Best Guitarists Ever

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401Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal
Best of south Asia... One of the best in the world...
Number 1 GUITARIST OF Bangladesh!

402Andy James
Now this is insulting. Andy James is probably, right now, one of the best guitarists in the UK. A rising star to be sure. Ever heard of Angel of Darkness? The Storm? No? Well listen... Andy James is basically shredding with enough taste for everyone.
What? He should be at least in the top 5! I would and do compare them with the guitar gods! Ever heard of angel of darkness? Synergy? No? Well do! And if you think that even so he isn't anything special, well why don't you check his licklibrary performances of steve vai, zakk wylde, synyster, darrel, trujilo? He is the best and nobody should deny it.
This guy is AWESOME! He can shred, and yet make it sound very clear.

403Shadmehr Aghili
Shadmehr Aghili is an Iranian singer, musician, composer, self-taught Violinist, Pianist, Guitarist, keyboardist,... )


Shadmehr is nice guitarist
The best singer & guitarist of Iran & world... !
[Newest]Shadmehr is the best guitarist

404Mark Matejka

405Majid Kharatha
Offish kharatha:Iranian love majid kharatha
King of sense majid kharatha
Majid kharatha my love

406Drew Shirley

407Inoue Kiyonobu

408Danny Gill

409Remigio Pereira
Remigio Pereira is a versatile, talented musician. After graduating from Le Conservatoire de Musique du Quebec with a Masters in Classical Guitar Performance, he traveled to Italy to continue his opera training. Currently performing with The Tenors, formerly The Canadian Tenors, he is also a composer, song writer and producer of various types of music. From pop, rock, reggae and hip-hop to classical, Portuguese Fado and show tunes, Remigio can flow easily between many genres and often plays various guitars in performances. His concerts have had audiences which include presidents, royalty, and musical legends. Underrated, but super showman
Remigio's Portuguese heritage influences his musical background, but he is just as talented rocking out at a Gibson show as he is with his classical guitar and Flamencos
Such a talented musician, his music is mesmerizing! Totally deserves to be counted among the best!
[Newest]Classical flamenco to electric rock, Remigio Pereira is the best guitarist!

410John Kempainen

411Ed Robertson

412Lenny Kravitz

413Dan Auerbach

414Steve Housden

415Blues Saraceno

416dipas subedi

417Stevie Salas

418Bradley James Nowell
I think that you should add Bradley nowell to your list of amazing guitar players because his music is so creative, and very hard to learn on guitar. (haha)
Pretty original guitarist with his own unique style of playing his chosen sound
He's a genius songwriter and created a new style plus his stuff is relly hard and different to play. There will never be another SUBLIME

419Matt Peugeot
One Of the most fastest guitar player ever produced in Malaysia

420Steven Hyde

421Greg Graffin

422Larry Ler LaLonde
TOP 10 guitarist easy every song primus has sounds like a solo from Larry... Primus has one of the most original sounds
Listen to the solos on Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, they are amazing. A truly amazing, yet crimanaly underrated guitarist.

423Stephen Malkmus
I was looking for Andrew York, but couldn't find him. Malkmus is underrated though. He needs more praise.

424Abdullah Bloshi
Young boy 19 years old from Kuwait play some great stuff
And he play in the band calls DETHRONE
The first time I know there are heavy metal band from Kuwait
It's very good to know that
Yeah he's my friend at myspace
He playing good

425Tony MacAlpine
Tony MacAlpine (born August 29, 1960 in Springfield, Massachusetts) is a guitar and keyboard virtuoso who came on to the neo classical/shred scene in the mid 80s. He later experimented with jazz rock fusion and combined it with his classical training, as can be heard on Chromaticity (2001). He has released many solo albums in his career. Some of his other projects include CAB, Planet X, Steve Vai and Ring of Fire.


This guy is underrated. Great shredder and nice melodies.

426Joni Mitchell
Underappreciated guitar player... Invented numerous tunings... Technically superb player with amazing creativity... Solid chops on the ax


427John Guna

428Tracii Guns
I think heís one of the best. Very underrated unfortunately :(

429El Fary

430Frank Gambale
Continuing jazz fusion genre with brilliant style, sound and amazing sweep picking and ability to go from 0-100 faster than anyone

431Peppino D'Agogstino
Possibly better than Andy Mckee, but it's like comparing a Mazerati to a Porsche... It's all great. Technically SUPERB.


432Carl Verheyen

433Trevor Rabin
Versatile, more than a guitarist, also a bassist, keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter, and arranger... And apparently began life as a classical violinists... How he can not even be on this list, but even below the likes of any of the definitely Leppard guitarists is beyond me.

434JerryC (Jerry Chang)
Canon cover is awesome!

