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1 Fredi V 8 Comments
2 1327

I don't really like this user but had to vote because I want Wicker to get kicked off the top ten

Most visited world (TRADE about 42,000 a day)

Very helpful player will donate up to 6 wls to noobs
But can ban you for no reason

V 8 Comments
3 Techy V 1 Comment
4 Artemis

Please vote on this list but add on Top Ten Growtopia Players List 2

Change the password to your email - I did that to Hjaana and I got all their stuff

It is now unusual to see either Reno1 or 16xD post if you see Reno1 or 16xD

What a famous dude...

V 7 Comments
5 Danieldd

Your a great Growtopian and u support and help people which is what we need more of in Growtopia. Keep it up and Good Luck!

6 Metroid30 V 2 Comments
7 Hakanss

Hakanss helped me out a lot! Thanks hakanss

Best player! Also he owns best Gt YouTube channel in my opinion.

V 1 Comment
8 Poseidon36

Definitely a rising star started in Dec 2014 and now has 24 worlds and 2 WOTDS

@POSEIDON36 GT - Instragram, Poseidon36 Gt - Twitter, Growtopia Poseidon36 - Facebook

V 2 Comments
9 NoobGamer11
10 seth

You did a nice programming I love your game why are you not on the top!

Seth is awesome at almost everything.

V 8 Comments

The Contenders

11 Cukuzz

I vote because Your The best man

I Like Cukuzz, I meet him, when he Do a Super Broadcast and I do /go, He Indonesian, I like him. I just meet him 1x LIVE

V 9 Comments
12 @Angel2874 V 2 Comments
13 Doomcraft

Why is all the chat on Doomcraft

If you know any of these players real names please post it

Yeah Doomcraft is really epic he is a helpful player

I like him because he is helpful

V 21 Comments
14 VicTeM

Victem likes to hangout with new friends and help them!

V 4 Comments
15 Edvoid20

List will become famous players only

I Vote Edvoid20 Cause Well... where famous haha... @Seth Go To Hydroden please!

V 4 Comments
16 DeathVader
17 Brother1
18 @JackBowe
19 jake459 V 1 Comment
20 Thicke
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