Best Guitarists Ever

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401Kyle Riess

The guitarist from all the super nintendo video games like mega man and streetfighter. although he dusnt have a band "perSay" he can still tear itup

402Gary Rossington

They Call Me The Breeze, Tuesday's Gone, Gimme Three Steps. I could go on. Brilliant stuff.

He is a bad ass guitar player does noone listen to the slide on "Free Bird"

403Dave Matthews

404Peter Buck

405Keller Williams

Best 1 man jam band to ever walk the earth. (Probably the only one too)

406Dave Navarro

407Roy Rogers

if you haven't seen him solo, you haven't lived......the way he jams with that slide, on an acoustic guitar is absolutely phenominal, he plays so fast and so all over the place......sure he's not very popular, and doesn't have the image or catchyness of hendrix, or page, or van halen, but i guarantee that he could play any of their riffs, and the only one that might be able to play his is jimmy page.......though it's doubtful

408Al Petrelli
First off his name is Pitrelli. The technical master of the guitar that only a very few can touch. If you haven't see Al play then you can not call yourself a lover of guitar.
All you have to do is watch him on YouTube with TSO: The Dark, will take your breath away, Tracers, there is no better.

409Glen Matlock

Formerly of the Sex Pistols and accompanying Iggy Pop, then with his own band, his music featured in NANA: Love for NANA Tribute album - ah, his guitar is majestic, epic!

410Howard Leese

This was a monster of a band during the 70s. With Hearts original line up, only a few could clam to have ever had there musical talent. Ann Wilson on Lead Vocals, Michael Derosier on drums, Steve Fossen playing bass and three of the most underrated guitar players of all time Nancy Wilson, Roger Fisher and Howard Leese. HEART could play with the best of them and if they would have been able to stay together they would have easily dominated rock music well into the 21st century and for that reason alone Howard Leese should be in the top 30 on this list.


Howard leese is underated. 22 years in the super group HEART. That alone should put Leese on this list.

One of the most forgotten and def one of the best.


m/!!! well done hu ever put this up u are wise indeed

412Bonnie Raitt

Can play a pretty mean slide guitar

413Chris Flippin

Just listen to the song Stokin' The Neighbors, Lullaby, Baggage, and Burn That Bridge When We Get To It...


Why The Hell Isnt Euroboy even mentioned here, he is easily one of the best guitarists alive today alot of his work hasnt been tabbed because its a pain in the ass to figure out

415Frank Marino
Been playing to audiences for a long time now, dropping jaws to the floor everytime. No one ever leaves his concerts the same as they went in. Playing with the soul and fire most could only dream of. Check out the double CD 'REAL LIVE'. Amazing!
Seen the guy twice and have all the albums. The man is the most gifted guitarist I've ever seen or heard. Admired by many of the people listed. Try listening to the song SOMETHINGS COMIN OUR WAY.
Phenomenal abilities and techniques. Yet, never gets in the way of his musical visions, just propels it all forward, him, and Rory Gallagher, the best two I ever saw in my life.
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416Jim Reverend Horton Heath
he may not be vary famouse but he can get the job done! he is really good with solos and can play really great riffs. his story of how he learned gitar is really neet to. i'm not saying he should be at #1 i'm just saying he should be atleast in the top ten. (but not in front of dimebag) so if your looking to here tallent go out and buy one of his bands cd s. and if you like "rockabilly/psicobilly" music listen to his music it's awesome.

I guy hat is a true guitarist can play anystyle

417Todd Rundgren
First off, a description of Todd Rundgren's music (for those who are unfamiliar with his work). Todd Rundgren was a progressive rock giant back in the 1970's. However, many people may not realize this for two reasons: (1). He started out as a pop/rock singer-songwriter. It was after gaining large popularity (with his pop-jugged album _Something/Anything? _) when he decided to dive off into the deep end, and heed more fully to his experimental musings (although there were hints early on. )

So, what does Todd Rundgren's music sound like? Imagine the souls of Frank Zappa, Carole King and select members of the Classic Motown-era (The Temptations, The Four Tops, Stevie Wonder) creating a musically-inclined child. It's another way of saying Rundgren's music combines the manic, humorous and irreverent style of Zappa, the reflective, poignant balladry of Carole King, and the classic psychedelic/r&b-soul of The Temptations all blended into one--added with his own unique and inventive hard rock twists (which are very difficult to describe).

418Steve Hunter

419Dick Wagner
I cannot believe he isn't even on the list!

420Mike Wheeler

This guy is flawless, If any one has herd the CD Indian summer would know he's one of the best.

421Mark King

he is the best base player in the world,i saw him play in newcastle ,he is the best

422George Lowell

When it comes to the slide, he was perhaps the best. A favorite of Jimmy Page.

It would seem this list has also overlooked Warren Haynes.

423Robert Cray

Robert Cray has been in the guitar business for a while and he has revolutionized the blues. Not that many people have heard of him cause his genre isnt really a popular one, but he is still a great guitarist.