435Lenny Breau
I dissagree, Lenny should be at the top. 6 strings weren't enough!, Lenny added a 7th (fishing line). He would fret chords with his RIGHT hand using his pinky to strum the chord. Chet Atkins quote "He (lenny) can do things with a guitar I never dreamed of: THAT SAYS IT ALL! Jazz may not be every body here favorite music; doesn't matter... Lenny was the best.
Most under rated jazz player ever. Lenny was way ahead of his time. He should be in the top three of the best of the best.
Lenny Breau was a guitarist's guitar player. Superior technique and innovative.

436Christopher Parkening
He is the worlds best player on the planet. Rated #1.

437Alan Morse
Guitarist for Spock's Beard. Amazing guy, works so well with Dave Meros on the bass. Listen to the solos from "She is Everything" and the acoustic work in "There Was a Time". The notes he doesn't play are as important as the notes he does play.

438Adam Darski
From the group Behemoth
Listen to Conquer all!
A beautiful solo...

439Jonell Andales
"Jonell andales is one of the best guitarist I'd ever know".. Good luck continue your works...
His a good guitarist amazing plucker and a guitar genius. See his works in YouTube
Known for his 20 minutes solo for blues jam

440Roine Stolt
After the almost complete death of prog rock, a guitarist came back to life as the phoenix. It's of course Roine Stolt from 70's Kaipa and then from the 90's and 2000's The Flower Kings. He delivers a great versatility, emotion and strength through a style inspired by Gilmour, Hackett, Howe, Fripp, Latimer, Rothery and Zappa (only this! ) like his solos on "The Pilgrim's Inn", "Big Puzzle", "Stardust We are", the one hour long "Garden of Dreams", "A King's Prayer" or "The Truth Will set you free"!
Obviously being in a (Swedish) progressive rock band doesn't get him the exposure or credit deserved here in the U.S. that it does in most other developed countries. See the comments for Trey Anastasio (above)


441Mick Ronson
Listen to his solos in the ziggy stardust live, he's amazing!
WHY IS THIS MAN NOT HIGHER! He is one of the most original guitarists ever. He could make it sing.
Great with bowie and great with debbie
[Newest]Don't even have the energy to lament this legend's lack of placement...


442Mike Campese
This guy should be in the top guitarist list, check out his music. Very Creative and has a unique style!
His betcha can't play this for Guitar World is awesome! Stop looking at this list, open a new tab, and Google it! I'ts awesome!

443Billy Duffy
Should be somewhere on this list. Listen to Anything of Love or Electric
If you watch and listen to Billy play you will be mesmerized by his brilliance.

444Brian Robbo Robertson
He could have become the bets guitarist ever, but he was drinking to much and taking drugs.
But for me he will always be the best!
Just shaded it over Scott Gorham, both amazing guitarists. His solos on Live & Dangerous should propel him to top 10 along with Scott.

445Timo Tolkki

446Jay Yuenger

447Walter Trout
How on earth could Walter Trout not be on this list! This man has played with legends like Johnny Lee Hooker, John Mayall Bluesbreakers to name a couple. Walter Trout should be in the top 10!
Walter does not get the credit he deserves in America but in Europe he is an icon. Respected and renoun among the likes of Santana, Jimmy Page, Elton John and many others.
Walter Trout is by far the best in the world. He can do it all. Him and SRV kick ass when it comes to guitar playing, period.

448Randy Bachman
Randy Bachman might not be extremely crazy like Jimi or Page or Van Halen and all those greats but he's better than prince!
I would rate Randy Bachman at the very least in the top one. Blue Collar alone shows you what this guy can do.
Sure he's canadian but he should be at least top 100 for sure plus 2 great bands and top ten hits galore? Morerespect please

449Albert Hammond Jr.
This guy is really good, not only makes The Strokes sound great, but has an excellent solo album as well.

450Ty Tabor

451Earl Klugh

452Clarence White
Clarence White almost single-handedly legitimized the acoustic guitar as a lead instrument in bluegrass. With few exceptions, before Clarence, the guitar was strictly a rhythm instrument. Tony Rice, arguably the greatest living bluegrass guitarist, cites his friend Clarence as his primary musical influence. Rice owns and plays Clarence's highly modified 1935 Martin D-28. David Grier and Russ Barenberg are two other highly acclaimed acoustic guitarists who were heavily influenced by White's innovative and highly sophisticated guitar work.

On the electric side of the guitar spectrum, White was similarly influential. With fellow Byrd Gene Parsons, White invented the B-Bender device. This device raises the b (second) string of the guitar a whole step by the use of pulleys and levers attached to the upper strap knob and the second string on the guitar. It is activated by pushing down on the neck, and produces a "pedal steel" type sound. Subsequently, his Telecaster sound became at least as revered as his bluegrass playing. Marty Stuart was one player highly influenced by White's playing; he owns and regularly plays White's now-legendary Fender Telecaster.

