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Eric Johnson


Live at Austin Texas 1988 - live versions of, Trail of tears, cliffs of dover (especially the first 2mins), desert rose, zap and are you experienced.. All have goosebump inducing moments, even now, and I've listened to that album hundreds of times. High landrons - live 1990 at the bottomline in NYC (Youtube it! ) the sound in that is from another dimension.. This guy deserves a higher place on this list for being a guitarist in the purest sense, a guitarists guitarist.. VOTE HIM UP, this is BEST guitarists, not most popular in the mainstream remember...
Eric Johnson is precise, clean, creative, talented and fast. Never heard anyone better. My guess is that he could play anyone else's stuff but almost nobody could play his.
Eric Johnson may not be a mainstream musician, but he is one of the most proficient guitar players in the world. His knowledge of music theory and guitar techniques make him one of the most versatile guitar players as well. He can play anything from jazz to rock. He's an amazing lead and rhythm guitar player. People often label him a shredder, but he's a melodic shredder. Many shredders lack melody, Mr. Johnson does not. To top off his wide array of abilities, he also has a kick ass tone. Youtube Cliffs of Dover live Austin Texas 1988 and see for yourself. Come on, this man deserves to be in the top ten.
Unique. He plays with such ease, it's incredible. Love his music, 'Up close' is brilliant, not that I had any doubts. My favourite guitarist ever, definitely. Unrivaled timing, technique, skill and feel. Comparable only to Hendrix in my opinion. I don't even want to mention how versatile he is. But it's sad that broader audience is not familiar with his work, it can make anybody's day awesome! Long live Eric Johnson!
Just downright impressive and incredible guitarist. His unique original style, and blending of many types of music make him an innovator in rock music. Tends to get a little repetitive and recycles licks. He is so mild mannered and humble. He focuses and doesn't show off on stage, and has a liking for economy picking. Best songs- Cliffs of dover, manhattan, dessert rose, trademark.
The greatest guitarist alive, without a doubt. Shredding ability is amazing, though not the fastest guitar player alive, his tone and other abilities are what make him better than the rest. Much better than all above him, with the exception maybe of Hendrix.
Most amazing use of notes and techniques. He can play 10 notes per second and still make them singing with heavenly melodies. And He is so versatile. A true musician with unbelievable skill and totally unique style. His approach to every note in the Guitar fretboard has a purpose. Life is better with beautiful Music and Eric is a gift to all of Us. Thank You Eric, every note you play is meaningful and Your techniques are out of this world.
Technically the best in the world.
Can play any type of music with perfection. From Rock,jazz,blues,country and accoustic classical he has no boundries.The others on this list could not play the variety of music as well as Johnson.
Grossly under-rated by the public at large, but highly respected by his peers. His tone is unmatched and his technical chops are ethereal. Can shred with the best of them and a great blues player as well
Anyone who knows anything about guitar and has seen eric play knows how much higher he should be on this list. I could watch videos of him all day and never get bored. I can't say that about any other player. Watch his performance at the Woodlands in Texas and you'll see exactly what I mean. Tone like no other!
As smooth and talented as they come. Immensely under rated by most outside of the guitar community. But to fellow guitarists, hes cream of the crop. Just check out his MySpace page...
Eric's versatility is simply unmatched by other guitarists. While famous for his electric playing he is actually most impressive playing acoustic. He is the guitarist's guitarist.
By far the greatest ever. Greatest Tone, Most versatile, for speed he is the smoothest around. Keep this in mind while you are voting that speed doesn't mean anything in this game if you can't do it tastefully.
his soul rivals page, his feel rivals clapton and his technical skill is incredible. Inarguably one of the greatest ever to touch the instrument. highly underrated
Easily one of the most versatile guitarists in the world. An absolute joke that a guy like Sambora could be rated higher than this virtuoso.
I have to agree Cliffs of Dover is one of the greatest guitar songs ever he blends his riffs and picking like he is telling a story he is as good as Eric Clapton, Hendrix, and Paige in my book.
The perfect connection between classic blues, jazz and a modern way to play guitar, with some incredible vintage sounds. He definitely has the ability to make simple things sound great.
his tone is very unique and sounds like no one else, smooth, fast, seamless, he is a great guitarist
Eric's technical ability combined with his knowledge about chords and arpeggios surely makes him one of the best out there...
Amazingly creative instrumental guitarist. I listen to Ah Via Musicom today, 20 years later and am still entranced by his tone, emotion and inventiveness. He can't sing, but God he can make a guitar sing.
He's brilliant too and plays the guitar in a melody because melody is important and it doesn't matter how fast you can play
How in the world is Eric Johnson #27? I know he may not be mainstream, but gosh he is amazing.

I'd like to see Slash or Jimi Hendrix play Cliffs of Dover or Manhatten. They probably wouldn't be able to.
Amazing control over the guitar.. Most of the time better when he plays live. That what its all about, if you ask me...
I like Eric Johnson because his song like cliffs of dover has feelings not like other who always showoffing
After watching Eric Johnson's Live in Austin TX DVD I was amazed, Especially by cliffs of dover and zap.

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