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Adrian Smith


This guy has to be somewhere on the Top Ten, he's awesome!!!

My personal favorite - "Flash of the Blade". Excellent in my opinion."2 Minutes to Midnight"
"Rime of the Ancient Mariner". greatest solos: "Wasted Years", "Stranger in a Strange Land" and "The Wicker Man".

Iron Maiden is one of my favorite bands. <333
cant believe that he doesnt rank higher. hes solos binds me with just enough of evrything, effects, speed, melody and heart. maybe not the best guitarist but the best solowriter, and i think there is more to solos than wah-wah and crazy speed (kirk hammet, dimebag and buckethead as examples)
Amazing solos and musicianship. I do not understand why he, Michael Shenker, Glen Tipton, and K.K. downing are not much higher on the list.
he's the MASTER of phrasing, the god of melodic solos. solos are not fast, not shred, adrian is melodic and he is better than almost every player in´╗┐ the world
He plays just so beautifully, pure art in his solos! I wish people would give him more attention then slash who in reality is fairly amateur compared to him!
Excellent guitarist and songwriter. Too bad he's often overlooked He's an incredibly talented musician, same as everyone in Iron Maiden.
I can't believe this guy isn't in the top 10! Some kiddies gotta realize that speed and how fast you can play and sweep picking and (shudders) dive-bombing isn't everything and definitely doesn't make a guitarist. Gr can't believe that Herman Li is above him...
How is this number 61? This band is completely underrated, they're the greatest band I've ever heard!
I completely agree. In the US, however Iron Maiden has always been underrated, which is sad.
What? He is below 50? Rly? One of the best guitarists in the world is below 50? He deserves at least to be in top 10.
any body ever hear The Trooper, its on the xbox 360 version of guitar hero 2
Somewhere in time, listen to the album, you'll see you'll all see, Adrian's my favorite in the band. Up the irons.
How can the LEGEND, Adrian Smith (along Dave Murray) be so low? These people are the kings of Heavy Metal.
the guitar played in 'THE THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE' is the best ever.So thumps up for Smith.
Love iron maiden! They are simply the best! I think that Adrian Smith should be on the better place!
My favourite guitarist, excellent songs and solos
Adrian is good deserve a better place.

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