453James Dean Bradfield
Singer of the Welsh band Manic Street Preachers

454Kyle Riess

455Dave Matthews
Definitely agree that he should be higher! He should not necessarily be in the top 20 or 30 but he definitely deserves top 100 at least!

456Peter Buck
How is peter buck so low? Just listen to "the one I love" by rem to see his best guitar work.

457Keller Williams
Best 1 man jam band to ever walk the earth. (Probably the only one too)

458Dave Navarro
I'll admit that I liked what he did for the Red Hot Chili Peppers' One Hot Minute album. He can play so well for both that as well as Jane's Addiction.


Any doubt, check "Three Days" on Jane's Addiction's album "Ritual de lo Habitual". He's a master.

459Roy Rogers
If you haven't seen him solo, you haven't lived... The way he jams with that slide, on an acoustic guitar is absolutely phenominal, he plays so fast and so all over the place... Sure he's not very popular, and doesn't have the image or catchyness of Hendrix, or page, or Van Halen, but I guarantee that he could play any of their riffs, and the only one that might be able to play his is jimmy page... Though it's doubtful

460Al Petrelli
First off his name is Pitrelli. The technical master of the guitar that only a very few can touch. If you haven't see Al play then you can not call yourself a lover of guitar.
All you have to do is watch him on YouTube with TSO: The Dark, will take your breath away, Tracers, there is no better.

461Glen Matlock
Formerly of the Sex Pistols and accompanying Iggy Pop, then with his own band, his music featured in NANA: Love for NANA Tribute album - ah, his guitar is majestic, epic!

462Howard Leese
Howard leese is underrated. 22 years in the super group HEART. That alone should put Leese on this list.
One of the most forgotten and definitely one of the best.
This was a monster of a band during the 70ís. With Heartís original line up, only a few could clam to have ever had there musical talent. Ann Wilson on Lead Vocals, Michael Derosier on drums, Steve Fossen playing bass and three of the most underrated guitar players of all time Nancy Wilson, Roger Fisher and Howard Leese. HEART could play with the best of them and if they would have been able to stay together they would have easily dominated rock music well into the 21st century and for that reason alone Howard Leese should be in the top 30 on this list.



464Bonnie Raitt
Definitely a very talented guitarist among her many other musical and humanitarian works!
Can play a pretty mean slide guitar

465Chris Flippin
Just listen to the song Stokin' The Neighbors, Lullaby, Baggage, and Burn That Bridge When We Get To It...

Why The Hell isn't Euroboy even mentioned here, he is easily one of the best guitarists alive today a lot of his work hasnt been tabbed because it's a pain in the ass to figure out

467Jim Reverend Horton Heath
I guy hat is a true guitarist can play anystyle
He may not be vary famouse but he can get the job done! He is really good with solos and can play really great riffs. his story of how he learned gitar is really neet to. I'm not saying he should be at #1 I'm just saying he should be at least in the top ten. (but not in front of dimebag) so if your looking to here tallent go out and buy one of his bands cd S. and if you like "rockabilly/psicobilly" music listen to his music it's awesome.


468Todd Rundgren
First off, a description of Todd Rundgren's music (for those who are unfamiliar with his work). Todd Rundgren was a progressive rock giant back in the 1970's. However, many people may not realize this for two reasons: (1). He started out as a pop/rock singer-songwriter. It was after gaining large popularity (with his pop-jugged album _Something/Anything? _) when he decided to dive off into the deep end, and heed more fully to his experimental musings (although there were hints early on. )

So, what does Todd Rundgren's music sound like? Imagine the souls of Frank Zappa, Carole King and select members of the Classic Motown-era (The Temptations, The Four Tops, Stevie Wonder) creating a musically-inclined child. It's another way of saying Rundgren's music combines the manic, humorous and irreverent style of Zappa, the reflective, poignant balladry of Carole King, and the classic psychedelic/r&b-soul of The Temptations all blended into one--added with his own unique and inventive hard rock twists (which are very difficult to describe).

469Steve Hunter

470Dick Wagner
I cannot believe he isn't even on the list!

471Mike Wheeler
This guy is flawless, If any one has herd the CD Indian summer would know he's one of the best.

472Mark King
He is the best base player in the world, I saw him play in newcastle, he is the best

473George Lowell
When it comes to the slide, he was perhaps the best. A favorite of Jimmy Page.

It would seem this list has also overlooked Warren Haynes.
I've been. Looking for him. It is a disgrace that he is this far down the list. Saw him multiple times in DC before he died. That was a sad, sad day.