425Albert Lee
As a country player Albert Lee is a shredder extraordinaire. He he's one of the best in the genre. It's interesting watching him play - he has groove to burn and he uses combinations of pick and fingers to blaze the fretboard using double stops and wild country bends. I guess he falls into that category of guitarist who is not well known but brilliant anyway. Actually, there's a lot of guitarists we never heard of that are brilliant. We only know of the ones that got a break, but in truth - there are fabulous players in every neighborhood in any big city - and small cities too.
Albert has been around for years and stayed the course!.. he's played with the best and always been an inspiration with some great playing.


426Jari Mäenpää

Unbelievable that Jari is so far down this list... truly a sweeping master and writes and plays most of the music on his epic first cd... he should be in the top 10 guitarists on this list beyond a doubt... Slash is num. 1?.. you must be joking...

Lead guitar player/vocalist from Finnish band Wintersun and was in Ensiferum. No one can sweep like him.

427Toy Caldwell

428Nokie Edwards

429Vernon Reid
Guitair solos kick ass

430Sergio Vallin

Greatest guitarist ever, great solos, great rythm

431Guzman Mendaro

The greatest uruguayan guitarist.
His as good as Brian May, Queen.
Try to find a solo of him and listen.
He is a god


432Walter Giardino

433Keith Scott

434Greg Tibbett

435Michael Houser

436Carlos Cervantes

he's better than chuck norris and the green day , but i respect them but prince

437Dickey Betts
How he ended up at 399 is beyond me... Does anyone listen to these guys perform... The Allman brothers were some of the best in late 60's and early 70's. Dwayne, Butch and Dickey were all some of the best...
You have him listed as second guitarist to Duane Allman-actually think he is better than Duane-just the not have the last name-go look at Jessica on you tube-very good clean sound-very precise.
Outplay Prince one hand behind his back

438Les Dudek
One of the best not to make it big. Invited to be the guitarist when Journey formed, but had an offer from Columbia as a solo artist. Check out the album "Say No More" and tell me he doesn't belong.
Listen to old judge jones

439Bobby Cochran

bobby cochran played with a chet adkins style from the time he was about 10 years old and has been taking his undistorted skill to the limit ever since he learned how to play.he has a few fast songs that are even faster than any thing van halen or slash ever put out but isnt recognized as he should be because he has had too much lable trouble to atay a professionas for mor than a few years, yet in the little time he had under a lable he produced some of the most complicated peices of musec using both clean 1940/50 style playing and acoustic. that is why bobby cochran is the best guitarist ever.

440Jimmy Olander

441Karl Sanders, Nile

Karl Sanders is a very technical,death metal guitarist.He may not be one of the best guitarists ever,but no doubt he is very good.Songs like 'What may safely be written' and 'Annihilation of the Wicked' prove it!

442Johnny Lang

ya all should keep an eye on this young guy , he has "IT"

443Devin Townsend

On Buckethead, someone wrote "The only guitarist who can play heavy metal about slaughterhouses and then play a soothing lullaby. ". I'm sorry but Devin Townsend released the DTP albums with both acoustic, pop and metal on. He's diverse, a fantastic song writer, and superb shredder and a comedic genius. What more could you want in someone.

From his brutally heavy work with the runaway success Strapping Young Lad to his solo work and especially his latest album, Ziltoid the Omniscient, Devin has a strong sense of fun, and is a gifted composer as well as guitarist.

444T-Bone Walker

445Eddie Hazel
Most underrated guitarist ever his solo on maggot brain alone makes him top ten. Not to mention the other amazing songs he made with Parliament Funkadelic. Best guitarist ever
After Hendrix, this man picked up the essence of the style in which Hendrix played. Listen to Maggot Brain.
Parliaments guitarist was a rad dude who could shred like hendrix his name was Eddie Hazel.

446Roger Troutman

Refined the talking guitar that was made popular by Peter Frampton, but deserves a mention on this list.

447Dwayne Blackbyrd McKnight

A relentless and underrated guitarist. Plays with a hard edge.

448Robert Randolph

His major instrument is a slide guitar, but he has to be ranked amongst the best new guitarist. His live show is much better than his recordings though.


He is good..Jimi Hendrix played with him

450Adrian Vandenberg

best guitar player of all times - Whitesnake rules!

451Steve Gaines

452Roy Clark
Roy Clark's finger speed would blow most of these people out of the water. He dosen't get the respect because he is a country / bluegrass picker but he is still one of the best of all times.
I agree! He really knows how to play, but I think because of "Hee Haw" he might not get a lot of credit or even respectability.
It is sick when head banging, and drugged out musicians, leave talent like this in the dust. Country musicians take back seats to everyone. This man deserves to be in the top 20 genre is insignificant.
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453Dan Huff

Nobody remembers the studio players. This dude has played on more hit records than most folks on this list.

454Teppei Teranishi

the guy is unbelievable where is his place

455Marc Diglio

from "XYZ" came a bit late on the metal scene, but his guitar playing was spectacular.

