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Eddie Van Halen


Eddie was the hard rock lover's idol in the 70's, 80's, 90's and even in the 21st Century.
He made his own equipment, including one of the most famous guitars in history. We could never forget that red, white and black paint job. (Including the reflectors on the back of which he bought from a truckstop)
Eddie is still going strong today, and if you ask me, he has been, is, and always will be the greatest guitarist of all time.
He made the whammy bar usable. He redesigned his guitar so the strings locked down before the machine heads so you could do a dive and pull out of it in tune. He taught the world how to hammer on and pull off and he was a hero with harmonics and using the volume knob and pickup switch to create strange sounds. Really no one experimented with a guitar the way Eddie Van Halen did, he looked at it completely out of the box and we should all acknowledge his creativity.
Eruption, hell! It was great, a signature! But what about atomic punk, ain't talking' bout love, han 'em high, full bug, and my personal favorite, MEAN STREETS off fair warning and so many others, the list goes on. I saw them at hara arena in Dayton, OH. in 1984 {yeah, that one}best show I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. he played his solo from "Mean Streets" for damn near half an hour! I wanted to put y head in my lap and cry, it was sodamn sweet, but there was no where to sit. yeah, Eddie knows a few licks, rock on! JC.
I'm sure there are lots of good guitarists, but how many of them have changed the way the guitar is played. To reinvent the way a instrument sounds or is played is truly genius. Not only the Technique & style that is his, but to rebuild a guitar to achieve a sound that is Eddie Van Halen. I would call Ed a rhythm guitarist unlike any other. Every song is Ed doing crazy things with a dash of solo. I've heard that Van Halen songs have the shortest solos among all other bands.
That to me is a total master of his trade.
There is no one in this top 10 list that comes close to Eddie Van Halen between 1974 and 1981.

Maybe people are confused by his transformation to horrible (ref. VHI) brought on by alcoholism, drugs, divorce, in-band hatred, hip replacement and cancer. But no one in this list comes close to Eddie.

Slash at #2?!? Puh-leez. He's good but Izzy wrote most of the songs. Clapton and Page are also good players and excellent song writers but not in this league. Hammett and Young are average. Hendrix was innovative and great - probably the closest to Eddie. And I have no idea who those other three people are...
Just youtube search "Eddie Van Halen Eruption Guitar Solo" and you'll now why he's the best guitarist of all time (If you watch the video of course) he's a flat out beast and practically plays the guitar like a piano.. Hands down best off all time (Mean Streets is good too! )
I went to see him in concert with DLR a few moths ago and he's still got it. After all he has been through and habits he has overcome he is without a doubt the most emotional and talented guitarist that has walked the face of the earth. When he played cathedral and Eruption I got full body chills. Not to mention he was a pioneer and invented so many techniques and mastered the others and made them his bitch. Also he is a great singer even with part of his tongue missing.
The man who turned the guitar world on it's ear and is most responsible for the dominance of guitar-driven rock and pop in the 80's. Is it even possible to count just how many picked up an electric guitar for the first time after hearing "Eruption", "Panama", or "Hot for Teacher"? For technical wizardry and immeasurable influence on all who followed... ALL HAIL KING EDWARD!
No doubt better than the rest. Not only did he receive the best instruction possible; but also expanded his classical knowledge into a far superior modern heavy metal sound. He out plays the rest in speed and content. No way should he be anything but the best. Are you kidding me, Hendrix and Slash? Those guys were simply blues guitarists, I mean really, really? He is in a class of his own and could play all of their chords blind folded but not the same holds true of his work?
Eddie is without doubt the best guitarist of all time, such feel and such passion, imagine, it all started in 1973! He made such an influence on famous guitarists today! And a great influence on me, he made me start! I mean look at Spanish fly for example, that was in 1979, holy. and he is very inspiring too, he got rid of his problems with alcohol, he almost died in 2012, and he had cancer in 1991.. and look where he is today! Almost 60 and still going strong! //swedish 14 year old Eddie Van Halen fan
If you think Eddie Van Halen isn't the greatest guitarist ever than you must of never heard Eruption, Right now, hell all of his song's are great. Eddie Van Halen should be at the top of the list...

