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Chuck Berry


Old Chuck never lets you down. The reason I pick him over younger talents is not merley because of long and faithful duty. Chuck ozes rock and roll. Chuck Is rock and roll. His guitarplay is fast and furious. Alive and vibrating. Stand the test of time. The solo in Johnny B Goode could be the first hard rock solo ever.
He is a legend, and he is the reason the guitar is so mainstream. He should be on the top 3. Without him, the modern guitarist wouldn't even exist. Shame on you guys. Chuck berry deserves the most and the best he can get because he deserves it. God bless his soul
Who wrote this list? A bunch of rappers? Chuck Berry deserves to be number one, and he isn't even in the top 100! How the hell is he being beaten by Brad Delson from Linkin Sucks? You people need your head checked.
Chuck is the MAN! He inspired Hendrix for crying out loud. Writing Johnny B Goode is enough to put him here, let alone being one of the greatest blues/rock guitar players ever.
Chuck Berry is The Godfather of rock guitarist, so he is the best & the legend. He had played well before Jimi Hendrix did, even when you had not been born yet... :D
He's great and can play the guitar like a ringing bell, you should hear 'johnny B. Goode' if you haven't it is the top guitar song of all time
Chuck Berry's speed is incredible. When you a song like Maybellene you just want to get up and dance.
I was waiting to see him on this list. Chuck Berry is an EXCELENT guitar player. The OPENING rif in "Johnny Be Goode" is the most famous, penultimate sound of what Rock and Roll is!
He invented rock and roll, and to top it off was ranked number 1 by The Rolling Stones Magazine.
I love his style of playing and his singing too.
Chuck's Nr 1 of all, no doubt!
Long live Chuck berry!
Yes he invented rock and roll and set the standard for rock guitarist. It is a known fact for all professional guitarists that you need to go thru Chuck Berry first before leveling up. You cannot skip this man.
Chuck Berry
Many guitarists where influent by chuck berry and his songs expecily jonny b good.
Chuck should be in the to 10 at leat! Inventer of rock 'n roll and an incredible preformer! Without him half of the guitar players wouldn't be on this list.
Ther's no rock without chuck in fact he is the first ever to play rock music
Ditto #8.
If it wasn't for Berry then none of these other guitarists would be here. He was the first great rock guitarist. Practically invented rock n roll music. John Lennon once said that if rock n roll had another name, it would be called Chuck Berry.

Key tracks include: Johnny B Goode, Maybellene, Roll Over Beethoven, You Can't Catch Me
Umm... the most influential guitarist in early rock?!? Absolutely. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that metal, alternative, and many other modern genre of music might not exist today if it weren't for Chuck Berry.
The Jimi before Jimi. Chuck was an influence on many 60's bands
A style of his own, which can only be partially copied by Keith.
The slide... X'D
This list wouldn't be complete without the true King of Rock and Roll. Elvis had more ballads, and they are great, but when its about real Rock 'n' roll and great solos, it's Chuck Berry's thing. To me, he is the real king.
Go and listen to Johnny B. Goode.
How can you have a greatest rock guitarists list without Chuck Berry? It feels unfair to leave him at the bottom of this list. The man took some licks from boogie woogie piano and horn parts to invent rock guitar playing with classics like "Maybelline," "Brown Eyed Handsome Man," "Roll Over Beethoven," "Around and Around" and of course "Johnny B Goode." Then again... maybe we owe Marty McFly the credit...

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