Angus Young


He's better than most you know guitar gods you know he's better than guitar gods like kirk hammett carlos santana slash jimmy page and even Jimi Hendrix did you know that jimmy page said in a interview that he was kinda jealous of angus young and he's played before angus was born

Anybody who makes a greatest guitarist list and doesn't put Angus Young as number 1 shouldn't even be making a list because obviously they don't know crap about what makes a guitarist great or music in general. I will just say this Angus is the best there is, The best there was, and the best there ever will be! ANGUS YOUNG IS #1 Randy Rhoads is #2 Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen is a toss up for #3 in my opinion.

If he were a Greek or Roman god, he would be "Angus the god of music" Apparently, the 98% of you that didn't vote for Angus are either 1, deaf, or two, never even heard of him. He's a rock god, and I only know how to nail one of his solos, and it took me 3 years to learn, and I go to a "musical arts" school. Angus Young is a beast, guitarist god, and anything that means good. If I ever met him, I would run to an empty room, and go "AHH! IT'S HIM! " I think Angus deserves to be #1! VOTE!

Come on! He's Angus Young! Back in Black is the 2nd best selling album of all time... the don't just give that to anyone! And unlike any of the guitarists above him, he puts energy into his songs... he plays the most BAD ASS solos while rolling around on the ground or running all over the stage, which none of the guitarists above him can do... sure he isn't the number one, but he's definitely better that Slash, Eric Clapton, Synyster Gates, Kirk Hammett, and David Gilmore!

First off Jimi Hendrix is the best, but Angus is a very underrated guitarist. He performs every song perfectly live and puts on a great show. He can solo with the best of them while running around or flopping on the ground like he's having a seizure. Angus' riffs are sick and his solos are unique. His signature SG has been used his entire career, but manages to make unique songs every time. - chinchilla41191

Just listen "Sin City, Whole Lotta Rossie, and Fly on the Wall" you will hear the rock's real music! I think he is the best for his pentatonic, his finger is so crazy, I say page slash and Hendrix are great guitarist too, but his energic, powerful, big heart and his crazy pentatonic, angus really the truly rocker ever!

Angus shows us what a lead guitarist show be, not only rocking but stylistically his own man. He isn't a guitar God he is just the best guitarist I've ever heard in my 58 years on this earth. When you hear him play--no question its him, which can't be said for most of them. He is a little guy with HUGE talent--------no doubt

Most of his solos are unique. those haters have to be idiots and say "well, all of angus' riffs sound exactly the same just like all their songs and albums" but they never heard songs like "ride on" or "the jack" so they're pretty stupid - pauler94

I used to think this guy was overrated and really his brother just told him what to do until I seen the man live my god he can play he makes the most basic of rhythms difficult and you have to be a genius to work out the timing of some of his playing. He is also the only guitarist to make blues sound genuinely heavy which in itself is an amazing skill

What, Angus Young has to be 4 or better. All those other player just stand there. I have never seen Angus stand still while playing, except in like let there be rock but had no room to. But it was one of the hardest song solos too. - Marineguitarist

Angus should have been number 1, because he's the BEST guitarist ever seen! All his amazing solos while lying on the floor?! I'd like to see other guitarist do that! He is and will always be the best guitarist on this earth... And in the whole universe... Angus Young, THE GUITAR GOD!

This is absurd angus puts these other guitarist to shame because angus has dozens of great popular songs and riffs and he basically uses only three chords angus should definitely be top five or at least better then hide whoever that is

I've seen AC/DC live and Angus played his arse off, It was note perfect, it was precise and it went on and on. I'm sure there are some fantastic guitarists on this list and as soon as I see them play I'll rate them, but damn they will have to be very special to match up to what I heard from Angus o/

Angus Young may not be the best guitarist, But he should be in the top 3 at least, As the person below me stated, he feels what he plays, he gets the duck walk on and you just see the music flow through him. He is my favorite guitarist a member of my favorite Aussie band (Yes I know they migrated from the UK) and he will forever be a rock god, and a piece of rock history.

Master of the guitar riff. No one does the riff better than Angus. As soon as you hear him play, you know it's him. Should be rated higher. - jnormanii

The best hard rock guitarist, period. His solos ALWAYS fit seamlessly into the riffs and are as much a part of the songs as the lyrics and beat. To me, that is the real test of a great guitarist. Nearly anyone can learn to play, but can you do it the way Angus Young does? There are few that deserve even being mentioned in the same catagory as Angus Young.

He IS the GOD! I agree totally! I've never have heard a guitarist like him nor never will again! He mezmorized me in his videos! I wish I could have seen him in person! The actions, faces, and total way he's into his, guitar and his spasms make it better! And not to mention he can play a whole song with only his left hand on the strings! Absolutely awesome!

Angus is the guitar god! He is so underrated. He plays a lot simple things with the motto: "less is more". But when he play some difficult things, than it's just amazing! Listen to the solo of Whole Lotta Rosie or Riff Raff and you know what I mean.

He is god level guitarist. His every song has got an amazing chords. He is underrated.
He can even dance while playing guitar. A guitarist should be rated according to the music he create not how fast he can play.

Nope... Nope... This cannot be right! Angus is classic and even more classic than Slash! Don't get me wrong, but Slash is also a good guitarist. Angus probably taught Slash how to play guitar?!

One of the greatest showmen you will ever see. His one handed solo's have to be seen to believed. I have seen many great guitarists but none have maintained such skill over more than 4 decades in the business.

I think that Angus is the best guitarist ever because he's playing awesome guitar solos and he feels the music that he makes, and all of this while doing the show by lying on the floor and shaking himself

Angus Young is by far the best guitarist of all time. His excitement and energy gives for a great show and Slash don't get me started about Slash. He nails every note and makes it sound good. He should be #1.

Angus is a living legend, his solos are the best and he feels the music he jumps and moves to the music - dillbanger

Greatest of all time should be number 1 no questions asked every one on this list needs to bow down to angus young he is untouchable the man can do anything they can do and make it better and sound cleaner. My hat is off to this man no one will ever be as great eveerr PERIOD!