Eddie is way better than slash, slash is good but he isn't nearly as good as eddie, I can't believe he's above eddie, eddie can play fast, & have soul! Eddie is one of the most inspirational guitarists ever! He mastered tapping, he is better than slash & am I disappointed in you people who voted for slash
Eddie Van Halen is easily my pick for number one. Like another said, listen to eruption, or what I think is even more impressive is hot for teacher. He is without a doubt the greatest guitarist in Rock and Roll and of all Time. Eddie Van Halen is Rock and Roll.
He has made many great songs. He has perspired for more that 35 years, and is the best. His song, Eruption, off of his first album VAN HALEN, is one of the most known songs on the planet. He invented the Finger tap, and created solos out of the dust. He, to me, beats Slash and even Jimmy Hendriks. He is one of the greatest guitarists to step foot on this world, and has filled my life with his amazing music.
It's obvious most people here have not actually seen Eddie play live or understand that before EVH people played the guitar like it was a 2x4. Don't confuse great songs (like from Led Zepplin) with great playing. Remember too that Van Halen basically plays pop rock that gets played as much as anything.
Come on... Angus Young? He shouldn't be in the top ten... Probably top 50 though. And while Jimmy Page deserves top ten, he shouldn't be ahead of Eddie Van Halen. Not the best guitarist but definitely the fastest and one of the most technical guitarists ever. Alex Lifeson is also ridiculously underrated.
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Van Halen
3. Slash
4. Jimmy Page
5. Kirk Hammett
6. Syn
7. Dimebag
8. Yngwie Malmsteen
Eddie Van Halen is God. Okay actually Clapton is God but Van Halen is talented. When you listen to hot for teacher, Jump, Panama, and of course eruption you can't help but feel "amn that's a great guitarist! " For me Van Halen is #3 right behind Hendrix and Clapton
Eddie Van Halen hands down the best guitarist. He should not only be at the top 4 but he should be at least top 2 or top 1. He should be considered as one of the Great guitar Gods! I love his solos especially Eruption. And I like how he does 10 minute or longer solos at his concerts. Just amazing no doubt he is one of the best, or maybe the best.
Eddie is the best ever, i dont care what you have to say, he made tapping famous, made his guitars, in the greatest band ever, eruption is the greatest hardest song ever, he is god, better than slash, prince, stevie, vai, jimmy page, jimi hendrix, and all of them, im not saying they are bad, just not as good as Eddie
Because Eddie Van Halen is an awesome guitarist. He is one who invented tapping scale. Remember the song "Eruption?... I like Eddie because if he play guitar, you can hear his emotions come through... And he is the one of the most skilled and innovative guitarist ever... Eddie Van Halen (Eddie Van Halen) you're the best,!...
I'm not sure Eddie is better than my man jimi Hendrix but one thing is for sure this man is ten times over the head of jimi page this guy can absolutely shred for a full to minutes Eddie is my number two all the way no one can even replicate the intensity and emotion this guy put into playing if you glued the guitar to this guy I'm sure it would be perfectly fine with him come on guys know your guitarists befor you vote
Eddie is by far the best guitarist ever. Search Youtube and you'll see what he's doing to that poor instrument. In Eruption Eddie and the guitar merge into one body and create a portrait one only can describe as a godly perfected masterpiece of music.
U guys are so wrong.. do you even listen to the music or look at how gay everyone looks. Eddie Van Halen is the baddest guitarist around. Prince was not anywheres neear the guitarist as eddie. Slash was great but I think the order should be eddie van halen, jimmy paige, slash and so on.
I don't see how Eddy Van Halen and Hendix cannot be in the top three. Hendrix's guitar playing was revolutionary but he life was cut too short. Eric Clapton spoke about the death or Hendrix with disappointment at all the wasted potential. Two of the influences of Van Halen must have been Eric Clapton and George Harrison. Clapton and Harrison must be on the short list after Hendrix and Van Halen.

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