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The Top Ten

Pall Mall
I was just given half a pack of Pall Mall Orange for free by my coworker because she said they were awful. I lit one up and at first couldn't even taste anything or feel the smoke. Too bad it didn't stay that way. They just have a dirty after-taste.
Me and my friends were strapped on cash so there was a week where we all switched to Pall Malls. Shortly after we finished that pack we all fell sick, sore throats and such. Also, it tasted like smoking soggy cardboard.
These cigarettes made me puke so hard after just ONE! I smoked, ran inside, puked, and threw the whole pack in the garbage. What a piece of trash
[Newest]Taste like cardboard and sawdust with glue mixed in.

If you want to know what a native tastes like, roll up some sawdust and smoke that. It will be just as harsh and awful tasting as this sorry excuse for a cigarette.
Poorly wraped. Gross Tasting tobaco. Cheap filters. break easy. #1 worst


Nah your VERY wrong my friend a brand called A-1 is the absoulute worse brand there is I actually love Native brand compared to these

They killed me once
Nasty floor tobacco just covered in menthol
Too many blacks smoke em, therefore they have to be terrible by default.

Pyramid red was the first cigarette I ever smoked (although this was not my first time smoking, as I used to smoke Black and Mild). Anyway, they made me want to never smoke cigs again, until my friend talked me into a Marlboro. That's when I realized cigarettes aren't gross, just pyramid cigarettes
Absolutely disgusting. No matter how long youve been smoking. these ones burn your throat inhaling and exhaling. And smell like crap.


I don't expect much from a brand this cheap but these are what I imagine a cigarette made by dollar tree would be like

It made me feel sick after smoking it. Taste like burnt bacon to be honest haha. Never again will I smoke these.

6Ruili River
I don't know who is cheaper... The smoke or the smoker
Worst thing I've ever come across
Kindly print manufacturers name and place
(Country) on the pack. This brand will get popularity fast.

Camel's are not nasty and by far one of the most expensive cigarettes out there. Their line of tobacco is good and doesn't leave an awful taste in your mouth. I'd like to meet the idiot who put Camel on the list and shove a broom up his ass.
Camels one of the best cigarettes I ever smoked I don't believe it deserve a spot here they are wrapped nicely and don't leave a bad after taste and the tobacco is great all around the cigarette is well balanced and you actually enjoy smoking it not too weak or strong
The biggest problem was when Camel changed their tobacco blend in 2008. Their pre-2008 blend was fantastic and I long for the day they bring them back, if they ever do.

You pretty much smoke paper were I live in Texas the cost about 2$ there nasty..

9Timeless Time
I got a pack that was good tasting so I bought a carton king red 100's they taste nothing like the pack I purchased before. The first pack had favor the carton packs taste like saw dust or hot air. I am going to ask the vendor to test them maybe he will trade me as I think this ahole gave me bad smokes or supper stale ones. no taste at all like a electronic cig.
They leave a bad taste in your mouth don't taste right choke you out so disgusting really gross I hit a cig twice and threw the rest in garbage to nasty I can't stand it
Taste like hot air.

10Grand Prix
I can't stand the bad after taste and the smoking them makes me feel the cancer developing
ok. not too bad. but could be better. don't deaserve to be a good brand though.


Very much like smoking ass.

The Contenders

11Sky Dancer
not to good on regulars. but there menthol isn't bad.


12Smoking Joes




16Silk Cut
By far the worst, especially the Purples. Nasty and cheap tasting.

Made in Nepal. World class cigarette, made from finest tobacco. "Surya classic" is one of the best cigarette.


19Peter Jackson

20Monte Carlo
These are the beat

I love winfield blue here in Australia they are an icon. I don't think they should be on the list.

My moms been smoking these forever and honestly horrible in my opinion I smoked a few and eventually you just wanna puke


Smooth as silk and no after taste.

25Lucky Strike

Worst one ever made by Circle k
They have a stale taste and terrible after taste and I work for circle k I can say that laugh out loud

27Gold Flake


29Benson & Hedges

The most overrated brand out there. Burn fast and the taste gets old really fast. Don't get the big following, people just follow them for there popularity.
Camels are way better.

Literally is like a laxative
Smells and tastes like burnt licorice it's so grosa

32Golden Bay
Only good, if you're very low on funds and you're desprite for a smoke.

33Just Smokes

Enough formaldehyde to qualify as a biology class!

The box is ugly and too wide
Kindly reduce the price.


Taste like rolled up cat litter.


Echo is awful in many ways. It's cheap but poor quality of cigs with awful blend of leaves.
Way to much Tar.
It literally tasted like something from a 30 year old rusty exhaust pipe



42Smokers Choice
Nasty little cigars techencally feels like claws going down the throught even the menthol is pretty horrid about $1-2 a Pak d




Tastes and smells like mosquito coils

Taste like garbage to me worst cigarettes ever

48Paramount Red
It's strong, so it makes you feel good. But the taste isn't so good in my opinion. Paper and filter quality isn't specially good, just decent. I think the taste is the worst about this product, it's okay if you don't inhale, but when you inhale it tastes almost like poison.

Tried these when I was broke. Id rather suck on a unicorns horn...
Worst after taste ever.



52Half Time

53League Gold



No nice tobacco flavour just chemical disgusting and smell repulsive they have a gritty after taste. In Aus JPS is a budget smoke and you get what you pay for, definitely never again I smoke for pleasure and these make you not want to smoke because they are pretty nasty like all budget cigarettes. Stick to quality cigarettes that taste like real tobacco and not burning coal!
Just awful tasting, bought them as I was a little low on cash and they were a cheap alternative, but I had 2 and threw the rest away, leaves a dirty taste in your mouth that I could only get rid of by brushing my teeth straight after, makes me wanna give up
Worst cigg I've ever had, I bought a fresh pouch of jps blue and gave it away like 2 days after it's so inky and disgusting and they hiss when you take a drag

57Bond Street

58Four Square

They smell and the taste is just awful; not smooth at all.

60Marlboro Reds
Marlboro Red shorts hardpack is my cigarette of choice and to put this brand up is straight up cigarette blasphemy. MARLBORO MAN is rolling in his golden grave. Listen, If you strike you a pack of these you are a cur above the rest.

61Marlboro Gold
Kindly reduce the price.

About £2 for 200, taste like cancer

Even worse than the king size JPS in AUS, awful smoke not sure it's even tobacco


One of the many budget cigs

Cheapish smoke in Aus pretty bland smoke but not the worst because ya get what ya pay for


Tastes like used butts and tobacco probs floor sweepings

When ya broke and grab a 40 pack of these you realise never to smoke budget cigarettes again. Not a smoke like they used to be


Sick taste, cheap smoke, and people are more cheaper who smoke this
Seriously the most pathetic people smoke this

Complete trash in cardboard.



75Lambert and Butler


77Eagle 20's

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