobby Lashley

47Alberto del Rio
Alberto is the WWE sucker ever seen as him.
He has won all the championships of wwe, he has all the moves that wwe requires. Shaurya raj

48Rob Van Dam
RVD is really one of a kind
I like his good guy image...

49Trish Stratus
The greatest WWE diva of all time! Beautiful, skilled and tough trish stratus was the all around woman fighter. She was a 6 time WWE womens champion and had rivalries with people such as lita, stephanie mcmahon, torrie wilson and vince mcmahon. I absolutely love trish stratus for her resilientNess in the ring and her kicks attitude!

50Wrecking Ball

51Rocky Johnson
The rocks dad, was wwe superstar.

52Wade Barrett

He held the WWE title for 280 days, that feat was unbeaten for more than 10 years, he beat Hulk Hogan, he beat Bret Hart, he beat Undertaker, he is a two time WWE World tag champion, and two time WWE champion. He weighed in at 641 pounds and he was just awesome. Heaviest WWE superstar since the 1960s
You better out him on first he has a great manager Mr. Fuji if you don't put him on first he will drag you to the corner he will get on the top rope and land his butt on you then he wins

Deadly moves and amazing fight... Scary also..

Ryback is a beast
Ryback is strongest wwe wrestler currently
This guy is nothing but a stereroid freak he sucks he shouldn't be on this list

56Road Dogg
It's me its me it's the d o double g this man is the best teamed with billy gunn as the new age outlaws and like common this man should me number 1 because if you don't your @$$ better call somebody

57AJ Lee

58Antonio Cesaro

59Mr Wonderful
You don't get called Mr Wonderful for nothing. Best steel cage match ever against Hulk Hogan when both landed on the mat at the same time and had to have a rematch.

60Amy Dumas


62Frank Mgonja
He was sixth time intercontinental champ dominate all time and now he is in tanzania

63Matt Hardy

64Scott Steiner

65Bob Backlund
He is the best from the 80s he has the 2nd longest title reign against Bruno sammartino he has a good finisher the crossface chickenwing with a good hold the 2nd best wwf champion

66Vladimir Kozlov
His headbutt to chest was an unstoppable move... He could throw any wrestler up in the air... He is a naturally skilled wrestler...

67Jack Swagger

68Doink the Clown

69Kelly Kelly
Where is she now

70Yoshi Tatsu
He is the slimmest chunky China man I have ever met. zach zafar wrote this

71Mick Foley
The hardcore legend. The man gave his heart and soul in every match he ever perticipated in. He was throw through cells and off cells. He was chokeslamed, pedigreed and super kicked to hell. But the man wouldn't give up. The ultimate underdog and an example of someone who gave absolutely everything they had to give for the love of the fans!

72Ken Shamrock
Strongest superstar of all time unfortunatelly his career was short

73Lou Thesz

74Adrian Neville
Lose the NXT tirle, head over to WWE. This kid is going to be the new FACE OF WWE.

75Bo Dallas

76Drew McIntyre
What happened to you drew
He should be in top 5

77Luke Harper

78Kevin Nash

79The Great Khali
The Great Khali a very powerful wrestler from India. He is signed to WWE and some superstars are even scared to face with him. He's the tallest superstar currently in WWE at a height of 2.16m. He has defeated even the Deadman - The Undertaker. He has to be in the Top 10.
The great khali is certainly one of the greatest WWE superstar, he is not given enough opportunities to prove his talent, but I indeed feel he is one of the top 5 best wrestlers at present
The great khali is Indian

80Santino Marella

81Brodus Clay

82Zack Ryder
Woo woo woo woo you know ZACK RYDER WOO WOO
Woo woo woo you know it
The man who recemended zack ryder is a mad man

83Big Dick Johnson
Big dick johnson should not be on this list
1. roman reigns 2. dean ambrose 3. seth rollins 4. Daniel bryan

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