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Frank Iero


You may think that is not so talented but just SEE HIM LIVE!
That's incredible! He's been a part of My Chemical Romance for ten years and he's still playing with all his heart.. Seriously guys, he's so wonderful on stage!
( And his screams are GORGEOUS. Just like his face. ;) )
52? REALLY? Frank Iero is one of the greatest and most talented guitarists of his time! His skills are awesome. And on stage he has all this energy, like he's on fire! Seriously, have you ever seen a guitarist who jumps all around the stage and knocks half the drum set?! He's just the best!
Frank lero is the best of the best
frank lero is beat guitarist
frank lero is legendary dark guitar
frank lero is amazing guitarist haha
frank lero is the best forever after
i love frank lero

this men is like god guitarist
Frank is absolutely amazing! I seen My Chemical Romance live and watching Frank play the guitar was epic! I love this band so much and Frank is a really funny guy and a great guitarist. Ray is also an amazing guitarist as well
Frank Iero is so talented! Just listen to his solos, like the one in Welcome to the Black Parade. He's just so great, and all the people that are hung up on Jimi Hendrix and Slash wouldn't even take the time to realize this.
Frank Iero's Guitar skills are amazing, he plays with such energy and without him My Chemical Romance would not be the same, by far the best guitar player ever!
Cute lopsided smiles and weird personality, plus awesome skills with his guitar? You've got Frank Iero, alright. There's nobody else like him in this universe.
Frank is one of the AWESOMEST guitar players IN THE WORLD! I love him so much! He is so great in My chemical romance, especially in their song, Famous Last Words. He and ray are so talented (sorry ray but frank wins this battle) Frank Iero= complete awesomeness
Are you kidding me? How is he this far on the list? And wheres ray? Anyone from My Chemical Romance should be number one, except pedicone...
Frank has got it all to be no1. He plays with his heart and is an inspiration for loads of people. My Chemical Romance has always been the best...
Pretty dude)with charming smile! ))But it not all his advantages. He and his guitar are like united body! Incredible energy charge!
he's probably one of the most energetic Guitar players I have ever seen! you can see he puts all of his heart and soul into playing!
His solos are the best. He deserves to be at least in the top ten, and he's one of the most amazing guitarists I've ever heard play. My Chemical Romance for the win!
He's just the best... He's awesome guitarist.. Couse he feels the music... He has an amazing style.. When he play guitar he just enjoys it... He play great music... He's a wonderful man.. He's cool and just the best...
He is not consummate musician yet but he is very good! Very! Frank Iero likes his guitar! He deserves more respect.
Frank puts his entire heart and soul into his perforance when he plays, really showing the fans and critics alike that he loves what he does and there is nothing he would rather be doing.
Frank is the only reason I picked up the guitar again, he plays with his entire heart and soul! A true inspiration.
Frank plays with so much passion it's almost ridiculous. He's entrancing to watch and plays insanely well.
FRANK RULES! he isn't just AWESOME at guitar but he is awesome on stage! and he is my idol! also MCR RULE! xxx
FRANKIE! He's totally amazing! He and Ray can work together with guitar so well, and their music is awesome.
How is Frank number 53?! That's just rubbish. He's amazing! He deserves to be at least in the top 10, if not number 1. People are retarded. End of discussion.
He is AMAZING and so is Ray Toro, his energy on stage is AMAZING, the whole band is so talented
Frank plays with all his heart and soul and that's makes him the best, he is just amazing how he jumps around on stage lik a loony but still manages to keep playing.
If mar didn't have frank than something would be missing... He puts all his heart into playing music and he rip out a great solo
He's completely amazing, and he puts so much energy into all his performance... he plays with all he's got! Him and Ray play so well together in My Chemical Romance :D ~

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