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1The Human Centipede

Having my mouth sewed to someone's anus? No thanks!

This was pretty disturbing when I saw it. The thought of it maked me gag! Should be number 1 by a mile. all these other movies were not so bad in comparison.

Although intentionally gross, still... gross - MoldySock

2Freddy Got Fingered

It deserves to be on here. Anything from tom green is absolutely disgusting and unbearable.

In one scene Tom Green grabs a hold of A Horse's penis and says "look! I'm a farmer! "

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WHY!?! It's an observation about love, it's a masterpiece! - UtopianStuff

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Characters being brutally ripped apart and lots of blood and gore is sure enough to gross you out.

Lol saw is my favorite but 1 and 2 had just the right amount of gore, 3-7 were still good but they had sooo much blood, guts, dismembering, intestines, and even and autopsy scene in saw 4, saw 3 had a brain surgery scene to - Saw_333

Although intentionally gross, still... gross - MoldySock

5The Silence of the Lambs

Not only is a cop bitten in the face by hannibal, but buffalo bill also skins fat girls alive and makes a suit out of their skin. That's so disturbing.

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Oh yeah. I agree. I will never show my kids this movie or read them the book for that matter because it's way too scary.

The fact they made this movie for kids is gross enough to be put here - MoldySock

The donkey scene is probably way too scary for kids to handle.

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7Debris Documentar

The most messed up movie ever made!

8The Angel's Melancholy
9Africa Addio
10Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Should be number 1 or 2. It includes people eating feces, a lot of nudity, someone's eye being cut out and much more.

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11A Clockwork Orange

Although intentionally gross...
But I didn't like their intention. - Kiteretsunu

Although intentionally gross, still... gross - MoldySock

This movie is just sadistic and nihilistic. How can any human being live like this?

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12Cannibal (2006)
13Cannibal Holocaust
14A Serbian Film

The whole film is about a porn star who is tricked into playing a role in a pedophilia/necrophilia the ed snuff film.

15The Girl Next Door (2007)
16Regoregitated Sacrifice

I'm sorry this movie is real messed up

17Eight Crazy NightsV1 Comment
18The Exorcist

You know what? This is almost a perfect list. These are some of the most inhuman and nihilistic movies ever made by man. Not so sure about this movie and her (2013).

20The Thing
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1. Debris Documentar
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