456Eddie Fingers Ojeda

457Stephen Stills

Hey, why is he NOT in the list. Please check out his work on acoustic guitar and electric. If you can find "Black Queen" check it out.

458Robert Buck

459Lee Underwood

460Amos Garrett

461Scotti Hill

this guy is good he should be in the top 15 listen to his wasted time solo i just keep my eyes closed whenever i listen to it, i felt i was playing it


462Perf de Castro

one of pinoys great guitarist..too bad he isnt playing here anymore


463Colin James

An incredible guitarist rock/blues genre. should be in top 50

464Ernie Isley

Ernie Isley had to be the best guitarist... Bar none! Not only was he a great musician, but he also had longevity. He played through at least six decades! How many musicians can say that?

I have never heard anyone play better in my life. Next best is Prince. Then the rest.

Ernie is by far the Best Guitarist ever. For those of you who don't know... Jimi Hendrix played with Ernie Isley before before you ever heard of him

465Kurikinton Fox

You guys are way too biased towards mainstream music. Get a load of this guy.

466Dan Fogelberg

467John Butler

How the hell is john butler below the "filth who lack talent" that is like 90% of this list. You will NEVER see a 12-string played as masterfully as john butler. There are no song within the john butler trio repertoire that I wont repeat at least once every time I hear it. If you don't know who john butler is go look him up now... Do it... NOW!

If you've ever seen this guy play a 12 string, you can't help but be impressed. Go to you tube and checkout "Oceans" you chills...

468Alejandro Silva

The best guitarrist (of my country) I ever hear (from chile)


469Jack Johnson

He's really good at acoustic. I can't believe that no body's mentioned him.

470Pat Thrall

471Peter Maunu

472Jonathan Montoya

473Steven Clark

he is one of the best Guitarists i have ever heard. and that is the naked truth

474Trey Azagthoth

475Max Cavalera

476Paul Jackson


478Steve Blaze

479Eddie Ojeda

480Paul Allender

He's skill has touched many hearts

Listen to "The Black Goddess Rises" solo!

481Pete Loeffler, Chevelle

482Michael Hedges

483Bill Nelson

484Jennifer Batten

485Chris Whitley

RIP Chris... There are many fools out there who would vote for someone like Billie Jo of Greenday, but how is it that no-one even thought to put the king of the dobro/slide/invention laden blues riffs of Chris Whitley. Look him up one and all. He has passed but left an indelible mark on the world with his vocal/emotion filled playing. Keep on writing pseudo-nuveau punk riffs and singing about masturbation Billie Jo

486Marc Bolan
How the hell is he not in the top ten (along with mick ronson and johnny ramone) his guitar playing kicked the complete ass of other people up their like prince and Kevin Jonas! Just listen to live songs such as Jeepster, Get it on, Buick Mackane, and Jewel, as well as others! RIP the great Marc Bolan!

487John Taylor

The king of all things 80's, plus he has some of the best background riffs.

488Nick Valensi

Nick velensi can really bring rock music to a whole other level. Really talented with clean and hard rock when he wants to.

489Mike Campbell
He is rated the 5th greatest by Rolling Stone for a reason. This guy can shred he's legendary. Before you vote look him up. I've seen him live too and he's real rock.

oh and Chuck Berry should be number 1 he's the real king of rock and roll not some fat guy who, died on the toilet
uh, yeah, this guy named tom petty formed a group called the heartbreakers, and mike campbell was the guitarist, and they made this song called runnin' down a dream, and there was this solo at the end that was amazing


Mike Campbell is one the best guitar players ever. He knows how to serve the song, point all the attention to him. He is the king of tone and also a great songwriter. Very very humble but extremely underrated.
More comments about Mike Campbell

490Jerry Reed

"Amos Moses" Jerry is one of the best. Heard long ago he said he didn't learn to play "right"; had to learn all over again. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, Jerry!

491Federico Miranda

He's an unheard of costa rican guitarist that deserves to be on this list of 100. Give him a listen.

492John Williams
Please update the list again,
This list seem to br update..
He is probably the greatest classic guitarist alive. Most of the people on this are just string noodlers. Chet was wonderful.

493Ross the Boss

Not on the list!
People go listen to Manowar, especially the Hail to England album!

494Tom Petty
Amazing sound, and great vocals. Should be top 100 for sure.
Knows how to put it down, plain and simple.

495Mato Nanji

See Mato live! I would put him up against any guitarist of ALL TIME! Indigenous Rocks


496Mick Hutchinson

Michael Hutchinson of Clark Hutchinson... The least well known of the greats but probably the very best guitarist in the world.

Search for some of his home videos on You Tube and hear what I mean.

497Karl Groom

Brilliant guitarist, vastly underrated.

498Patrick Rondat

499John Christ

just listen to "twist of cain" "end of time" and
"i don't mind the pain" then you'll understand why he's great.

500Ernie C

BC´s Guitar Player I mean the new hendrix 4 sure his style is like slash just better. Great Awesome solos fromk the heart

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