Top Ten Griefer Mobs In Minecraft

Which Minecraft mob kills you, destroys your house, and aggravates you the most? Vote now!

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Those 4 legged freaks just love blowing up my house and destroying my treasure (which may or may not have been diamonds ).

Creeper is NOT the hardest mob to kill. Its not the best either. Its just a bomb that kills itself. HOWEVER, there is no doubt that it's the mob that will caught you off guard the most! It makes no sound! When you hear the "PSHH...", its too late!

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They are easy to aggravate by accident and without good tactcics, they will eat your face.

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3Ender Dragon

Umm... Hello? It's a massive dragon that destroys everything it touches!

Duh he is a crazy psychopath who destroys life itself

This huge beast destroys almost everything! How is it not 1? - BombBoo256

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4Mutant Creeper

How is this not #1? I mean like, the Creeper is somehow griefier than the Mutant Creeper? I know it's modded and all but it should get a higher rank in my opinion. I mean, have you not seen the damage it causes?

The griefiest mob ever, the rare modded mutant creeper is as bad as the ender dragon.

5Charged Creeper

They shoot fire balls and there a floating box with tiny tentacles

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Umm... Hello? The blaze is a flying thingamajig that shoots fireballs at everything! Duh the blaze is a crazy killer who destroys the life of the Nether

8Zombie Pigmen
9Cave Spider

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It explodes upon reaching full health, shoots explosive skulls, drills into walls and can even break OBSIDIAN. Did I mention it has a lethal poison and heals every time you take damage?

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How can a zombie grief? How come the zombie is higher rank than the Charged Creeper?


Say you are in a Stronghold and you want to switch a few blocks around. Hard to do without getting overwhelmed by a swarm!


Every time you want to use an Ender Pearl, you now have a chance of getting one of these little dweebs in your face. Enderman also have a chance of spawning these too. Even the Endermen hate them!

17The King
18Terrible Terror (Orespawn Mod)

Can't reach anything with this food biting me.

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