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21 LOL

I like Lol, He is a Legend, I Like Him cause him always Comment who Play Casino. I See Him in YouTube but I forgot channel, he gave Casino World To @Aimster, and he gave 1 Xenonite To @Aimster

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22 famousekid

I Like Him, Cause He Make A Cool Video, I always dream to meet him, Love You FamousKid

The most awesome YouTuber for growtopia. He help me a lot. If u want to noe who send tis message its adamgray

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23 EasyE V 2 Comments
24 V3ssal1us

I loved his world called PARKOURATTACK why he sold it now it is so annoying...

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25 Timing
26 PraePoom

Very Famous person he's good!

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27 WickEr10

WickEr10 is awesome I love his Facecam videos he also donated me a Ice horse and I also found myself in a video of him! Which is the Giving away presents video I was the one who got ice horse from him

Go to start and look for names it mostly is WickEr10 something

Like your videos wicker please come to my world and please donate me 1wl please

Great videos!

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28 TK69
29 Sisses

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30 @hamumu V 3 Comments
31 1965
32 Molecule
33 2989

Yeah I want movies in the game like Willy wonka and the chocolate factory
And superman even Godzilla bring it on

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34 V0ren

I love this guy's video

35 Tachy
36 CocoMonkey

I vote her because her film is funny

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37 Vange V 1 Comment
38 VincecraftTN

This guy. is. Awesome. (this definitely isn't me adding my own name to this list...)


39 EpicDude29 V 1 Comment
40 6720
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