474Robert Cray
Robert Cray has been in the guitar business for a while and he has revolutionized the blues. Not that many people have heard of him cause his genre isn't really a popular one, but he is still a great guitarist.

475Albert Lee
As a country player Albert Lee is a shredder extraordinaire. He he's one of the best in the genre. It's interesting watching him play - he has groove to burn and he uses combinations of pick and fingers to blaze the fretboard using double stops and wild country bends. I guess he falls into that category of guitarist who is not well known but brilliant anyway. Actually, there's a lot of guitarists we never heard of that are brilliant. We only know of the ones that got a break, but in truth - there are fabulous players in every neighborhood in any big city - and small cities too.
Albert has been around for years and stayed the course!.. he's played with the best and always been an inspiration with some great playing.


476Jari Mäenpää
Lead guitar player/vocalist from Finnish band Wintersun and was in Ensiferum. No one can sweep like him.

477Toy Caldwell
Toy is " that" guitarist who could sing along with his ability to play rock jazz country blues. All without a pick, I might add. Regrettably a victem of top 40 fame. The guitar work that showcases his speed and versatility can be found on side 2 the album"where we all belong". If music lovers wee to expose themselves to this, toy Caldwell would achieve top 5 status!
Toy Caldwell could do more fast picking with just his bare thumb than most other guitarists could do with a thin pick!

478Nokie Edwards

479Sergio Vallin
Greatest guitarist ever, great solos, great rhythm

480Guzman Mendaro

481Walter Giardino

482Keith Scott

483Michael Houser

484Carlos Cervantes
He's better than chuck norris and the Green Day, but I respect them but prince

485Dickey Betts
He led a very colorful life but there is no denying he was an immensely top rated guitarist and way, way better than a lot on this list. He was on and off with the Allman Bros. for many years. One time when I went to see the band, he was in jail. According to Rolling Stone, who rated him #61, Duane Allman said ""I'm the famous guitar player," but Dickey is the good one." He also wrote "Ramblin' Man" and "Jessica".
How he ended up at 399 is beyond me... Does anyone listen to these guys perform... The Allman brothers were some of the best in late 60's and early 70's. Dwayne, Butch and Dickey were all some of the best...
Outplay Prince one hand behind his back
[Newest]Keep things going with the Allman Brothers Band what a great player.

486Les Dudek
One of the best not to make it big. Invited to be the guitarist when Journey formed, but had an offer from Columbia as a solo artist. Check out the album "Say No More" and tell me he doesn't belong.
Listen to old judge jones

487Bobby Cochran
Bobby cochran played with a chet adkins style from the time he was about 10 years old and has been taking his undistorted skill to the limit ever since he learned how to play. He has a few fast songs that are even faster than any thing Van Halen or slash ever put out but isn't recognized as he should be because he has had too much lable trouble to atay a professionas for mor than a few years, yet in the little time he had under a lable he produced some of the most complicated peices of musec using both clean 1940/50 style playing and acoustic. that is why bobby cochran is the best guitarist ever.

488Jimmy Olander

489Johnny Lang
Ya all should keep an eye on this young guy, he has "IT"

490Devin Townsend
His compositions are very unique no matter what genre of music he writes (and he has put out music in a LOT of them), a quality that really stands out in this musical era. He is an extremely technically skilled guitarist, a brilliant composer and songwriter, and a really cool dude.
From his brutally heavy work with the runaway success Strapping Young Lad to his solo work and especially his latest album, Ziltoid the Omniscient, Devin has a strong sense of fun, and is a gifted composer as well as guitarist.
459? Oh why god why?

491T-Bone Walker

492Eddie Hazel
Most underrated guitarist ever his solo on maggot brain alone makes him top ten. Not to mention the other amazing songs he made with Parliament Funkadelic. Best guitarist ever
After Hendrix, this man picked up the essence of the style in which Hendrix played. Listen to Maggot Brain.
Parliaments guitarist was a rad dude who could shred like Hendrix his name was Eddie Hazel.

493Roger Troutman
Refined the talking guitar that was made popular by Peter Frampton, but deserves a mention on this list.

494Dwayne Blackbyrd McKnight
A relentless and underrated guitarist. Plays with a hard edge.

495Robert Randolph
His major instrument is a slide guitar, but he has to be ranked amongst the best new guitarist. His live show is much better than his recordings though.

He is good.. Jimi Hendrix played with him

497Adrian Vandenberg
Best guitar player of all times - Whitesnake rules!

498Steve Gaines

499Dan Huff
Nobody remembers the studio players. This dude has played on more hit records than most folks on this list.

500Teppei Teranishi
The guy is unbelievable where is his place

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